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  1. The number one song right now on itunes has sold 5639 sales. We only need those sales to get number one 5,639 x 1.29 thats 7,661.39 without taking itunes,producers, writers and darkchild share out https://www.digitalsalesdata.com/diydsd.php?Region=143441
  2. But we also bring awarness to the issue in other platforms but twitter. And thats the thing. We can simply get it to #200 to bring awareness to it. Spam tweets and then just buy the song once ps. I guess you all are going to ignore the money you have to glory and mood ring 🙄🥴but I dont think you all are ready for it
  3. Funny how you all supported justiceforglory and moodring. Those who want to do it can. Also keep it mind its a $1.69 song which they will share the sale with the record label, writers,producers and darkchild. So its literal pennies. “I'll tell them what I like, what I want, what I don't But every time I do I stand corrected”
  4. We buying overprotected on her court day. It makes sense since it talks about her being overprotected even before the conservatorship. Its only one song which shouldnt give much money to her conservatorship. Plus we will buy the remix so they will have to share the sale with darkchild. hope we can count on you all
  5. We doing overprotected dark child remix on July 22,2020 . Its not mandatory obviously. However, if you supported the pointless campaigns for Glory and Mood Ring I don’t see why this this should be any different. We are just basically trying to spread the most awareness this month and add pressure. The white house petition is still being promoted fyi
  6. Funny how jordan wont tweet about this or support it but he was on justiceforglory and moodring 🙄💀
  7. Im a flop and it is released. Didnt notice always listen to it just on itunes. Already started promoting overprotected sorryyyy
  8. Mona lisa isnt released lol Overprotected discusses her feelings and her over protection
  9. Her team dont get all the money from the song . The song is $1.29. They only receive 60-70 cents. That is not much. HOWEVER this is about the meaning and significance of “Overprotected”. Because it adds media attention. They will wonder why its trending and look at the song. Additionally, it can add more pressure to the court and its employees of they see the song trending due to the subject.
  10. On @britneyspears next court day (JULY 22,2020) the Brit Army will be purchasing Overprotected to make it number one and bring awarness to her situation. SPREAD THE WORD ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ #FreeBritney #Buyoverprotectedonitunes
  11. 1.Do you think people discredit your drag because they view you as a Britney impersonator? If so , how do you think you will overcome this? ps. You deserved better this season of rpdr
  12. I think if she was just start forward and set a estimate of when its coming , people would stop asking.
  13. I just want new music at this point
  14. I like it. Sounds very fun and summer. Also like a radio friendly and commercial song. not surprised this fanbase hate it cause yall hate it the moment it was abnouced
  15. Tbh probably next year 2020. It been 2016 since she release music and by then three years since she performed. Plus there been reports she signed a new residency with cesars which she had already signed with before but had domination cancelled. but we never know with her and her team. All I know is I miss her
  16. https://twitter.com/UrbanOutfitters/status/1182651107270709248?s=20
  17. Sounds great but then I remember all the awful rehearsal videos where it showed the laughable choreography
  18. I always said that I dont like him. The fact that he is young, fame hungry, mostly unsuccessful and nobody before britney brothers me. However, im just saying this as a outsider. at the end of the day he pass her dad approval and if britney liked him thats all that matters
  19. I rather her continue painting naked while listening to Mariah Carey, sorry
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