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Anybody dancing till their body aches tonight?

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Guest Diamond Horse

We should totally do it on BJ's anniversary :Lshark:

or on HybridFan's birthday :tiffcackle:

Just now, BoyToySoldier said:

Not with that **** song :queenriri:

it had some potential I think but it is totally ruined

besides my body starts to actually ache when I listen to this song and the lines "you make my body ache"

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Of all the BJ tracks, you choose this??? I mean, even calling it "Ear Ache" gives it way too much credit.

You had: HOT, WB, DC, TIG and you choose this? Lol wtf, and honestly none of us wanna be reminded of BJ every single day. Arrêtez, s'il te plaît.

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Guest Diamond Horse
1 hour ago, PokemonSpears said:

I did dance till my body literally aches :Lshark::hipney::carpoolney:, but because I went to a concert and it was almost 3 hrs long, plus 2 hrs of delay and 1 hr in line, so I feel my feet are about to explode lol

lol I remember that time when I was hours dancing to a gig and had terrible shoes

which artist were you seeing btw?

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