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  1. U bitches in this mothertrucker. I need some advice. I lived for 10 months in Paris last year, cuz I did an internship there. I had a great time there.

    In a few weeks I will be done with my study...and I started to send out applications to companies in Germany, London and Australia. 

    Dear exhalers, maybe u live in these countries or u visited them in the past..? Can u recommend me one of these countries. 

    In June I will be in canada, for a couple of weeks, cuz I have to represent my brother in his stores, cuz he will be in Japan business wise.

    Until now I have 3 options for Germany and I need to make a decision within the next 2 weeks.

    so u british, australian and german bitches..?


    Or should I just stay in Cali. Lol :idkney:

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    2. falka

      @sue the expectional earner it could be scary in many places.

      I don't know what to think about whole mess, hope that no one gets hurt.

      Some people are too careless I think.

    3. sue the expectional earner

      @falka agree, i'm wondering what he is doing now, maybe new forum with new fake account :omg:

  2. Akh delam akh delam hawatoo karde nazaninam 23t1n2c.gifNemikham bi too donyaro bebinam 23t1n2c.gifDelam hawatoo karde nazaninam 23t1n2c.gifNemikham bi too donyaroo bebinam23t1n2c.gif


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    2. Britneybbhmm

      @Electro World :mcry:

      - Akh delam, akh delam havato karde nazaninam / Oh my heart, oh my heart craves you my sweetheart
      - Nemikham bi to donyaro bebinam/ I don't want to face the world without you
      - Delam havato karde nazaninam / My heart craves you my sweetheart
      - Nemikham bi to donyaro bebinam/ I don't want to face the world without you


    3. CristMont


      I do not understand but...

    4. Britneybbhmm

      @CristMont u r friggin' hilarious :shadelaugh:

  3. Deep in a perfect moment
    All at once it feels so right
    But when I wake I see reality turn back and bite


    Ah, hah-ah hah-ah
    Ah, hah-ah hah-ah

  4. Everytime I think of you
    I'm blown out of my mind, yeah


    You give me instant dejavu


  5. It's Britneybbhmm


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    2. celebration2009

      How ironic...

    3. falka

      @hushpuppies :frenchy: hun , U need read sth,:paper:

    4. hushpuppies




      Oops :moorangu:

  6. I agree with this! But I still don't want her to talk about a shitty film, Lifetime wished Britney would talk about this, cuz of getting more ratings and more attention, but Brinny be like and that's what I love about ha!!!
  7. If the biopic mess affected u that much, then that's ur problem! Exactly who cares...
  8. Britney had nothing to do with the biopic mess! Life is too short to respond to bullshit. Ignorance is the best way to go! Sorry not sorry!
  9. the difference between madge and brit is that brit doesn't give a flying ****.Madonna paid attention to trash while Britney remains unbothered. Kweeeeeen of no ***** to give!
  10. Amnesia <3 I saw him standin' there in the parkin' lot He asked if I "****" here a lot...
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