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  1. apparently he cheated with Madison from southern charm
  2. I agree and I know that’s why I want to quit but it’s easier said than done
  3. I smoke both and I want to at least cut back and eventually stop any tips or anything would be appreciated
  4. Personally I find the N word, the F word, or any other slur to be words that should never be used by anyone. However, if someone of that background chooses to do so I think that’s there choice. Again, I don’t believe in it and I don’t think anyone should use it because I feel like the more it is used the more power it gets versus if everyone stopped saying nasty slurs maybe we wouldn’t have a country that is still plagued with problems involving race, ***uality, gender, etc.
  5. U know damn well she asked her publicist who he is before she did this
  6. I have such conflicted feelings about lockdowns. I work in the service industry and the shutdown literally made me the brokest I’ve been since I was 18. But I also want to remain safe and get this thing under control. It would help if our government in the US could give people affected by the pandemic economically more than 600 dollars. But if that’s the best they can do I want us to stay open and find other ways to tackle getting rid of this virus.
  7. The sad thing is Tom cruise will probably still film his movie while being deemed “essential” while so many others are going to be out of work
  8. I can’t wait to take this vaccine I feel like it is the first step towards normalcy. I’m not worried about it because I trust the scientists and doctors who know what they’re doing
  9. Periodt! I love this we’re all Americans and unity and less division and hate is the way forward
  10. Why is she facing backlash the whole purpose of the get out and vote movement is to encourage people to do their research come up with their own opinions and voice them by voting. I didn’t vote until I was 25 it’s not that uncommon it wasn’t as widely preached to young people years ago as it is now. Social media ads have had a huge influence to get young people out to vote
  11. Wine is my favorite forever red, white, you name it. I also love margaritas, martinis, and a couple tap beers
  12. I have mixed feelings on all of it honestly. I support the message of the movement at the core and support the right to protest. Being half black I had the talk growing up about the way I had to act if ever in a situation with police, and I’m sure I will do the same with my kids one day. But at the same time, I feel as if the looting and violence in these cities is doing nothing to help, if anything it just destroys our cities, economies, businesses, and discredits the importance of the movement.
  13. I’ve hung out in small groups mainly making drinks and hanging out outside or going to get lunch, or watching real housewives with 2 or 3 friends but other than that I’ve mainly stayed home and gone to work. (Btw the friends I hang out with are my coworkers so I’m being exposed to them anyways).
  14. Because she’s dressed in old Hollywood glamour style and the word woman is in the song. She’s a transphobic Karen?
  15. I 100% agree with the OP it honestly turns me off from a celebrity. I undestand using the platform to stand up for issues like pride, BLM, dreamers, etc. But endorsing politicians just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m not going out to vote because Billie Eilish or Miley Cyrus tells me who they’re voting for.
  16. I loved the points about milenial conservatives because where I live I would say the majority of young people are republicans and they still support a lot of the liberal social issues. But want things like lower taxes and less government involvement.
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