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  1. Yeah, both MYX and UK Scream & Shout cases are real, but unofficial, so all in all it's still fanmade/unofficial.
  2. On the interview, the writer talks about it and debunks the promo CD. It was fanmade all along. Also, not sure if the MYX version is the same one we got in LQ, since the audio mix with the extra ad lib was also fanmade. So probably the MYX version, which was also unofficial, was different and some fan tried to recreate it with the fanmade extended audio. So, all in all, the CD was a huge fan creation. @aspireone @Roxxy @MSTAR @Lonely2001
  3. Straight from the OG source of the first leak, here's a remastered rip from Britney at Wango Tango (1999). This new version has been enhanced into HD 1080P with better audio and no tags in the middle. Thank you so much to MattFerro for the file #BritneyOnline12
  4. You're welcome! We are still missing Ne-Yo's demo for Save Me From Myself which was also for Blackout.
  5. This is so cute, thank you so much! We really wish we could do more, so we will keep on working! Also, I don't know if this is the place, but a bunch of writer's demos have leaked/resurfaced since Take the Bait on Dbree. Blackout Night Life (Lil Eddie) Afterglow (Lisa Greene) Good Girl Gone Bad (Ne-Yo) Question Existing (Ne-Yo) Circus Painted Windows (Kalenna) Shake My (Kalenna) Femme Fatale Shake Your Body Down (Makeba Rid****)
  6. Thank you so much for answering! Deleting Lips from my section and moving Diary Of... to Original Doll, since that's the only track from Michelle that was actually done after In the Zone. I get why you haven't added Etta and Elle. I think Elle will have an interview with the Original Doll podcast soon, so maybe she will talk about that. She recently told me she actually got replies from Britney's team, but, yeah, only to tell her the demo was rejected. Maybe it was confusing at that time, but recently Myah has only stated Feet on the Ground as the only submitted track. She already debunked Candy from Strangers, Plastic and Insane + Confirmed Masquerade (Femme Fatale), Lover Boy, Siren for Britney Jean and Black Widow for Femme Fatale. Probably Insane is the same case as No Way/Quicksand. Understand the Hate You and Pop the Balloons scenario, but the source of both is the same one that leaked Heart in my Pocket aka Pretty Girls, so it's probably legit.
  7. You're wlecome! You're welcome! Yes, the lyrics were posted on her official website out of mistake, along with Abroad. Both tracks were considered as bonus for Circus, that's why. That one is fake, the arrangement is totally different.
  8. Finally found your thread @PlayboyMommy I have some stuff to add or ask, so maybe we could help each other. Finally added the Shawn Desman and Scorpio clip to my demos section ,so thank you so much for that! It's a Secret: Are we sure this was for Circus? Even though this was sent to Jordan during the Circus era, it could very well be a reject from Blackout, it shares the same sound... I could be wrong though. No Way: When I posted this song, James from The Original Doll Podcast confirmed me that this was done during the sessions that Gaga did with Fernando Garibay, but only Quicksand was sent out to Britney while No Way wasn't affiliated to it nor pitched to her. Diary of…: This one got me shocked! Did Michelle Bell said that this was for Blackout? I really thought they did it during the same sessions as the other ITZ demos. Armageddon: Frankie Storm already debunked this demo, said it wasn't for Britney on The Original Doll Podcast. Rules of Attraction: James from The Original Doll Podcast confirmed me that this was done for another project, not for Britney. I'll Remember You: Galantis debunked this one on Twitter when the You video was posted on YouTube. Peek-a-Boo: This was debunked. The song was exclusively produced for SM Entertainment, meaning that only an SM artist could have gotten it. Secret (Shh): This wasn't given to her, Karen wanted Britney for it, but Charli got it first. Pop The Ballloons was offered to her though. I would add Etta Bond's Royalty to the Circus list. Etta Bond confirmed it to the channel britneyadmiring from YouTube through Instagram's DMs. Why are Hate You (Charli XCX) and Lips (Rowe) from Britney Jean not listed? Insane: I’ve consulted with Myah through Instagram and she said Insane was not pitched to Britney. https://ibb.co/598Wnbv
  9. Yes! You're welcome! Hopefully it surfaces Thank YOU! Thank you for your support!
  10. Because most of the fans have wanted to hear the arrangement of this song for years. Hopefully Britney's version surfaces at one point.
  11. Here's Britney Spears writer's demo for the Circus unreleased track "Take the Bait", with vocals by Candice Nelson. Celebrate with us Britney-Online.net's 12th anniversary through all of July #BritneyOnline12
  12. If we had it, you guys could bet we would be putting it out there right now.
  13. We streamed the writer's demo of that song yesterday, along with some demo versions that are coming tonight... You guys need to be alert of our Instagram lives to celebrate our 12th anniversary with us! #BritneyOnline12 https://www.instagram.com/britneyonline/
  14. There's a lot of stock/tv material fromEurope we haven't seen yet. This is so cool, T4P!
  15. Britney Online starts their 12th anniversary celebration with 2 different rough demos for the track "Just Luv Me" With different vocal takes and arrangements, both demos showcase Britney's unedited vocals in their pure form #BritneyOnline12
  16. The video is not fanmade. Yes, it was Britney's idea/concept and the production behind the show created this concept video to sell it to Britney's team. Of course, Britney's team declined and wasn't shot. After lots of mixing and matching, the concept for the final Sweet Dreams backdrop came to light.
  17. This! She didn’t get to record it because of them rejecting it, so this was only a concept video. It was leaked years ago, then deleted, but the source brought it back now that everything’s happening. Glad there’s a new thread, tried to bump an old one and it got lost.
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