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  1. Even not a girl not yet a woman... she literally "stuck in between" Cause u know the cship kind of stucked her growth as a full grown up independent woman and made everyone treat her as an incompetent little girl.
  2. Its weird cause everyone says its a bad album but i really like most of the songs. It has a particular sound and identity tbat i enjoyed back then and i still do when i listen to it. BUT of course then finding ljt britney sang like a 1/4 of it was a turn off. Thats what i hate. Not the album itself. For me it is good n part of her discograohy
  3. Its weird cause i remember really liking the singles, the performances, the videos, but i felt like she was high or something during that time and that made me felt somewhat disconected with her. Im not stating she actually did cause i dont know, but i felt that and i still think that when i look at many vids from that time. I was 17 at that moment
  4. I think he wont step down just because ppl above him wont let him. Not saying that he would though, but still
  5. Jordan or someone should run a page that not only fans visited like this forum but that every interested person could enter and see everything that is found to help her case. Like a REALLY clear page, without comments or any interaction appart from likes or SHARE, like a timeline, the day and the document, info, video, etc that is found in image/audio/text for everyone to easily see. Both for the gp and for those who r willing to defend her since fans seem to find really interesting and game changing stuff AND NO threads do not work for that. It could be a site like britneyconservatorshipfindings .com or maybe a twitter but it should keep organized and clean
  6. We have the power to end every conservatorship in the world but then we would end up without job, and that could turn ourselves into something like team con, its a trap
  7. I get what u say but i dont agree, britney has expressed herself in a very articulated and elevated way several times. How she expressed her feelings in for the record is just an example of that. And i say this because in fact this always surprised me from someone who may have not even finished highschool. Something happened around 2018 that made her lost some of that and start to talk in a more childish way instead.
  8. Hey guys this is a great day and i am excited 4 whats to come as im sure all of u are. I just wanted to ask everyone, those like me who r here since the very begining and also the younger ones to keep our eyes open. Even when Britney gets free team con will be trying to take revenge anonymously, the media could also change sides again at the very first bad desition britney makes (as we all do in our lives but u know how this goes for her). Im writing this cause im seeing everyone believing she runs her IG and taking SAMs replies as a garatee of that. As much as i want britney to be happily in love forever and i do NOT have anything against Sam in particular we have to take the INFO we got into account She is not able to have her nails done or see some friends but Sam can be around 24/7. Appyong common sense..HE HAS AN AGREEMENT with Jamie or at least had it at first. With everything that happened for 13 years which is already crazy i wouldnt be surprised if Sam was some kind of last resourse they wanna have really close to her to give them info 4 years to come. Yes maybe he is a good guy and im just traumatized. But im not asking to bash him. Just to keep our eyes opened Same with cassie. She could be writing freebritney today to keep her job and change sides tomorrow. Dont buy everythig u read. Im chosing to take as truth only what i HEAR fron britney herself
  9. As much as i want her to be free i also have to say that in 2016 her medication seemed to be just spot on, balanced appart from the fact of being single, having her kids, recording glory, etc. All that seemed to be working fine for her. What i dint know is what happened AFTER that but BEFORE they took her to the facility. Remember how everyone was talking about her tiks and manners while performing. In 2016 she was fierce and sharp but calmed at the same time i dont know how to explain it. Then she started to look more anxious and i wonder what was going on. Like in 2018. Now we know as a fact cause SHE said it that she has always taken the same medication at the same hour every day for years. So if it was not a change in meds something else changed
  10. U made me laugh, BUT jokes appart this whole britney case is putting light on the entire conservatorship sistem which ppl now find is abusive. Im sure there r maany powerfull ppl interested in silencing this, not jusg britneys "team con"
  11. I suggested months ago to unfollow that fake IG to not let her team think for a second we belive or support the bull**** they try to make us believe. But i was told Britney would feel ppl does not support HER and she would not like it. But i unfollowed. Everyone should. Stop feeding the brand
  12. Of course we all dream with 99-2005 Britney but i also miss 2016ney. And that britney existed when we had almost lost any hope so i would be really happy if a 2016ish but independent and free britney came in the future
  13. Yes i was here and with the same username i think lol. But ive always been more a reader than a writer so i guess im not well known here haha
  14. Both of u are all right in your points and are entitled to do what u please, BUT YOU ARE MISSING the fact that while the vaccine does not prevent you from catching covid, nor prevents from passing it on, it DOES PREVENT U AND EVERYONE FROM DIEING FROM IT. It prevents the worst forms of the desease. It prevents developing life threatening symphtoms. Its not my opinion, its what science found: the inmune system from the nose and mouth works independently of the one from the body as a whole. The vaccine cannot prevent the virus to attach itself and get inside your body through your nose and mouth but it CAN make your body resist it and LIVE
  15. As much as i love and grew up to music from the US, and being britney my one and only FAVE, i have to say it amazes me how the media says WHY english pop is dead cause it went political and spanish pop is cool just because it stayed neutral LOL. COULDNT IT BE several causes like... that spanish pop is having its momentum cause its being ***ier, freshier, trend setting or anyhing like that? Lol
  16. I was medicated and i know for a fact meds change the way u move. No ona that has been a fan from the beginin can just say that she is having fun at home moving like this. She CHANGED the way she moves. Her body and coordination work way different now than what it did back then. Of course i dont expect overprotected darkchild remix at her living room but something just chill not maniac, repetitive, compulsive. When she is in a good place and balances her body responds so good and thats what happened for any reason in 2016 I hope she can be both free and healthy soon
  17. It amazes me when ppl use the word TALENT when they mean they have a better voice. TALENT can be at many things u know? At dancing, at making cakes, at drawing. Britney has way more "talents" than christina even if she doesnt sing as good. Thats why she developed a career christina did NOT. Its not a casual thing or an error. She had what it took to be the icon of a whole generation. And she was the BEST NEW ARTIST in the actual real world even if she didnt get that award so.. I dont get why so many of u asociate "best new artist" with singing better lolthat should be called "best new voice"
  18. Its so weird because i really remember how we all felt that alli was a user and enabler. Now i wonder if it was that way because its what media wanted us to belive? I mean, is not like i saw her doing any harm to britney, in fact this is the very first time i hear her talking. Yes, we thought she was using britney to start her own career but she never really talked tl cameras or did anything 4 her career? Everything is so sketchy. She defends britney a lot here and thats cool but clme on britney was talking in BRITISH ACCENT randomly, the fact that she needed help is undeniable. Everyone took advantage of a vulnerable situation britney was goong through weather it was drugs or mental health
  19. Everyone can dislike your fave, sorry. I just agree that there is no need to be mysoginistic or agressive in any way to ANY woman. This is a global change, not just to Britney nor Taylor. Thats what is changing in society and we should actuvely keep in mind when we express our thoughts. See if they are coming from that patriarchy background. But the comparisson with Britney and what FOLLOWED 2007 is something i dont get at all LOL. Britney has been under a conservatorship for 13 years. Ppl legaly taking advantage from her. She working her *** off to make those ppl rich while her basic human rights were taken away. "Hypocrite" applies when something equal or at least similar happens to someone else and u discredit it. This is not the case at all. Im from argentina and no one is bullying nor talking anything bad about Taylor here lol. Britney has been ripped appart worldwide nonstop, from argentina to china, by not just members of some random forum but by authoriced ppl, mainstream artists, news outlets, magazine covers, tv shows, hosts, even politicians. Again... No
  20. Totally, i remember feeling the same back then. Like they were taking advantage from her situation to be in the spotlight, and nor actually careing about her Wasnt it alli the one that britney got in random bathrooms with and used to come out switching their clothes? But who r we to judge, we dont actually know lots of things. We even thought the cship was needed and for britneys well being so....
  21. We are aware now of how many ppl around britney benefit from her. So much aware that freebritney movement is at its highest peak yet some of u cant SEE that Jordan also benefits from her? I mean not in the WRONG WAY cause its not like he forces her to work or do anything she doesnt want to so dont get me wrong. But u have to realize he runs a Britney forum that has always take advantage from her highest and her lowest points in life cause its his damn job. Like many journalists. He gains views that often translate to money. He is wanting to became a youtube and monetize that plataform and HEY THATS FINE! Whats not fine is to be so lucrative that u fool ppl that like me has been using your forum for like 15 years. Come on. That loyalty deserves better. Everytime u try to make this about YOU everything fails. We are here for Britney. If u just keep on making Britney and other celebrities videos on youtube you will eventually have the comunity u want and deserve! Everyone uses clickbaits but not like this. Not pretending u have new britney music a day after a so expected hearing and while such a sensitive thing is going on for her and us. It felt like a celebration, the cherry on top and it was just u wanting to profit from this. Not good man
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