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Alleged Leaked Apple Pie Demo

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13 minutes ago, ItsBritneyB*tch said:

Saw this going around Twitter, so I thought I'd share it with y'all since there has been nothing else to really discuss lately.


Upon listening....its horrible. If it's real I am glad it was scrapped, because these lyrics are not it, and the melody feels clunky.


What do you think?

Here you go:


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I think it's a given that her next single will NOT be anything like this.

Either she will be free and release something completely different on her terms OR she won't be free and her team will monopolise on this year and 2007 which was never really addressed.

We always said that she couldn't be FORCED to release what she didnt want etc but now we know how corrupt everything is, it's sadly obvious she really was forced but at least now with us being so aware they won't be able to play them tricks again.

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22 minutes ago, Dark.Knight said:

nah, WB is now a staple in Britney's discography and I still dislike it :shark:

I haven't listened for a long time but i still love it (even knowing she literally only says work ***** like twice in the song):queenflopga:

In fact I haven't listened to her music hardly at all since Brighton Pride....I was so deflated by the whole thing :blank:

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