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  1. SHE IS HUMAN, Britney always told them that since day 1 and they never listened to her , just because she was young and successful and had so many fans people started hating her and calling her whatever will portray her as incapable , human beings make mistakes , she didn't kill anyone , yet some people treating her like she did .... She's not a criminal get her out of that conservatorship jail !
  2. I'll watch later today if I can still download it, is it worth my time tho ?
  3. He's not my type, but all of y'all ***** hoes just made me realize I need one of my regulars in my bed Thanks to you a ***** is getting choked tonight
  4. As much as Azealia is a nutj0bb she's right about that 1 , don't let everyone get inside ur Azz without protection .... s** is amazing , but I still don't think it's worth giving up your life and ending up with serious health issues .....
  5. It's not her posting this , it's just not her style I remember her earlier letters when she would post them on her website back in the day , she's not that kind of person, would be more typical of her to express gratitude or say something like "I appreciate all the love and support and your concern but I'm fine" I don't think it's her writing those captions ..... But I think whoever wrote it was right about billy b ....
  6. Congrats , but also what a mess , this group finally started slaying and now it's falling apart ...... Well it's the right time with this NWO oop I mean pandemic
  7. Just because others think differently than you doesn't make them liars , and btw humans have different tastes , not everyone has to like the same music/albums etc ..... I really don't care and never look at the reviews I really don't see a reason to be upset about that 😂
  8. I don't think the average person cares about this stuff , I like to be my own critic , my opinions are based solely on what I felt and not what others think
  9. But then at least you can read her body language , it's easier to judge this way , for all we know she might not even be the one posting this crap , at least if she goes live it is more natural and then her team will have a hard time faking a statement that will benefit their interest , we can see when she's feeling comfortable and when she's not
  10. She needs to say this on live , I think at this point she just got used to all of that and just wants to enjoy her life as she should, I just hope Jamie and all the leeches will be out of the picture and that she'll be independent .... She should do whatever makes her feel good
  11. I'm really happy to hear about cures for diseases however we can't deny there's a growing problem of overpopulation and I really hope we are going to find a solution for that too , otherwise those who run things up there will keep on pulling strings to make it look like there are plagues and natural disasters when in fact there's really a purge and they need to refresh earth's population ,a mess
  12. Exactly , I was borderline a s** addict, I totally lost control , now it's my nun era , I have to focus on more important things now , but maybe next summer I'll be a wh0r 3 again
  13. I believe it when I see it , I already heard something similar some time ago but it's always in the works , if it's finally coming indeed that is wonderful news !!
  14. You can already do that on prep , but from experience you WILL get other things if you do it with multiple people without protection , I decided to stop taking prep even though it was fun , I'm not in the mood for chlamydia, gonorrea and syphilis treatments on a monthly basis ....
  15. He needs to let go , man ... She hung out with you in her 20's in her (25) actually , she was young Care free and liked to party , since then she has grown and became a woman , a mother , and she is obviously over your bull**** .... Stay away from her , what a creep , does he really think Britney is waiting for him and would want to be his BFF as soon as everything is over ? He's delusional .
  16. I'm always happy for new Lana music , but this cover gurl ? , Really ??
  17. MJ is dead , he should move on ,why would he want to sue a dead man ??!! Definitely a money grubbing..... I don't believe Michael ***ually abused him
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