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  1. Unusual You is #17 and Coupure Electrique… was rightfully left off.
  2. She makes out like she has insider info but hardly any of it is believable. Has anyone seen her video on Beyoncé and Jay-Z? She claims Beyoncé is pretty much brain dead. It’s laughable
  3. If she was, we would have had Breathe On Me as the first single from ITZ. But the fact that she didn’t serve it at all and left it as a filler…
  4. Even if they hate promoting, it’s part of the job (particularly for a pop artist.) They’re not going to sell records and leave a lasting impact otherwise. Lack of promotion is, what I believe, the biggest issue with Zayn’s career. If he promoted more during his era’s I think he’d be much more successful today but he’s fading already. If his anxiety is so intolerable to the point where he can’t perform or promote, perhaps he’s in the wrong profession? Unless he doesn’t mind not being successful? I don’t know. I’m in no way putting him down. I don’t mind some of his songs, he’s a talented guy but I see much more potential in him. He could be doing better. Todays singers just need to try be original and try to stand out but they all seem to blend into one boring industry fad. Wake me up when an actual legend emerges…
  5. I miss the days of proper promotion and artists with a team of PR staff. I think social media is the worst way to promote and that’s what the issue is with singers these days. Social media is good for singers to communicate with their fans and the public but as a full blown promotion strategy, I don’t think it works.
  6. People use the word “icon” too loosely in general. Did you see the video of Paris talking about the Stars Are Blind 15th anniversary? She calls the video “iconic” but the video itself is no where near that. The actual song and her album were near-iconic but the video of her grinding on the beach…
  7. I feel like the days of “icons” are over. I don’t see any potential icons now or in the foreseeable future. In the early 2000’s, the icons of today weren’t just singers, they were artists and performers. There’s nothing memorable in today’s music. They’re all just singers who are fads, not future icons. Who was the last artist to reach truly iconic status?
  8. I think it’s about time Taylor speaks up
  9. But then it wasn’t released on the soundtrack so…
  10. But you know what I mean though, right? I’m expecting 1989 and Reputation to sound like audio equivalents of photocopies… I just hope not black and white photocopies
  11. I thought that too. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a surprise drop before Red (Taylor’s Version). I really want Speak Now and her debut. I mean, how much change and growth do we really expect to hear on 1989 and Reputation? I didn’t get into Taylor’s music until Speak Now, when I finally went back to listen to her first two albums, I was more impressed by her first. I can’t wait to hear her matured vocals on Our Song, Should’ve Said No, Picture To Burn, I’m Only Me When I’m With You and Teardrops On My Guitar.
  12. I’m so glad we’re not getting 1989 next. I’d much prefer to hear her old records first. I’m shocked she’s not releasing it in July so she try get a record for first female act with 4 number ones in a 12 month period. I was really expecting her next re-record in mid July. I’m looking forward to hearing Red though. But when are we getting a first single from it? Do we have to wait until September!?
  13. But she could have put something else on it though, right?
  14. Taylor does have a few tragic covers. I hate when album covers have no title on them. Would this have been that difficult for her team to mock up??
  15. I don’t see the comparison. For those who experienced Spice Mania at the time it was at it’s peak… you can’t put it into words. It’s was the definition of iconic. The Spice Girls had sass, cariama and their music is seriously some [emphasis on “SOME”] of the greatest pop music in existence. They stood out and still do, their music stood out and still does. There’s no parallels in my opinion. Little Mix are a good pop group with some good songs. The Spice Girls are an untouchable, one of a kind moment in pop music and pop culture.
  16. The reunion won’t meet their expectations, Siobhan will do another runner then Mutya and Keisha with be DM-ing Heidi like while Heidi’s like
  17. Hmm… I’ll wait for the “Angels With Dirty Faces” re-recording instead. See you soon Heidi
  18. I know. I heard Disney are making a live action Pinocchio and I just know they won’t be featuring kids smoking cigars and drinking beer on that ship before they turn into donkeys!!
  19. Wow… I’m surprised by the amount of fans who have turned on Toxic. I was actually the opposite. I remember making my uncle drive me to the shops to buy In The Zone the day it was released and I was so excited to hear Breathe On Me. It’s seriously been my favourite song since the moment I heard it and I remember hearing that it was lined up to be a single (still shattered that it wasn’t… I’ll never get over it!) I couldn’t believe Britney didn’t make Breathe On Me the lead single or even the second single. I always found Toxic to be overrated and NEVER listened it. I would never play it then about two years ago it came on when I had my entire music library on shuffle and since then I’ve loved it but from 2003 until 2019…
  20. What’s with all the Brave New Girl hate?? I love that song!
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