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(POLL): Predict the future - How successful will B10 be?


Predict the future - How successful will B10 be?  

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It’s hard to predict, but I don't see why the next album would be more successful than Glory. It's her second-highest critically acclaimed work ever, and yet her and her team's lack of promotional effort resulted in few people even knowing the album existed. We have little reason to believe her team will suddenly start promoting in a completely different manner, so I'm not expecting a better commercial result. 

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16 minutes ago, Brad Adamson said:

It will be less successful than Glory and that trend will probably continue for the rest of her career. 


But I don’t really care if the music is good. There’s no point getting butt hurt about something beyond our control



Though at this point, I don't even care about quality anymore, but quantity. We already got quality with Glory, and nothing happened. I'm here for an album with 20 so-so songs, 5 lame videoclips and some live performances, even if it peaks at #36 or something. It's been just SO dry these past years, I need new visuals, even if they're just lyric videos, but I need something new to entertain my eyes.

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I'm not voting on the poll because for me it depends on 2 things

1. if the material is really good

2. if they time the release right. Release 1st single just before the tour, debut 2-3 new songs on the  tour, release new album RIGHT AFTER the tour Sep/Oct at the very latest

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