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How is everyone doing during this crazy Quarantine life we have been living? I have been pretty good today, but some days I have had incredibly bad anxiety. Cold sweats, being simultaneously too hot and too cold. My mind would run wild and sabotage my sleep. I’ve never wanted to consider medication out of fear of addiction, which is something I have battled in the past. It got so bad though that I was about to check myself in somewhere. The only thing I found solace in was THC/CBD Tincture. It’s not to get high off of, but without it I literally start shaking because my nerves are basically shot. And the scary thing is, absolutely nothing is “wrong”, I’m safe, I have a place to live, some money saved in the bank, bills paid, food, entertainment (Netflix, Hulu etc), but I would literally start going crazy almost daily for about a month until very recently when I started taking Tincture. People say it’s the planets moving into retrograde. People say it’s because I’m a ️ cancer and I’m highly emotional. Some say it’s coming into my “powers” of being an empath, especially with everything going on in the world it’s like.... overload. I just wanted to check in with you all, I hope nobody is feeling how I can get to feeling lately, but if you are I hope you find SOME kind of comfort from knowing you aren’t alone. ❤️

I have been watching Haters back Off with Miranda Sings on Netflix. Absolutely ridiculous, but ridiculously funny. It definitely helped pull me out of a funk if you need something light and funny to watch. The opening scenes should be enough to put a smile on your face. I’ve started to crochet again, something simple to quickly occupy my mind. Headphones really help a lot! They fill your head with sound, which can drown out a lot of the negativity your brain might be trying to throw at you, a couple of my favorite podcasts are What’s The T with Rupaul and Michelle Visage. Over 200 episodes, great witty banter, great guests, great advice. Another is Boulet Brothers Creatures of the Night, Drag, Filth, Horror, Glamour.... the fabulous Swanthula and Dracmorda Boulet bring true horror stories from our history, movie reviews and fun guests, it’s a new one, so there are only a few episodes so far, but its something you can keep up with from the start!

What are you doing to stay sane? Any advice for me? Do you need any advice? Let’s all work on being more kind to one another, that’s something the world is lacking. 

season 11 everybody say love GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race

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Eat properly. Get 8 hours of sleep. Be happy. Repeat.

If you're happy, you're unbothered. When you're miserable, you act out. So stay happy. :barbie:

I'm gonna go out tomorrow for the first time since March :omg: cause i'm running out on supplies. I'm scared and lowkey excited to see the world again. :yesokay: I hope i'm able to get all the stuff I need to buy so i'll be good for another 3 months or whatever - just in case we go full zombie apocalypse. :eheeek: Also excited to meet with my girl friends again and then i'm gonna visit my Mom. :makeitrain:

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It's really important to sleep well, like @Roxxy said, 8 hours of sleep is the best, stay up til max of 1 am, so the hormones can kick in, and lots of water! Also, when you wake up, don't check your phone, just do nothing for some minutes, just be lazy a bit in bed and start stretching yourself, your legs, variety of poses, touch your body loving yourself and then you can go, also it's really important to watch your thinking, how you talk to yourself, and if you see the sad thinking coming you watch yourself and try to stop it or let it come without judgement, everybody is going thru emotions because of quarantine and we have a lot of energies going on, a lot of planets on retrograde, eclipses and all, it's time for some love changing attitude. 

and what about books? sometimes we go to movies and series but how about to learn something new or just something random you're interested in? it helps, but don't put too much pressure on yourself during this hard times. and u know, I highly disagree with people that smoke weed when they're highly emotional and feeling sad, this **** triggers anxiety and more stuff, try to stay away from it if u can. and yeah if u feel so overwhelmed maybe it's better to talk to a therapist online, maybe do that first instead of going directly to medication.

I'm fine at the moment, but this is something I practice myself when I feel a bit out of touch. I also recommend to go for a walk and run, to sweat is really helpful, feel the sun, be barefoot and feel the green grass on your feet, be inspired by our Queen B :hiii:

u can check for some supplements... you can include some Omega-3 on your lunch, vitamin-B or L-theanine and L-tryptophan. do your research on that! :)


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I've been basically at my house watching tv, youtube and Netflix.

I also have been having zoom meetings with people I go to a social group with and also having therapy sessions, 

which actually DO help me from the trauma I've dealt with for the past 5-6 years from a breakup, abuse and even the death of my grandpa

(who was more of my father figure than my actual dad)


I've only been out just to get groceries and necessities.

However they did open up a hair salon and eyebrow place, so I was able to get my eyebrows done and my hair.

So that was good.

I just miss the way life used to be.

I miss going to school, hanging out with a friend, going to the movies and just social interaction in general.

Its a necessity that we're unfortunately unable to fulfill right now, which sucks!
I hope this blows over soon cause im SICK of it! :wontcry:

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Mental health has taken quite a hit lately, especially since the quarantine began. It seems to me that many people have been trapped in mental health, and this event has had a good effect on their condition. My health also suffered last year, and this motivated me to find a cure for this problem. As this cure, I found https://weedsmart.net/product-category/*********-flowers/indica/ This product has helped me with some of my problems, so I suggest you try it too. If you're still interested, using indica will make you feel better

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