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  1. Idk why y’all think “Live version” means make the vocals humorously off key. Even when Britney has had a bad vocal performance, her pitch was never the issue
  2. The guy I always post about that made remixes a few years ago made this tik tok earlier
  3. I don’t know enough about California to know why that’s funny lol east coaster here
  4. SonenCLAR how do y’all F-U-C-K up people’s names so much in here LOL
  5. Please… all the abuse Britney has gotten for the past 13 years from her own fkn fans… Octavia’s comment (which she has already apologized for) was nothing in comparison.
  6. Imagine doing ANYTHING as Britney Spears… every post she’s ever made is flooded with negativity. Including from “fans” since 2008 everything she’s done has been scrutinized even in these forums lol
  7. Omg not Y’all saying “sHe LoOkS sO DiFfErEnT nOw…” like she’s not A.) older and B.) blatantly using a filter
  8. At this age I believe they can do what they want. So if they haven’t been able to see her that means they were being kept away
  9. I predict this thread will be closed (it should be anyway lol)
  10. For me it didn’t it played from the very beginning that’s the only reason I commented haha oh well
  11. We did press the play button and the we played a 41 minute video. That’s why we started asking which song lol so you’d provide a time stamp
  12. There’s an old move from the 90s where the opening intro scene as the credits roll shows a completely naked baby being tossed up in the air multiple times in slow motion. At one point you do see his parts lol and that was also not ****ographic in nature. He’s got no case. And he admits that he’s just salty that the band didn’t give him any attention or clout
  13. Three reasons. 1.) britNEY 2.) her injury 3.) the now “iconic” knee tap choreography i wouldn’t use it tho lol it seems disrespectful and irresponsible
  14. @Intheblue where were you between 2008 and 2019 (basically til the present time) when she was blamed for EVERYTHING? how she looked, how she dressed, how she performed on Circus and Femme Fatale Tours, awkward moments in interviews, how she interacted on X Factor, how she looked old and “needed a chemical peel” or “eyelift” or how disrespectful she was to fans for awkward meet n greet moments… “if you’re uncomfortable then dont do them” “if she’s has socially anxiety that bad, she should retire…” I could go on. I’ve lurked since before circus era.
  15. You’re arguing semantics… when we say real in this context, it means natural. Not as in the opposite of fake. Like when people put on a voice for performance/ a character or do impressions, those are real voices too. But they are not the performers regular natural vocal placements.
  16. Ok lol I understand now. I was worried you thought Courtney was in Garbage hahaha
  17. Curious. What does Courtney Love have to do with this post lol
  18. Some of my albums will have alternates because you can never only choose just one! BOMT The Beat Goes On OOPS Don’t Go Knockin’ on My Door BRITNEY Lonely What It’s Like to Be Me (choreo!) ITZ Shadow I Got That Boom Boom (choreo!) BLACKOUT Get Naked Freakshow CIRCUS Kill the Lights (Piece of Me 2.0) Out From Under FEMME FATALE Inside Out (by demand lol) Big Fat Bass (visuals would be amazing) BRITNEY JEAN Hold On Tight It Should Be Easy (again visuals!) GLORY Better / Liar OR Visual Album. Every Song lol I chose Boom Boom for In the Zone because the choreography would be dope in a video. I know some people will not like that I put the will.i.am collabs on there but I am a Will & Black Eyed Peas fan. Like him or not, the song would chart, be a hit just from their names, and the videos would be LIT!!
  19. Not even close that was Paige and she would’ve sounded ok if she didn’t let emotions get to her
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