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Last time Britney looked like Britney from early 2000s?

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December 02 - 76th Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in New York



At that time Britney was still hopeful that the guardianship would be over in a few weeks. Britney was motivated to continue her career with great discipline. Guardianship made her the Britney she is today. In addition, much more money was invested in Britney as a brand at the time.

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Yup, Circus Era and greatest hits. "3" still had that look.
But, I do understand why she had eye-surgery/lift. She have the droopy-eyes syndrom and most people get that fixed before they get old, to not have their eyelids fall down on their eyes. 
So famous or not, I thinks he was bound to have that lifted. But that changed a lot, and then the nose/mouth issue. 

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I agree with her looking like primeney Britney until 2010. After the nose job and mouth differences she looks like a different person. And then I hear people tell me why did she screw up her face. There are exceptions though where I feel like they doll her up to almost looking like her old self at award shows like the Billboard Music awards in 2015 and 2016 and the movie premiere in 2019.

She's beautiful both ways, though.

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