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  1. It really was. It really really was. The live vocals, her smile, her dancing, the costumes, the sets... loved everything about it. I wish I could go back in time and experience it again.
  2. The Oops! Tour is THAT *****. It will always be my favorite. ♥
  3. WOW - Britney looks SOOOOO good. YASSSSSS. Seeing these pics made me so happy. ♥♥ P.S. Get yo man Brit!
  4. The Oops! era is what propels me to say that the Oops! album is Britney's best. I remember flicking through the TV channels and I stopped at the commercial for the Oops! Making the Video episode on MTV. I FREAKED out. Haters kept saying that Britney was going to be a one-hit wonder. I was SO happy to learn that Britney was about to prove them wrong. She looked so amazing in the red catsuit and the previews of the video looked AMAZING. I knew Britney was about to certify her role in the industry as Pop Princess. The MTV episode came out and that's all people were talking about. "Britney's back, Britney's back!" There were so many promos, TV specials and so-on promoting the Oops! single/album. It was so freaking exciting. One thing I really miss about Primeney, is that there were always so many TV specials during the album release weeks. She's had some since then, but since the Circus era it hasn't really felt the same. Fast forward to the day of the album release, me and my friends (we were in 6th grade) skipped school to get the album. We lined up outside of HMV and wow - there were so many fans waiting to get the album. Being around them - the energy, oh it was ******* amazing. We were singing Britney songs, chanting her name and stuff. We didn't give two sh*ts that we skipped school to get the CD lol. When the store opened, we all rushed in and they were playing some of the songs from the album. Having that CD in my hand - it felt like I was the owner of the rarest and most sought after diamond. It was just so freaking exciting. The album - it's solid pop. The first 3 songs really get you in the groove. I really wish that "What U See" was a single. It's a BOP! Loved the performance in the Oops! concert. The only song I don't like is "Dear Diary." I mean it's cute, but it could've been skipped. I know that Britney was proud of that song at the time, but eh... I could've done without it. I love the album though. It's definitely in my top 3. My top 3 being - Glory, Oops & Femme Fatale. If you weren't a fan of hers during the earlier eras, I feel bad for you. Britney was AMAZING. She was booked, she was inspired... she was everything. Sorry if my thoughts were a bit scattered, but I tried my best to share my memories lol.
  5. YES! I would absolutely pay for more Oops Tour concerts in professional quality. ♥
  6. I agree. Brett and Felicia were so good for Britney. I miss Big Rob, Johnny Wright... Ugh I can't stand her team now.
  7. I skip - Private Show, Clumsy, Coupure Electrique. I just can't. Better, Hard to Forget Ya, Just Luv Me, Just Like Me & Invitation stay on repeat. ♥
  8. I always wanted her to date Anson Mount. They looked so cute together in Crossroads.
  9. Thank gawd this **** was cancelled. This promo picture is DREADFUL.
  10. As lovely as this... I'm pissed off that someone has the stems and did NOT share with us.
  11. Life just isn't as exciting without Britney on the scene. 2016 was such a great year - I want it back like right now lol.
  12. Thank you! Yes, I keep re-watching the Apple Festival show and wow - she was SO beautiful and appeared to be really happy to be on stage. She kept smiling and looking down at the fans. Love it so much. I can't wait for her to comeback, but I can be patient while she sorts everything out in her personal life.
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