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  1. Any advice on how to get a mans? Dating apps just aren't it. I've never dated anyone before. 😳
  2. This is my first post here. I've been following Breathe Heavy for years. I've been a Britney fan forever, especially since Toxic, then solidified with Gimme More. One thing I wasn't always though was an "out" gay man. I was married to a woman (whom I loved at first) for 14 years and am the father of three beautiful children. A little less than a year ago I finally had the courage to admit to the world that I am gay. And though my life got turned upside down and my family structure was forever changed, I have never felt so free and optimistic about my future. So this year Britney and I were both freed and it was amazing
  3. Not sure if there's already a thread about this topic, but it's been on my mind for a long time, because to me it's quite an issue where I live. Of course, every place is different (countries, cities, towns, even neighborhoods), and generalizations are tricky, but my question is... What can you say in general about gay guys in your area? (I'll personally keep lesbians out of this question because I feel like they are a whole new world, and I don't personally know other queer people besides non-binary) In my case, I live in Argentina, and oh my gawd... It's SO difficult to have queer friends. Gay guys are SO B1TCHY around here. Like, it's insane. I'm talking social events or gatherings in general, like birthday parties, a bar, university classes, the gym, whatever. They just won't acknowledge me or anyone around them, except their closest friends. Even if you're right next to them. Bish, for better or for worse, all LGBTQ+ people have gaydars, we know you know I know you know I'm gay, and you too. You're wearing a crop top and a single earring, do we need to say more? We don't have to vibe with everyone, or want to engage with people all the time, but it's gotten to the point where they blatantly ignore everyone around them, yet they are so flamboyant in the way they speak and act, like they are seeking for attention. I don't get it. This even happens to me here on Exhale. Here there are some gay guys from my country and I tried talking to them in threads because it's not common to find true Britney fans (the kind that follows her every move), and they would not reply or just react with a thumbs up or be like "ok" or, even one time, just tell me "I'm busy" when I sent them a short cute DM to say hi! At first I was like "maybe they are not in the mood today?" but then I've been reading comments in different threads in which people discover that users they've been interacting with for months are from their own countries and so they get all excited to the point of almost organizing a freaking meeting the following week! What..... By the way, I'm not Chris Evans but by no means I'm the Grinch, and I smell gorgeous all the time thank you very much.
  4. Sam Smith released their new self empowering single “Love Me More”. The video concept is simple but Sam delivers a great message and vocal What does Exhale think of the song and music video?
  5. RuPaul’s Drag Race first graced televisions in 2009 with its inaugural season, and since then, it’s ballooned into a cultural juggernaut that spans continents. Along with the show’s success has been the emergence of songs both from the show and out of the contestants that have competed on the show. Given this, what are your favorite songs from the show? Or, what’s your favorite song from a contestant? Better yet, do you have a favorite lip sync performance? Here are mine: Current reigning fave: I’m That ***** from Season 12 All Time Favorite: Read U, Wrote U from All Stars 2 Favorite Lipsync: Physical by Trinity K. Bonet and Laganja Estranja (still not over this ) Discuss, huntys.
  6. Thankfully mine does but I know there’s a lot that don’t have the support of their family and it breaks my heart. What is your story if you don’t mind sharing My mom walked me down the aisle and those moments before the doors opened where she would walk me down the aisle to my soon to be husband was so beautiful. I will never forget our little talk. I wished everyone had that same acceptance Just know that if you ever need anyone to talk to I’m here
  7. imagine he is everything you've ever dreamed of; charming, nice, wealthy, ****, great s**, he loves you very much and every minute spent with him is amazing. he's got you feeling like diamonds and then suddenly the truth hits you - but not because he told you but because you found his es***t profile online. would you date this person? what do you think about s** workers? can they have a romantic and truthful relationship regardless of their job? would you be able to trust this person? or would you move on and find someone who's job is not as controversial?
  8. I really love TK and Carlos from 9-1-1: Lone Star I think they are so cute together and both are hot There's a lot of cringy acting when it comes to TV couples but this one isn't bad imo What about your favorite LGBTQ couples?
  9. hillary means obviously ha*ry
  10. so many colors that i might adore open your door i won't remove LOL how it takes meanings in my head..:....,
  11. Just wondering. Is it as early as childhood or can you be a late bloomer in life (20s & 30s) and realize you are not what your assigned gender at birth is. I'm asking males assigned at birth because I can relate obviously. And I'm not saying I want to be trans or anything. Just curious. I love learning new things. Spill the tea.
  12. Ok. I guess I am getting old. So, I have started going back out to bars with my mancake and I have noticed a new trend of young straight girls at gay bars...even the bars that used to be mostly "bear" bars. Has anyone else noticed this? Also, there are always bachelorette parties at some of the bars too. I mean, I know it used to be common to see a few girls but now it's a bigger majority.
  13. This is more so just a venting thread because I woke up to something really disgusting today. So, I get up and hear my stepfather, stepsister and little brother chattering in the room next to mine. I guess my little brother did something that made my stepfather say what he said. Not exactly sure what my brother did, but I'm assuming he reenacted one of the dumb cartoons that he watches, which is something he does all the time. This is what my stepfather said: "Stop, this is where those ****ots come from. My boy is not going to be like that." Just when you think you're becoming more comfortable with the idea of coming out, **** like this happens. The questionable part is that my sister once asked him a hypothetical question, "Are you gonna kick me out of the house if I bring home a girl," and he said that he wouldn't. Go figure... Definitely ruined my day, but I'll get over it because I recognize that it's him that has problems, not me. I mean, I won't hold a grudge, but since I don't know if he'll ever come around, he doesn't deserve my time of day for now. I refuse to go through the insane amount of fear, risk, anxiety and stress that accompanies coming out for some like him. Plus, this isn't the first time. Update: I asked my sister, and it turns out that all my brother did was put on a pink shirt from my sister's closet.
  14. I mean when someone asks me what kind of guy I like (talking about the looks), I cannot answer it. Cuz I do not have one. I can like white, black, latin, asian guys. I can like a fit body with 6 pacs or a dad bod. I can like guys with beard and hairy body or like a guy like tom holland. Sometimes i find tall guys hot sometimes short guys. Sometimes I find guy at my age hot, sometimes i find mature guys hotter. Why is that? Does it mean im too ***** and like every guy i see or is it normal not to have a specific type?
  15. There's this huge debate on what is it like to look queer and a metal fan who happens to be gay. Said it best. This is what happened when we allowed our community to be defined by identity politics and stereotypes to say what is queer and what is not. For lesbians you have to look butch, not feminine cos that's the stereotype lesbian. For gay men you have to look and dress and act feminine and superficial to be believable as gay and that means rocking out to Madonna, who once again due to a VMA Appearance the gay media slapped her as the biggest icon to our community and that's another stereotype, Madonna defines us as a gay community and the ultimate ally. This is something that I think @lustwecantcontrolwould agree with.. The community got defined by identity politics and stereotypes. Even Brandon starka an openly gay Republican said the gay community biggest downfall will be identity politics. N And it's actually revealing ot already is happening.
  16. Yes, I did it! I finally had a smexual entanglement with a man. I know it’s not your business, but after almost two year lockdown I finally said ‘fùck it, I will let the nerdy break me’! I won’t give you details (or pics), but he didn’t let me catch a breath. Anyway, stream La Tortura for smexy entanglements! I’m curious about yo ho’ life, so don’t forget to leave a comment, a subscribe and a share to your poor friends!
  17. Hi exhalers / papis, I usually don't make topics, but this one deserved to be posted. Trisha Paytas released a Spanish version of her single "Freaky" and it's terribly iconic, but not in the ways you'd think. In case you don't know Trisha, she's a famous youtuber who's been memed so many times, including getting her own emojis on Exhale. The music video is an amazing replica of Lindsay Lohan's iconic "Rumors", starting from the looks to the killer choreography. The thing about the song is... the lyrics are way too funny and dirty. She's trying to break into the Latin community market, but her Latin friends must really dislike her 'cause no one warned her about the hate she's getting online. No shade to Selena Gomez 'cause I love her, but this is exactly how she sounds like when she sings in Spanish. MÉTELO TODO! (put it all inside!) DÁMELO DURO! (give it to me hard!) PAPI, MÉTELO ASÍ! (papi, stick it like that!)
  18. Hahaha listen... I'm a gay guy and sometimes I really get tired of seeing straight couples everywhere - TV shows, outside my home, commercials etc. I don't really see good representation of queer people in media, sorry. No shade but when a guy is gay in a TV show most of the time the whole show is all about his ***uality instead of it being just like a side thing like it's normal with straight couples in TV shows. Or he's just a gay bottom friend of a main character It's not like I expect straight people to disappear hahaha no, I know this world is dominated by them but sometimes it gets boring. What do you think?
  19. Serbia is a country in South-Eastern Europe, and although we have an openly lesbian Prime Minister, we still didn't legalize same *** partnerships. Well, this is about to change in 3 months as Serbia has declared it wil llegalize the unions this summer. This law won't have a referendum because according to Serbian constitution, the rights of minorities cannot be decided by a majority (which makes referendum in this case illegal). Let's all join hands and congratulate Serbia for taking a huge step ahead, especially in times when countries such as Hungary and Poland are looking to revert their gay laws Many countries in Europe still don't offer protection to their gay citizens and a civil union is still just a dream, hopefully, super conservative countries surrounding Serbia will now be inclined to do the same. In this part of Europe, only Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro have recognized civil union or gay marriage. Many countries still refuse doing it. Additionally, Serbia is already drafting a low to allow adoption for gay couples which should be legalized in two years max A part of Serbian population is naturally very pissed off because they are homophobic swines, but our Minister of Human and Minorities Rights sent them a wonderful message: "To all those who oppose the law, I can only say -- if you don't like same-*** partnerships, don't live in one," Minister of Human and Minority Rights Gordana Comic, who has championed the law, told AFP. Unbothered queen. Source
  20. For me it's Firebird movie. Such a hot movie that made me sad and hard. Main characters are so hot Chemistry is great I watched it on b4watch for free cause I didn't find anything else not even for money
  21. 🌺🌺🌺🌸🌸✨✨✨dear diary……. Cats out of the bag (literally)!! IM TIRED!!!!!! IM STRESSED!! I WANT TO GET LAID!!!!!!!!✨🌺🌺🤞🌺🌺🌸🌸🌸 IT HAS BEEN SO LONG SINCE IVE HOOKED UP W SOMEONE 🌺🌺🌸🌸✨✨✨ SINCE MARCH 2020 ANYWAY BYE
  22. I want to see your crush from the olympics, since there are a bunch of hot humanbeings mine by now is adam peaty, but i need more candidates
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