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  1. She could right through his lame bowtie and boy band haircut that he'd soon join Fox News and be a Trump stooge.
  2. I'd just want Britney Jean. If it's still available I'll take it to complete my set. I'm not from Balkan but if shipping is considered I'll pay for it.
  3. I'm a bit confused. She's sounding like she's sorta saying she's against it IF abuse and corruption is present. But.... In Britney's case it IS. Is she showing her true colors and is against it or is she just playing the role of a good lawyer who's being informative andto tjthe public? She's playing both parts.
  4. I wonder if this person he's referring to is that girl who pretends to be Britney and goes so far as to trying to sound like her. You know who I mean? Can't remember her name.... Someone even asked Billy if he's bdjng catfished by her.
  5. Duet with Michel Buble you mean? Or DUEL with Michael Phelps (swimming?)
  6. Well not for nothing but Roxxy gets pissed off real fast and even when you throw facts at her, she gets super defensive. She hates being wrong. She will get nasty with you and will make it a goal to make you look like the bad guy and her the victim. And I'm sure if you DM her she will get even more vicious. If that's how she acts publicly on a forum, imagine how she is in a DM! Even if the guy kept bringing up his bipolar... Point is she had absolutely no right to tell him to go die. Shame on her! It could get annoying, sure, but to say that? Is she for real? What happened to just saying, "Can you please stop bringing it up?" She clearly has issues. How is someone who's that unstable allowed to be a mod???? That's like letting an arsonist become a firefighter!! Does it make any sense??? Screw her.
  7. Thanks for considering it. I only think that maybe sometimes if we DM them and ask what is going on, it could be fixed. Yeah, some stuff I do understand you have no choice but to give warning points right there on the spot. But certain other stuff, or even just a mod arguing with a user, or 2 users arguing, the mod should step in and say, "Hey, let's cool it for a sec. Okay, what's going on? Let's hear your side." and hear the other side too and come up with a resolution. I've seen A LOT of exhalers argue with mods and I don't blame them. Several just think no matter what they're always right. No ifs ands or buts. They even go about insulting them publicly. It just leaves us exhalers to disrespect them even more. But sometimes if the mod just says," OK lemme DM you. Let's do this privately and find a solution. The other exhalers shouldn't see this argument and think bad of you or me, a mod."
  8. Sounds like Roxxy is Toxxy (toxic).... So why is she a moderator? I'm sorry, but who the hell has any right to tell someone to go die? Let's say she did absolutely nothing wrong.... And that other guy really is guilty. She still has no right to say that. How she continued doing this role after that claim baffles my mind. Wow. Sounds like she's got some inner demons inside that she's gotta deal with first. Maybe get off exhale and go seek therapy? Until she's in a good place and NOT bring ppl down, it sounds like she's only gonna keep doing it.
  9. Do you think it'd be a good idea for moderators to actually MODERATE before giving warning points or doing something downright outrageous like telling someone to die cuz of a condition they have? Idk man, I think maybe sending a DM to try and calm them down could be the first step. And they can prob communicate with the user to figure out what it is that's setting them off. An explanation usually clears everything up. THEN if you see it happen again you give them warning points? At least it'll give us regular folks a chance to take a step back and explain everything before things escalate. Sometimes our POV may not make sense to the mods. Or sometimes their POV won't make sense to us. Don't you think it's a better idea to DM privately and try and clear it up before things get worse?
  10. Jeezuz who would stoop so low and be that horrible to say that???
  11. She's salty. But I guess she will also only wish her clients happy birthday? And Britney is no longer her client
  12. Can someone send me the link please to hear Matches? Appreciate it
  13. I think I have been solid but yeah, I'm OK with friendly reminders. But I can't sit back and say the moderators on here have been saints. I've seen a lot of snarky remarks and I think it's also best that they remember they aren't superior to us. Reminder to moderators: DM the user if you see an issue that's possibly beginning to boil. And do it politely. I promise you that kindness will go a long way.
  14. I'm fine w that. Even if she waits 10 yrs to tell us, I won't beg for the details. Whenever she's ready, she will say it. I judt want her freed and living a life under her own terms.
  15. Dude, I totally would cuz I'm in nyc but with cases rising here... Not really a good idea. It's too risky. If you wanna zoom it, we can take the time 1 day to actually spoil ourselves and make some kickass brunch food, I'm down for that. Share recipes, chat about the movement and listen/watch/read real time results from the court hearing. That wouldn't be a bad idea.
  16. An ****** you say? Well let me go get my coins so I can pay him for the best *** ever
  17. But let's be real, how many would really pay for that when there are free apps that do the same exact thing? First one that comes to mind, and most popular one, is MyFitnessPal. You get recipes to healthy meals, advice, macros, calories, etc. All for free.
  18. Sam is an opportunist since day 1. His history is evidence enough to label him. Side note: I think I figured out the reason why he really left the personal trainer job. The men who own that gym are Shayan and Shaheen Safai. Thir sister is Shiva Safai. Guess who she was in a relationship with for 5 yrs? Mohamed Hadid. HADID.... As in Gigi and Bella Hadid. He is their father. Their relationship ended towards the end of 2019. Ironically enough, Sam's face was all over the place in Britney's IG by then, "living" with her, etc. My assumption is when he learned the relationship ended, he had no reason to work at RPT anymore and have hopes of the Safai boys helping him with his modeling career through those connections. He quit, decided to work full time for Team Con and here we are. There is absolutely no reason to quit a regular paying steady job like a fitness trainer for acting gigs that hardly pay much. Unless his level of acting was thst of Hanks, Clooney, Pitt, Cruise, etc... I'm sure he was getting the bare minimum. You don't quit a good job unless you've got a better paying job that brings in a paycheck biweekly. Aka Team Con. Not acting. Esp not acting at his level where he's doing Z listed films that no one's ever heard of.
  19. He is. I asked and he said he's got a few others to do first but he's gonna Def do another reading very soon
  20. You nailed it! It's wait for them to choose someone young, naive, gullible and no threat. He fit that role and of course, as the saying goes, money is the root of all evil. He is prob being paid a good amount of money so he will play the part of a "boyfriend" when behind the scenes he's laughing it up and sharing a drink with Jamie.
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