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  1. U guys took Glenn for granted he was such a good makeup artist and britney was truly beautiful in 2015, honestly moreso than 2009,10,11,12 and 2017. She looked amazing in 2016 but in 2015 I preferred her lip structure absolutely no shade Edit: she’s always beautiful but the point is glen did superb makeup
  2. I’m not trying to sound mean Lynn has nice skin It’s wild that she has the most iconic pop star daughter and still does pyramid schemes Edit: saw the eye cream part. Idk they aren’t selling it well in this and Jamie Lynn is being kinda impatient lol
  3. If she did like a mini ff tour of til the world ends but executed the choreo better than she did on tour, the best parts of the hiam choreo and ended w fun I wanna go dancing with a nice outfit and better energy than billboard it would’ve been good tbh. example: hold it against me goes like chorus, 1st dance break and last dance break (cut out chair, and one of the choruses) til the world ends shortened to the dance break where she uses her legs and went into the bridge and it ends on that (the bridge had good choreo) then cut to fun I wanna go choreo
  4. Honestly the one album I’m surprised wasn’t nominated was oops. She was at the time more considered by the Grammys. She was the biggest star. It was on of the biggest eras that year and best selling female album. She was still serving vocals at the time. It was critically acclaimed. She meant a lot to the music industry during that time, so what gives. I’d say a nomination for oops would’ve been comparable to how Dua ari and Billie get nominated in that category these days. the other albums I get it, they weren’t necessarily highlights of the yr they were released for the industry overall, aside from toxic and her stardom.
  5. Well she literally said in an interview in 2000 she can’t relate to oops but it’s a fun song to dance to
  6. Was also watching an interview in 2000 where they asked if she relates to oops and she said no cause she’s shy but it’s fun to dance to
  7. Honestly I don’t think any of her music besides everytime piece of me and someday are ever tied to her actual life. To britney I’m assuming they’re all just songs
  8. I was obsessed with this as a kid just wish her hair was a lil longer and her bangs weren’t always in her face, as a kid I kinda hated britney w bangs. I can appreciate it now tho. Also wish the audio wasn’t a disaster
  9. Post circus era it is deffff the yellow tik tok crop top and shorts look! Others include School girl Red catsuit vma 01 stewartsss nude toxic denim dress Pink wig ringleader I think those are the most recognizable
  10. Piece of me has made me wonder if britney would still be able to manage a stage like circus and dream within a dream where it’s very complex and lots of underground stuff
  11. I don’t really know why on the circus tour britney didn’t seize the moment from not walking around and finally having a dance break to not go harder than she did. And this is someone who’s fav tour is circus. I mean this is nice but it could’ve been more complex
  12. What’s annoying is she danced and delivered the choreo sooooo well for the promo performances but it was overshadowed by how bad the bfb and hiam performances were, and by how medicated her face looked. Honestly if she was styled like she was for the fft dvd and had that face and just did ttwe I feel like the early ff era would’ve been praised a lot more. And If we took off that mtv documentary lol
  13. a part of me thinks she was into it just very very drugged up. I think about 2011 vmas, summer 2011-fall 2011 interviews and them showing her the stage where it felt like old britney. Not only that all her interviews in 98 and 99 were like that too she seemed uninterested in the interview lol
  14. Can someone explain the wanting Britney’s hair to breath situation like I don’t get the extensions part and if britney wanted that layered bad look where there’s obviously 2 lengths of hair or if her hair stylist advised it lol
  15. Being a britney stan from late 04-late 2007 was weird cause everyone hated her and she wasn’t doing much career wise so it felt like her as a pop star was long gone and she was the general public’s tabloid bimbo. It felt better when gimme more came out cause at least she was always on the radio with a great song
  16. Honestly I’m not Kevin so I can’t say but I will say it’s strange that once britney breaks up w a guy it’s dunzo. She doesn’t do the whole let’s try it again or reconnect. When they break up it’s over lol. Whichhh i find odd with Kevin cause they shared kids together so youde think if there’s a genuine love they wouldn’t be able to resist trying to give it another go. I mean I’m sure he thought she was hot cause she was seen as the it girl trendsetter and what it meant to be pretty in 2004, I’m just not sure if it was love.
  17. I think this is the most interested the gp has been in her since 2008 tbh. Unless the music is bad I can see her next album and tour slay. I’d be curious to see what the music is like too cause I’m not sure rca cares as much as jive did back then for the quality of the music since bj happened
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