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Buying The "Oops!" Vinyl is Wrong and Indefensible (Opinion)

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5 hours ago, ICouldntThinkOfOne said:

I never said I didn't buy anything since the C-ship came in; I bought albums, perfumes and went to shows. We would hear rumours and fans would question that something was up but we never had any definitive proof; Britney was still working, and court documents were sealed or incredible vague.

The difference is, for the past two years, we have dozens of documents that prove it was misused, the whistleblowers were never hit with cease and desists, her family have made a show of themselves publically by saying contradicting statements, and Britney according to court documents wants her family out of picture in regards to the c-ship.

Its hard fact now, we cant go back in time to 2008 and unspend all the money spent on 10 years of albums, and shows but you can stop spending knowing what's going on now, until november at the earliest.

Lmao you spent more on the conservatorship than I did and you have the audacity. THE AUDACITY to pop off on me for buying a $20 vinyl? :tifflmao_lol_haha_hehe_miss_new_york_laugh_ms_tiffany_pollard_cackle::shadelaugh_tiffany_ny_new_york_ms_miss_cackle_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_lmao: 

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21 hours ago, ICouldntThinkOfOne said:


I'm glad that someone brought this, because this is what I was talking about on my post


The second image comes from Jamie's document. Team Jamie is painting her as an unstable person that doesn't care about her finances and "business activities", citing the The Zone appearance as an example of how they had to give back the 1M they had received in advance (omitting she had broken her foot, at least according to her). By taking this as proof that Britney doesn't want us to buy her music, we're giving Jamie the reason that she doesn't care about her finances, that she's unable to make rational decisions, and thus, as he argues, Andrew Wallet has to come back as a co-conservator.

The document that Sam Ingham submitted is the one that says she's not performing for the time being. Again, as I said in my post, this is in reference to how the legal fees increased exponentially after she signed the Vegas contract, and how since she's not performing anymore, this has to change. At any moment there's any mention of her music sales or merch.

The question is, if she's not performing anymore, if she doesn't have a new job, from where exactly is she gonna keep making money if it's not from sales and royalties? And we know she has already a lot of money, but let's remember, for the law to consider her able to get out of the conservatorship, she still has to prove that she's able to provide for herself. If we give Jamie the reason that she doesn't care about her businesses and "financial well-being", than how exactly does that help Britney's situation?


Now for those saying let's wait till November, we don't even know if they're gonna solve the issue then, nor if it's gonna be favorable for Britney, or if it's gonna get delayed again. But hoping they do name the Bessemer Trust as the conservator of her estate, then they most likely are gonna find everything that is wrong with her fortune and Jamie and TriStar will have to explain where the money is and they'll have to give it back.

It's very laudable to try to boycott the brand and do the right thing if that's what makes you all happy. Sadly, these small actions won't have any effect, because Britney Spears is a brand that is consumed by the masses, not just the fans. Those vinyls and cassettes will keep selling even if fans don't buy them, because there will always be collectors (not necessarily Britney fans) and resellers that will get them. The general public keeps streaming her music, and now more than ever with so much noise we're making about Britney's situation. And those diminishing Spotify streams like they don't count, well, I'm not sure how much they make from that, but at least from YouTube alone they're making hundreds of thousands of dollars. So good luck telling the world not to stream her videos when you talk about FreeBritney. 


Thing is, the conservatorship won't stop nor will get extended the more or the less records she sells. They can pull all of her catalogue out of the streraming services and stop selling physical albums on stores. The conservatorship will still be there. They will still be stealing the rest of her fortune. They will still have control over her life.


But it's true, maybe the real fans shouldn't contribute even in the slightest to this. But if we're gonna shame the people that buys vinyls, then let's shame everyone who's also contributing to her streamings getting increased, which is basically any mention of her on the Internet of any kind, especially social media. And I think we're all guilty of that. 


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This is assuming that you all know the terms of her record deal. Not all managers take a cut of the proceeds from album sales.

To each their own. Some will choose to buy the albums/vinyls and stream the music, others won't. Britney herself has said she was thankful for fans shooting Glory to No. 1 on the iTunes charts and shared the two new Mood Ring remixes, hoping it makes fans do what she obviously loves to to: dance. She also said she hopes folks crank up Mood Ring (aka stream it). So, Idk. Y'all can pick and choose if you like. Just stop talking in absolutes when you really don't have all the details. 

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On 9/29/2020 at 7:00 PM, Spearsfan said:

I couldn’t even find it. It was sold out. It’s so pretty. I wanted it so bad. 

I bet most of the ppl shaming Stans for buying vinyl which BRITNEY and her team get a small sum from... probably went to Vegas numerous times. 

Anyways Britney goes to Hawaii like 10 times a year and has expensive cars which sit in her mansion with her... it’s not like she isn’t seeing any of the money. 

I found it on Sunday online, and after I bought it the site updated to "Sold-out" so I guess I was pretty lucky. I just got it home and it's beautiful :gobaby_cheering_yes_yas_wow_proud:


I'm a true collector, and I'll always be so I'm not ashamed at all :staysalty_hands_rub_so_there_blue_walk_away_made_my_point:


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On 10/1/2020 at 1:27 PM, pablitonizer said:

I found it on Sunday online, and after I bought it the site updated to "Sold-out" so I guess I was pretty lucky. I just got it home and it's beautiful :gobaby_cheering_yes_yas_wow_proud:


I'm a true collector, and I'll always be so I'm not ashamed at all :staysalty_hands_rub_so_there_blue_walk_away_made_my_point:


I waited in line for an hr for it and didn’t get it because they changed their rules. I was so mad/sad.

Normally they only let ppl buy one RSD vinyl and then you have to get in line over again. 

I was sure I was gonna get it because everyone in front of me was 60 yr old rock n roll men. They let ppl buy whatever this year... probably because they are hard up for money. 

So the first 3 ppl bought literally every vinyl. 

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