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So Larry isn't the one running Britney's Twitter and Instagram

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Do you think Larry would google pictures of corn and minions memes? I don't think so :cuteneylaugh:

I think she obviously uses her own social media, at least her instagram account. Her team has access to them, of course, and they use them for promo purposes, but to deny the fact that Britney is the one behind her personal posts is a bit of a reach at this point.

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43 minutes ago, joanhs said:

No one does their own social media 100%.. Everybody has a little proffesionel help from an assistent, or a real company that are experts in social media.

Smarter/healthy/wealthy people are delegating responsibilities cuz it's good for business.

Roseanne did not do it and... :ehidk:

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What can you even see on that picture ?
Anyway, of course Larry doesn't run any of Britney's account, that's not his job. She has a social media team for that. 
And also, do you really think she would bother to send picture to someone and tell her "post that, and that and that" while she's in vacation or whatever, and random pictures of flowers etc.. ? Promotional posts are by her social team but everything personal is obviously posted by her.

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8 hours ago, ColdAsFire89 said:

She probably didn´t post her own things from 2008-2013/14 - after that it´s obvious it´s her posting these things..


Yeah in her early Twitter days I remember tweets written by her were signed '-Brit' and the rest were written by her management.

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6 hours ago, chizwhiz said:

They advertised for someone to be her social media person in 2008/9? There is absolutely someone who does it for her.

Every celebrity has a social media assistant. They handle to promotion and advertising and stuff like that. Britney posts personal photos on her own.

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