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  1. I'm sure you said... something... But I just can't be bothered to read it. I'll just go ahead and say, you're right. Not because you are, mind you. Because I'm over it.
  2. *Creeps profile* "Joined 2016" [Insert ~Sure Jan~ here] Jamie didn't have control over here prior to the conservatorship. So he could not have gotten that back. Jamie didn't take her kids, Kevin did. Because she was acting against the boys' best interest. She did indeed go 'mad' Judges and official reports of unincorporated authorities noted her to be a habitual drug user (Family court orders ordering parenting classes and drug testing) the police indicated she appeared to be on an "unknown substance" there is loads of documentation to indicate treatment was necessary. And a 5150 was used, twice. The associated press and other news outlets published very upsetting accounts that her obituary was written. Don't come for me with your weak-sauce nonsense. You're wrong. Own it and walk away.
  3. I think these thoughts all the time. I'm in my late 30's and remember coming home on my lunch breaks just to check and see if Britney was still alive. It really was, like that. I'm definitely of a free britney mindset, but I don't think what happened initially was anything other than a family trying to rally around their daughter and sister to get her well. What it is now... I don't think is that. It's more complacent than anything. Brian's interview asking who was going to do britney's hair and *hit. This time should have been spent positioning Britney, the person, to handle her affairs. They seemingly didn't do that at all. Getting her prepared to be a successful adult and such. (Like they probably should have done in her youth... but whatever) It seems like they've leaned in and leaned in hard on the idea that she's a helpless child without her conservators. Anyway, that's my two cents. I'll skip back into "read only" mode where the young ones prefer we stay.
  4. I mean... If anyone wants to drop book scans, I don't think anyone would be mad about it. I remember wanting to watch this so badly when it came out. (super religious parents who would have smacked me with a bible for even suggesting a Britney Spears dvd/photo book. Then I downloaded it on limewire or something a kin to it in 2006 when I moved out. No joke it took 5 days to download. To my 18 year old self, totally worth it. Its an obsessive watch for me I'll rewatch it every now and then, just because it isn't sooooo accessable. It's really a bittersweet doc.
  5. *Insert slow clap here* That took a long time, I bet. You've convinced me. Except you haven't and wasted your time in the process.
  6. You needs to stop before you say they wanted it. No one *cries r a pe* ... They just don't. And people who say otherwise silence survivors. You don't realize how incredibly damaging your words are. No lie, the det. In charge of my case called me on the phone to say my attacker passed a voice stress analysis test, and that if there was anyone to blame, it was me. In my darkest days I attempted my own life. Because I didn't think anyone believed me. Please, stop.
  7. How many hundreds of millions of interviews, sound clips, press conferences, and plugs has this man given in his twenty+ year career? This is not about being ill prepared. This screams of intimidation all over his answers about Britney. "Did you record in studio with her?" "I'm, ah, well, we're uh, you know, safety, yeah, woo, ha, I'm yeah, label. Dude... Nailed it.
  8. Delightful as ever. Keep at it. So many, like myself, watch them all on repeat without comment. I would say I'm sorry... But... I'm not. 😜🙂
  9. I've been around a while... Comment pretty infrequently. Let the shade be thrown by the Babes as it were. But love Brit. I think the most infamous moment I can recall was the site being served with a cease and Desist by one Mr. Spears... And it justifiably, scaring the shnikies outta Jordan. Then to come back like a week later realizing he hadn't done anything wrong anyway.
  10. Some one get the tar... Someone else get the feathers... Because Who's Lou? (Said like Tom Hanks from A league of their own)
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