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  1. She was very clearly drugged beyond lucid ness for that era
  2. It’s one of her most iconic albums for the GP, but I do agree I don’t listen to it as much. But that era was great tbh.
  3. I think britney will be the big figure of our time, especially after all this. Like the Marilyn, Michael, Elvis. We will always look back at her. She’s like the big icon on the 20th century
  4. Criminal, gimme more, breath on my onyx, chaotic, womanizer sauna, i mean she is naked in womanizer, her photo shoots in 2003. Her ig posts aren’t anything new…?
  5. I kinda get why it might not be one of her favs I mean I never go back to it. But I think it also may just disrupt the flow of a show perhaps so unless they find the right mix it’s a hard song to include unless it’s the opener.
  6. Tbh I really think she should’ve rereleased in the zone and did a video for breath on me and added the songs and had my prerogative as a single. I love that GH album but I would’ve rathered breath on me had its moment and the in the zone era been extended. the 10th anniversary singles collection made more sense and the box set is awesome but once again I would’ve been fine w rereleasing circus since the tour was still happening w 3 as the new track and maybe releasing unusual you. I don’t care for the remix albums at all
  7. Ma’me all those toys look used and out of shape she could’ve at least bought new toys to put on her story
  8. I think britney is shaping up to be the most important musician of all time if we’re being honest. This is like….nuts honestly
  9. I just can’t believe the picture they chose for the cover AND single cover when they had allllll these to chose from. The blackout cover is a little unflattering compared to the rest of we’re being honest.
  10. I need to know their thoughts process for choosing the album covers cause they chose the worst of the bunch for blackout, femme, britney and baby (although iconic now)
  11. It’ll probably be like 04-06, she does business deals like perfumes, clothing lines and magazine spreads here and there to keep a flow of income but I don’t see her touring until she’s content with her family with sam
  12. Idk why ppL are complaining about reusing props? Like why not? They stilL work?
  13. Honestly it was the norm it was what we were used to so u didn’t think about it. Britney was britney. I know during in the zone I was still a kid and kinda missed the warm big sister energy she had in her 1st 3 eras but idk I was still obsessed w the album and era. It’s one of those things where u don’t know what u have til it’s gone. I don’t think I realized she was different til I saw her Bambi performance and realized she really wasn’t going to deliver her old dancing ever again. And I loveeee the circus era, 1st concert I went to, but it was the 1st era where u didn’t even know if she knew the album tracks existed, and on tour u kinda felt she was vacant. She was great, but distant from the fans? Like she was there, but it was all business and not the usual warmth u feel from her if that makes sense
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