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Girls Aloud's Sarah: I don't know how many months I have left


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Sarah, 39, is urging people with health concerns to see a GP — after she avoided hers because of Covid.

In her new book Hear Me Out, Sarah recalls: “At first I thought it was just a cyst. The trouble was the pain was getting worse. It got so bad that I couldn’t sleep in a bed. Eventually my skin started to bruise. By now I was terrified.

“One day I woke up realising I’d been in denial. Yes there was a pandemic but it was almost as if I’d been using that as an excuse not to face up to the fact that something was very wrong.”

Sarah publicly revealed last August that she had cancer which had advanced to other parts of her body. But she was rushed to intensive care before her chemo had even begun, after a port fitted into her chest led to sepsis. Sarah wrote: “With both my lungs and kidneys failing, doctors decided to put me into an induced coma.

“Even once I was off the ventilator I couldn’t speak properly. All I could do was make noises like a chimpanzee trying to communicate.”

Sarah went on to start chemo and had a mastectomy. She writes: “I remember the surgeons saying they would make a drawing of what parts of my breast needed to be taken away and it was virtually all of it. I’m so glad that mum was there waiting for me because when I woke up I screamed the place down.

“Now there’s just a bunch of stitches where my breast used to be. I can’t look at myself in the mirror anymore. I don’t recognise myself.”

While treatment appeared to be working, further scans revealed she had a second tumour – either at the base of her spine or in the brain. During her initial treatment at Watford General Hospital last summer, Sarah was placed on a ward with male dementia patients. Nurses used her middle name, Nicole, to ensure she had some privacy.

She added: “I had one scary night when a guy from the other ward was wandering around threatening to beat people up.” In Hear Me Out, serialised in The Times, Sarah said she had been told by her doctor that Christmas 2020 would be her last.

She writes: “Comfort and being as pain-free as possible is what’s important to me now.

"I’m trying to live and enjoy every second of my life, no matter how long it may be. I’m at the stage now where I don’t know how many months I have left. Who knows, maybe I’ll surprise everyone.

“Right now I am trying to find joy whenever and however I can. Life has got so much smaller and my priorities have changed, but the other Sarah Harding is still in there somewhere too.”

Sarah added: "Hear Me Out will also reveal Sarah’s life story, including her rise to fame in Girls Aloud – one of the UK’s most popular all-female groups."

Sarah confirmed she was writing the book in December, after being approached about her writing her story a month after her diagnosis last August.

Sarah has been supported by her family and friends, including her Girls Aloud bandmates, Cheryl Tweedy, 37, Nadine Coyle, 35, and Kimberley Walsh, 39, throughout her journey.

Sarah was part of the iconic UK girl group, Girls Aloud! This is such sad news!



Hold me closer ♫ 🚀🌹

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2 hours ago, Spicechinodiva said:



Well technically a medical nurse did tell me, everything has a cure, but because the world is so populated,  drs would rather have people die, so generations of life can continue.  

Well that breaks doctors Hippocratic Oath, so i highly doubt that. Every life is valid and should be treated the same

You shouldnt paint a false narrative around medicine

educate yourself kaitlin olson GIF by The Mick

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2 minutes ago, Alestaos said:

Well that breaks doctors Hippocratic Oath, so i highly doubt that. Every life is valid and should be treated the same

You shouldnt paint a false narrative around medicine

educate yourself kaitlin olson GIF by The Mick

Well , sadly they're right , it's the very sad truth...... 

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Poor Sarah. I always believed in her, talent and her strength. This is the most disheartening update. I pray she’s doing the best she can and finding as much beauty as she possibly can in each day.

Just gonna leave the most underrated gem she was a part of right here


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I don't really know the band, but it's so sad. My aunt and grandma died both of cancer in 2016, 30 days apart from each other. My aunt was definitely the worse because it spread to the spine. Without going into much detail, the pain is unbearable. Basically only morphine could calm her down, and at least where I live it was very difficult to get it, so it was very difficult for everyone to see her suffer so much without being able to do anything.

It's not over until it's over though, so I send her all the positive vibes and I hope she gets healthy, that a miracle happens, and in the worst case, that her suffering is the least possible for her and her loved ones. 

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