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Lou didn’t wish Britney for her Birthday

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1 hour ago, Swizzers said:

She's salty. But I guess she will also only wish her clients happy birthday? And Britney is no longer her client 

Well.. wouldn’t you still wish a client who you had a business relation for 12 years and brought you in **** tons of money? And are bffs with her dad and sister?  Definitely salty

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3 hours ago, MM0219 said:

I hate to say it but Jamie Lynn's Instagram stories are kind of nice. 

As for Lou, she be bitter. :nynod_miss_new_york_ms_nodding_yes_yas_agree:

Isnt funny that last year she posted smt kinda cold on Britneys bday (she didnt even say she loved Britney) and then deleted. And now she doesnt even want to make an actual post for Britneys bday. Its like she wants to pretend everythings fine (so people dont ***** she didnt wish Britney a happy bday on Instagram), but doesnt want the post staying there for more than 24 hours. :ineedthetruth_oprah_huh_um_thinking_confused_what_truth_stare:

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