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Justice for "Now that I found you."


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This thread will flop, but idc... SO i Happened to listen to britney jean, havent listen to that album since about 3 years ago.  Even though it was her weakest album. There is still gems i love.

Alien,PASSANGER (wish she would re record it)

Dont cry, hold on tite,  and brightest morning star. 

Now that i found you is just so special. I love the clearness and charm to her voice in it. Especially the low parts. Love when she says "till found you" in a lower voice.   

The girl needs to sing live more for once.  She has such a unique voice.  :tiffanycries:

Yall may bash me, but the lyrics are beauitful 

On repeat:bop:

She needs to do more ballads, hope yall agree


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only if it was on this vibe:




that unnecessary banjo kills a masterpiece  :kyliecry:


and I can relate on lyrics such as :


"On a shameless night
In a nameless place
I thought that love was a hopeless case til I found you, til I found you
Lived a wasteful life in a hateful city
The world's no love just pain and pity til I found you, til I found you" 

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Many songs repeat the same verse. Even some huge hits like We Found Love, Summer, and so on. I think Brit had never done it before so it was weird for her standards.

I remember when Larry uploaded NTIFY and It Should Be Easy to her VEVO and we all started fighting about which should be the next single. Jordan was pushing for NTIFY because he was in love with some guy named Ryan Adames back then (remember) and Exhale was like a war between ISBE and NTIFY fans. And in the end we got no single. Maybe if we had pushed a little bit more one of them could have been a moderate hit.

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I love Now That I Found You.... I would have loved for this to have a video.  In my mind it would have been her riding in a car on a dusty road and she winds up at Burning Man.  Dancing with the campers and finally ending dancing in the crowd at night with a light show and DJ spinning the song.  Her just beeing free and having a good time. 

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