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  1. Paris I'm not sure, I'm inclined to believe she did see her. Paris doesn't strike me as a liar but Madonna I 100% is lying
  2. Pretty much the only thing I post on my fb is britney related and I posted the YouTube of CBS and not a single person has commented or reacted to it
  3. Yes I do remember that post and it did make me question it, but honestly that's the only one that seemed off. The acct has posted a few autographs and idk to me, it just feels legit but then again I ALSO believe it is her on the official IG so who really knows But my opinion is it's real and no one will make me believe otherwise
  4. K but her official IG does that too
  5. Does a song being registered actually mean anything though? Like what's the purpose of registering? Sorry if that's a dumb question
  6. I never saw that and I've followed this account for over a year now She is a troll. If banana Alice could be true (again, who really knows?) This could very well be her. It is not unlike her personality to want to know what people are saying about her (she used to always read all the tabloid magazines). I just could 100% see her doing something like this.
  7. People have said for a long time this is fake, and it could be... nothing has every been posted that couldn't be faked But I believe it's her tbh I sent a dm just letting her know she's in my prayers
  8. My opinion.... (not that it holds weight) Sam is showing appreciation and respect to the fans, as he's always done (and also doesn't try to claim us as his own) but is probably partly speaking on behalf of Britney (the bad taste) I think he can appreciate how much we all want to see these docs, but he's also getting the truth in how Britney feels. 100% he knew these docs were being made. I think he also probably sees the value in them but being with Britney I'm sure has taught him that the media can not be trusted and maybe questions the true intentions behind them being made. I think he's currently keeping an open mind before outright bashing them, but likely doesn't have high expectations and is probably dealing with a lot of anxiety from Britney. They just got engaged, this should be a happy time for both of them and I bet she's freaking out a bit over it all. I can only imagine how Britney herself is feeling, but since this is about Sam, it is tough when your partner is going through such an emotionally turbulent time. I believe he has the best intentions for Britney, and it must hurt him to see her dealing with so much extra spotlight on top of the already stressful lead up to likely her most important court date. I believe he is trying his best to be supportive in the way that is best to Britney (and that may not be to support these potentially exploitative docs)
  9. I didn't like the part about sinister forces. Why did it feel like they were alluding more to Sam Lutfi than anyone currently involved. Not defending Sam, but I believe in the grand scheme of it all, he's a minor part in the whole story, especially currently. I just got a weird vibe from that part of this interview that they were still gonna try to spin the narrative of "She needs this because of her susceptibility to undue influence" There are bigger fish to fry here
  10. Tbh I think maxi is worse than Billy Maxi may not directly engage with Britney but he DOES have direct communication with Sam so I do trust that he is privy to a lot of information. He was right about the IUD stuff... but I can't imagine Britney would be okay with them constantly posting vague stories all the time. The way maxi speaks seems very condescending towards fans. We know Britney appreciates her fans. At least Billy is always 100% in support of Britneys happiness without spreading private information (likely because he doesn't actually have any) but he doesn't start rumors or anything, just always preaches to be kind in what we say, claiming she sees everything. Billy might be a bit of a cracked pot but he isn't harmful. Maxi on the other hand, honestly, Sam should end that friendship. It's very disrespectful of such a good "friend" to be blasting private information all over the internet. Ps. Sorry if I used any wrong pronouns. I honestly don't know what Maxi goes by, but I have a feeling there is a preference. I think Maxi is trash, but still a human and I don't mean disrespect in this regard.
  11. Like to know too Seems like a fun way to get to know other users better but it's a bit clunky for me
  12. Slave vma really cemented the status 2000 vma made her huge, but by 2001 she was iconic. And I don't mean iconic in the way that everyone throws that word around all willy nilly to any pop girl these days. I mean truly iconic in the very essence of the definition of iconic
  13. Do we know if this is just for Netflix USA or will it be in Canada too??
  14. Okay some of you seemed to have completely missed his joke... he also said he was 6 foot 2 at that kids age
  15. Using that clip I feel really sets the tone and verifies the voice-mail as 100% real all at the same time. This is gonna be really well thought out I think
  16. Based on the title of the doc and the choice in teaser I feel this doc won't focus as much on her past but more on the legalities of her case and the complicated relationships in her family. I can imagine her not wanting all the personal family things discussed but depending in the tone of this doc I could also see that she might be feeling like "f it" and she's ready for it all to be exposed I think Sam will make a comment about it in some form, might not directly acknowledge it but maybe reference
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