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Should we trend #unfollowbritney ?

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if there is a posibility that team con has a plot to make her look crazy to the GP with the posts they make on her social media then we should really start a trend to #unfollowbritney

Ppl know about #freebritney. They do not know that her team is cheating everyone and that britney doesnt even want to work. Unfollowing her massively would turn her team insane. It would shut down even more her (bad) marketing and the means they use to monetize from her

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Britney would take it badly in my opinion. She will think that she isn’t relevant anymore. Maybe it’s not her who control her IG but she will know that she lost many subscribers, I don’t think that she will regain the same amount of subs after that she is free and have the full control of her IG because many who followed her to support her would just forget about Britney.

I don’t think it’s a good idea, there are too much of risks. More she have subs = more people are interested at her = more attention to her = more support for her. So unfollowing her isn’t a good decision, but unfortunately, I don’t see any better solution.

She don’t want to work, that’s just obvious for most of people and will be more and more obvious. Almost everyone know that her team recycled her old demos (STIS and Matches), so there will not be a music video for SITS and Matches as Britney won’t work, and we won’t get a new album until she wants to record, and more...

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Boycotting the brand is one thing but unfollowing her on all her social is going too far imo, it could be interpreted as completely abandoning Britney. We know for a fact she is on a work strike, so the brand boycott makes sense. She may not be the one posting her pics or vids but she is the one filming them, so I feel like if she got a bunch of unfollows, it could make her feel bad. There’s no need to abandon anything and everything that is Britney.

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No! Imagine if she’s actually deciding what her Instagram account posts. We know she doesn’t have complete access to it but she could still be like “hey I love these videos and pics, upload them”. At the end of the day she’s the one recording them and taking her selfies. She doesn’t have anything else to do, let her be!

I don’t see it being that concerning tbh, she’s just jumping and dancing around her house, you should see me cleaning my house or getting a shower lol.

We should stop saying how weird it is and start to support her, say nice things about her and fight for her freedom. If fans unfollowed her because of the content of her instagram it would make her look bad.


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12 minutes ago, Slayer said:

I'm sorry but this is just stupid.

You guys are reading into this too much, she's just having fun bored at home! Let her be, she obviously doesn't care.

Thank you i agree with you, you guys are going way too far, what will there be after the boycott , burning cd's ? There are too much radical thoughts in here i don't reconize in this way of thinkin sorry

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This is just going too far. Sure, we know that Britney has no control over her instagram but we have to keep in mind that she might learn about this and will not take it well, will make her feel insecure. Brand boycott makes sense as Britney herself is boycotting by refusing to work. Maybe buy less Urban Outfitters vinyls and merch, and support her by bringing to light just how wrong the conservatorship is and how it should be reevaluated. Now that, could make a difference and i don't know Britney but, i guess she would appreciate to see her fans fighting for her human rights. 

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