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So.. Let's Talk About The Princess and The Queen of Pop (according to Google)

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I'm practically boring at work rn so I google "Princess of Pop" and they suggested me Madonna, Taylor Swift and Britney :snapney:

And when I google about the new queen of pop, they suggested me Lady Caca :ponderney:

My question is, why does Flopgle suggested the wrong celeb as the new queen of pop? And since when Taylor got the Princess of Pop title? :ponderney:

Why can't the princess of pop title is just Britney like Justin is the only prince of pop? And when will Britney seize the Queen's throne? :ponderney:

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18 minutes ago, "I love rice"-ney said:

weren't you listening to the guy in "Kill the Lights"?:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we interrupt our program of Dance Music,
To bring you a special bulletin from the intercontinental radio news.
Our very own pop princess, now Queen of Pop,
Has a special announcement she will like to make"

It's Britney *****! :awyeah:

There you go, Google :queenflopga::snapney:

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Britney is the Princess of Pop but she's also a Pop Queen as well tbh. 

She is the Queen of the millennium and of her generation. 

If anyone is the new Queen of Pop or the Queen of the 21st century, its Britney *****.

Taylor and the rest of those girls will never be pop royalty though. Sorry.

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