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  1. She stopped giving the gays what they want but ,I'll take it Just give us the damn album girl
  2. The documentary is touching a very sensitive subject and not some cheap comedy for teenagers , it's important to show it in appropriate light and to not portray it as some gossip... at least should have changed that stupid clapping sound , what do they think it is ?? GLEE or something ??
  3. I'm glad they're showing what everyone should see , and bring awareness but I agree the trailer isn't edited so well , should have been a bit more dramatic but hopefully the full doc is gonna be good .
  4. She's got some Cool hits but her energy is kinda off , but congrats anyways
  5. Isn't it the woman with the annoying voice who had the cringy kitty song ?
  6. I watched other clips from that concert and the crows actually seemed to jump and cooperate so I guess it worked 🎃 By the way I can't wait for her blond era to be over , her black/green hair era was the best
  7. I need Britney and Danja to create a Halloween themed song , similar to 'bury a friend' or 'get naked' I absolutely love his style
  8. No way I would dance for more than 13 seconds with a ****ty mask on my face , honestly I forgot how exhausting it can be
  9. I could dance to bad guy , or move my head a little to 'bury a friend' but how can you dance to the rest of her songs ??
  10. He did that ! Great debut album , industry baby, that's why I want and the song with Megan thee stallion are definitely the best songs on the album
  11. No. The point was , what's the point of a new streaming platform without exclusive content , otherwise everyone is just gonna stay on Spotify ..... Tidal had exclusive content for a while but I guess not anymore....
  12. Not really because then you have to pay for several platforms to listen to multiple artists as they'll probably claim exclusivity , so in reality you'll pay more , I stopped streaming because honestly I have many other things to pay so I ran out of money.....
  13. I like industry baby , I think his album is gonna slay , he is a troll tho .... It's getting kinda stupid
  14. I'm not talking about Britney's case at all , obviously I'm Team #freebritney , but if a person is not in Control of their actions and is being a danger to themselves and their surroundings I think we can all(most) agree that they need a professional treatment and unfortunately talking to a psychiatrist doesn't always solve the problem, I don't know exactly what is with Amanda , but I was talking generally , sometimes when people are sick and can't treat themselves there are legal actions that are supposed to help . It's supposed to help the conservatee not exploit them .
  15. ExXL

    VMA Ratings TANK

    It's not about talent anymore , it's about looking cool and twerking , boring if you ask me .....
  16. Conservatorships are necessary at times , my mom was my grandma's conservator when she couldn't walk and speak/function anymore , it's not all like in Britney's case where people abuse it to steal money and power .
  17. Maybe she shouldn't be in a conservatorship but she definitely needs professional help , mental illnesses are no joke , and should be treated like any other illness , this poor girl is dealing with schizophrenia if the claims are true and she needs someone to look after her , it's her decision if she wants to keep the conservatorship or not .... As far as I'm concerned nobody really asked her if she wants to end her conservatorship , and yes sometimes it's unfortunately necessary .... In Britney's case it's different .
  18. Chill she's probably sick of that platform I honestly deleted the app and stopped using it months ago , we all know those apps can be a bit depressing for people who deal with mental health problems , your freedom is finally coming queen 👑👑👑
  19. Absolutely agree with you, I'm fully vaccinated against covid as well as my family and my opinion about never changed ,the truth is the vaccine is still in an experimental stage and people are rushing to endorse it without even knowing what effects it's gonna have on our bodies in the next years to come , I was forced to take it because of my job and I think it's wrong, my sister got covid only after the vaccine and she had accute symptoms and breathing difficulties so I guess it's not as effective as they claim it to be ..... Something here is definitely fishy about the whole thing.... I'm a man in his mid 20's and so far I had no side effects besides some strange heart rate ..... But I really hope nothing bad is gonna happen.... I don't believe the vaccine is gonna change anything in terms of catching viruses ....
  20. It took me almost a year finding a gas station job because I'm an immigrant so I don't wanna know how long it's going to take once I look for a job as web developer/software developer still have to make up my mind on what I should focus .... It's really hard , anyways like it's been said here leave CVS everywhere until you get a chance to start somewhere
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