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Found 10 results

  1. [PARIS, France] Yesterday, Saturday June 26th, thousands during a recent LGBTQ2+ Pride March sang “Oops… I did it Again” in light of the #FreeBritney movement. It’s amazing Britney’s reach and how many people globally care about her. ❤️❤️❤️ https://twitter.com/britneyvibess/status/1409181385034809346?s=20 Related:
  2. Not sure if someone has posted this yet, there’s so many new topics, posts and coverage it’s hard to keep up. But I recently started to see this making the rounds: It is apparently from this past weekend at NYC Pride, USA. It’s the first time I saw it. I don’t know how to properly embed Twitter posts/videos in a post so @Slayer or someone who wants to post about it properly… lol. See link below! https://twitter.com/itsbritneyspain/status/1409628002359549954?s=20 https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdaRAoh4/
  3. Tatiana, a Mexican singer and actress who since the 90's decided to leave her pop career behind and become "La Reina de los Niños" singing children's songs, has made a collaboration with Miss Velvetine to release a medley of covers titled Be Proud. It includes the songs Strong Enough, Babylon and Vogue. This is kind of a big deal because typically in Mexico we haven't seen this kind of openness until very recently, and especially not from artists that are dedicated to the children. In fact, she got a lot of hate comments from her followers, "concerned parents" and religion fanatics that were upset about her "succumbing to the entertainment industry" and betraying her essence. She exposed some of these comments in a following post, and didn't hesitate to remind people why there's still need to raise awareness and keep educating the new generations. Besides dedicating most of her career to the kids, she's also been an advocate against the violence against women, since she herself experience the abuse in the hands of her ex-husband, who had her captive in her own house until she literally escaped by jumping the wall. When she first revealed her story, people didn't believe her and mocked her, and it wasn't until years later that her remarks started to be taken seriously. She's considered the pioneer in Mexico in the genre dedicated to children's songs that are produced with the same quality of pop artists. With her multiple tv shows and albums she released through the years, she became the staple of every kid's party or kindergarten recitals.
  4. View Advert Lady Gaga Chromatica RSD21 Yellow Vinyl Hello everyone! Today, I’m going to be selling an extra copy of the Lady Gaga Chromatica Record Store Day Exclusive yellow vinyl. Unopened and in perfect condition with all stickers attached. The vinyl will be promptly dispatched via USPS in a sturdy vinyl box. I’m actually selling this on behalf of my husband, so please take a look and enjoy! Thanks and please DM for any extra details or photos! Advertiser MissSpearsSaysSo Date 06/19/2021 Price $100.00 Category Vinyls
  5. Flesh Tone, the fifth studio album by American singer Kelis, was released 11 years ago in the spring of 2010 by Interscope Records. A distinct departure from the R&B/Hip-Hop sound of her previous albums, the mastering on this project features heavy hitters like David Guetta, Boys Noize, Burns, will.i.am, and Benny Benassi. The album is VERY 2010, but in some ways ahead of its time (seriously!). With EDM dominating the airwaves back then, it's amazing how many people slept on this record! I loved playing Flesh Tone during my summer 2010 outings. I wasn't out yet, but the album found me before I left for college (and started... you know... experimenting ). While the album is "an ode to motherhood", re-listening to this album during Pride Month 2021 has made me realize how many songs are dedicated to embracing your identity and "emancipating" yourself -- a message I was struggling with, if not suppressing. Clocking under just 40 minutes with nine tracks (plus stellar interludes), I submit Flesh Tone is a lost gem of the 2010s. Competing for the same radio play as Ke$Ha, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and hell, even Justin Bieber, I feel as though Kelis got lost in the mix. This is quite unfortunate considering at how fun this record is and how great Kelis is at flawlessly hopping from the slinky production of Pharrell Williams to the booming bass of the Benassi Bros. Not many artists can genre hop like that. Disappointed with Flesh Tone's performance, she left Interscope and joined a British independent label, Ninja Tune, for the release of Food, a soul album with a diverse musical style incorporating funk and Afrobeat. It was very much a passion project, embracing her roots and saying farewell to mainstream dance pop. But I don't think Flesh Tone is bad or even dated. In fact, I like it more than I did 11 years ago. What do you think of Flesh Tone? Is it a good record? Does it stand the test of time? Or is it a ? ***In May 2021, Kelis announced that she was likely to title her upcoming seventh studio album, Sound Mind, and I'm here for it. Midnight Snacks, is thought to be the lead single. Sounds like old Tasty Kelis to me.***
  6. Happy pride month to all my brothers and sisters, I am so happy to be a part of our amazing community. I wake up every single morning thankful to be who I am. I love being gay! I hope in my next life times I am gay again and again and forever. Share with me a good bop to celebrate this amazing time for us.
  7. It’s obvious that Katy Perry and the Gays™ don’t have the strongest relationship but that doesn’t change the fact Katy is an ally She teased the “I Kissed A Girl” part of a greatest hits remix of “Daisies” on her IG. UPDATE: She released it with a music video on YouTube Edit: Apparently there’s no lyrics change and I’ll consider seeing an ear doctor after all this Corona mess
  8. I guess it’s proof she’s not locked away for anyone who seriously believed a repost of an old yahoo article.... also I love how she insists on using that filter on every single video
  9. Even though Covid-19 postponed or cancelled pride festivals in general, we can still celebrate our month.. I want the members to make a thread of their favorite pride anthem. Let's spread some positivity.. I chose Spice Up Your Life by the British fav five Spice Girls. Happy Pride month! 30 days of Anthems. Spice up your life By The fab five Spice Girls In what is considered the girls second signature song after Wannabe. Spice up your life is basically inviting us to a global celebration where all we need is positivity. Even the shout out pre chorus is like a call in arms. Colours of the World. Spice up your life Every boy and every girl Spice up your life People of the world Spice up your life.. The chorus is like a dance as well Slam it to the left. If you're having a good time. Shake it to the right Let me know if you feel fine. Chicas to the front Go round. And after another round of the dance. The girls say yes in three different languages Hi (Japanese) Si (Spanish) Jai (German) Hold tight. Then they talk about celebrating all walks of life in the second verse. From kung fu fighting to dancing queens, to a yellow man in timbuktu, tribal spacemen and all that's in between. And in the third version. They celebrate global celebrations of dance Flamenco, Lambada. To mel B proudly claiming But hip hop is harder. To Victoria paying tribute to Michael Jackson and vaudeville dancing that we can do a moonwalk to the foxtrot.. Then Emma proudly. Then we polka to the salsa. If that wasn't loud. We are advised to shake it shake shake it. And a very hi ya kick with a very exotic. Arriba arriba. Spice up your life is definitely a perfect way to kick off Pride.. It's a celebration of all types of walks of life of the LGBTQ community. We aren't 3 dimensional nor are we the stereotypes the media or the gay media as well portray us. I really would love exhale members to make a post of their favorite LGBT anthem. It will be fun. To see some of your favorite inspirational anthems.
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