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  1. We agree on this. And if she remained either 100% mute and never addressed that, perhaps i'd be more inclined to not even mention all these matters. Thing is she cares enough to write, but not to go live or at least say anything in a video? Considering she's in a very unique situation, which is the cship, it raises questions, it's natural. I'm not saying her or her team owes us all any explanation, I'm just saying that if they did, and had a point, they could clear it all up in very few moves.
  2. We aren't claiming for drama at all! We rejoiced and celebrated every moment of happiness and joy she had during the past 13 years regardless of what she was going through. In fact, ALL OF US here in breatheheavy want her nothing but happy! It's just that one can not deny SOMETHING has happened ever since that DOMINATION completely weird announcement, it's a fact, and she sort of left public life ever since. It would be very easy for any of the people who could give us a clue on this (Lou, her father, Britney herself) to come live and actually clear everything up, since it's no longer a weak internet conspiracy theory, but a solid wave of interest that gave birth to entire full-hour documentaries by BIG platforms. The longer they all go on 'silent' about it, leaving more and more space for doubts to come up, the more they contribute to what we're all thinking: that they CAN'T explain it or go live because there's a lot of shady stuff going on in the background. What is left for us to think, when none of then have the guts to come and speak to a documentary about the issues? They're of course not obliged, but so far, they don't act to make it seem like there's nothing wrong on their side.
  3. You're either very delusional or on Team's Cship paycheck. No one in the world would be half ok with a cship, if they're mental well enough to at least understand what it means.
  4. I literally can't at some of you we KNOW by court docs and dates that Britney is refusing to work, fighting the cship and was held onto that mental health facility against her will, yet some of you will INSIST the #FreeBritney movement doesn't have a point, that everything is ok, that she doesn't go live for this or that...damn would it be so hard?? If she was so willing to do so, if she's so bothered to the point she needs to post about it, why doesn't she go live briefly? Some of you are being really gullible to think she's ok and nothing is wrong...
  5. This was much better than I expected. Even Brian and Perez' interviews were important and pushed into the right direction (Perez still a pig though). @Jordan Miller did a great job smashing all the internet rats always stating he doesn't do enough for #FreeBritney movement, when he possibly coined the term himself and maintains this place despite of being screamed at by Jam Spears himself.
  6. Not to be that person, but I think we can all agree that Britney's happiness will only come when this man is unable to further proceed with his ongoing clownery, in other words, when he's either dead or legally unable to.
  7. What a WEEK to be a Britney Spears stan boys...ngl hadn't logged in here since last year but it was too much, this is HUUUUUGE
  8. BUT SHE IS! No diff between her father caging her and abusing her sons x Sam Lufti and all that trash, except the first is supported by law, and makes her lose much more money. Drugs? Alcohol and (who knows what) before, sedative medication now, which she doesn't need. Pathetic.
  9. It's in court docs that it's a volunteered cship, that she does not have real mental issues...but you guys keep addressing it as if it was the true. And which WORSE place could she be? She's caged and unable to spend her own money; for what we know some of the money could have LITERALLY gone to gay demon exorcism and religious institutions she clearly doesn't approve of. Is this her big victory? Is this what you call being 'safe', and in a better place? Pathetic.
  10. The kind of people that Jordan counts with to keep it all respectful...
  11. Supporting her brand, her father and what her label is doing at this point is purely inhumane. After all evidence and shady facts spilled out during the #FreeBritney era, if you still feel it's ok to go out there and support all of this, you deserve to AT LEAST be severely judged. But then as it has been said, countless threads have stated these FACTS.
  12. Am I the only one who likes it? Swimming in the stars sounds like any generic 2016 discard, Matches sounds fun at least.
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