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So Larry isn't the one running Britney's Twitter and Instagram

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Well, of course it's not Larry, because that's not a manager's job. They have an assistant for those things. There are certain things that are very obviously posted by her, and others that are not. 

Remember after an interview, her assistant or whatever, took a picture of her and some reporter, and Britney asked her to tweet it out. 

Oh, and also, this incident a couple years ago. 

4 hours ago, sutramaya said:

Remember there was one guy accidentally posted a photo of him on Britney's insta account? LOL!


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19 hours ago, Trentals said:

I don’t understand why everyone thinks she lives in some sort of bubble and has no idea about the outside world. It’s pretty clear from 2004-2007 that she was the one updating her own website, so it’s not like she’s computer illiterate. Plus she’s had a smart phone for years. Do y’all think she just never uses the net on it?

Im sure her team have access to her public accounts and I dare say they probably do give her suggestions on different things to post about. Plus I remember ages ago that there was a rumour she had a private personal Twitter and fb. And her kids are at that age where they would be starting to use social media too.

Honestly MySpace was teaching us all coding but we never took it seriously 



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She has a social media manager but that doesn't mean she has no control of her social media accounts. She sends that guy whatever she wants to post. He just gives her suggestions (if it's not good for her image he tells her) and edits some pics if necessary (I'm sure that Britney is the one who asks him to photoshop some pics). He also knows how to keep her page "fresh" by posting throwback pictures and other stuff related to her career. He is in touch with Britney's marketing team to post about Britney's 54th fantasy launch and stuff like that. Britney has control of her social media but also has someone who helps her with it like any other celebrity, business and so on


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