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What would you have love the 3rd single to be from Britney Jean?

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Now That I Found You :makesomenoise::bop:


I still don't know how Work ***** didn't make it to the Billboard Top 10, Im sure it could have been in if she would have promoted the single (not the album, that's too much to ask) as much as she did with HIAM, TTWE and IWG in 2011. Now That I Found You seemed to be that poppy song everybody would have eaten and it could have easily been another average hit and ofc a top 10 single. :yeaok:

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It Should Be Easy would have been a moderate hit in Europe and Latin America and improve some album sales there.

Probably top 40 in the US and top 10 in the UK, Germany and France (because of will.i.am and on the heels of Scream & Shout's success). Just like the JLo-Pitbull formula worked when she released Dance Again and it was a moderate hit.

Not that it's my favorite song, but it would have been an easy choice if she didn't want to promote.

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