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  1. First Dababy, now Academy award winner Matt Damon, is getting cancelled.. During promotion of his latest film "Stillwater", which itself is causing controversy as Amanda Knox has called the film a little too similar of what she went throug. He admitted it was just 6 months ago he stopped using the Anti gay slur, after his daughter told him to stop, well that's not good enough, he's being cancelled after his lame statement saying back in my day and the 19th century it meant something completely different, that didn't help, it made it worse, and this is an actor who has played Gay men in several of his films and of course the first primetime show to have openly gay characters as the main character throughout the series Will & Grace, so knowing he was using that word while doing these roles and an important show that helped up get into mainstream acceptance has been used against him in the cancel process. Nice knowing ya, Matt, you should have kept your mouth shut, cos it's all about the years you've used that word is the problem..not that you stopped using that word..
  2. Ok he has apologized (by a pr most likely), but it's being doubted. #1 he literally lost alot of festival appearances since the rolling loud festivals and sponsorships, so they feel as an attempt to save face and his bag is being stopped, people realize this has to be his publicist trying, to save him from anymore damage. #2 Everybody said if this is Dababy, where are his F Bombs and N words, so the authenticity is being seen as Damage control, given his video to his latest single, also touches down on the rolling loud controversy. Bottom line, nobody is buying this! It's too little, too late!! @Jordan Miller @Slayer @I Always Sing Live
  3. Any advice on how to get a mans? Dating apps just aren't it. I've never dated anyone before. 😳
  4. https://www.facebook.com/122805687735321/posts/4824310480918128/ Despite the obvious click bait, of the title using homophobic rant, despite being bad, bullying is protected under the first amendment as it's freedom of speech, so he can't be arrested for a rant.. He was arrested for actually threatening violence, and using murder as the threatening tone on a neighbor who happens to be gay, but edge media is gay media, so the click bait on using being arrested for homophobic rant, was the only way to get the neccessary clicks for traffic.
  5. I want to see your crush from the olympics, since there are a bunch of hot humanbeings mine by now is adam peaty, but i need more candidates
  6. Hey y'all! I recently just logged back into Exhale. Apparently I haven't been on here since 2017. Wow! I'm mainly on ATRL these days but wanted to say hi to everyone. Who else here is an OG member? I joined in 2007 and came on here a lot. I also used pop-overdose if anyone remembers that forum. And then Ubritney.com even earlier - back in 2004 I believe. I remember going to the public library in my town and the Mona Lisa demo/radio appearance being put online. I'm so glad Britney is finally about to be freed and given her life back after 13 years. It's surreal yet vindicating all at once. I couldn't be happier. In a way, as her fan, it's like a piece of us is restored. Since she was so instrumental in our childhoods, growing up with her music and visuals, and honestly having her as an escape from our lives. I know for me, growing up gay was not easy and she provided me with a rush of this amazing, fierce, confident pop world. I can still remember my dad surprising me with In The Zone when it came out in November 2003 and leaving the unopened CD on the kitchen counter. I wasted no time putting it in my CD player and getting lost in that album. It honestly might be my favorite Britney album just for how it affected me at the time as an 11 year old kid. Britney's confidence was palpable, the ***ual nature of the songs interested me (lol) cuz I remember all the news programs making all this hype about it. The blur (reference) of that release week/month with In The Zone Out All Night, the TRL outside performance, All Eyes on Britney, etc. Nothing quite compares now to those days where we didn't have social media and we relied solely on TV and music stores. No streaming haha. Anyway, that's just a little blast from the past and I'm glad to be back on here. Let me know if you share a similar experience! Or if you're younger, maybe Blackout or Circus was a big album for you. xx
  7. Halsey is outraged at Allure for failing to use the singer's correct pronouns. This could be because Allure didn't alternate between "they" and "she." Thoughts, Exhale? I- Related:
  8. The category is “making history”. Mj Rodriguez has become the first transgender performer to earn a Primetime Emmy nomination for a major acting category. Woop woop! Rodriguez is nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a drama series for her portrayal as Bianca in Pose, FX’s brilliant ballroom culture “period drama” of sorts. The nomination is significant step for LGBTQ+ representation, and specifically transgender representation at the Emmys. She has some stiff competition in the form of Oscar winner Olivia Coleman (The Crown), Golden Globe and Emmy winner Elizabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale), Emmy winner Uzo Aduba (In Treatment), newcomer and likely favourite Emma Corin (The Crown) and critic’s darling Jurnee smollett (Lovecraft Countet). Billie Porter, last years Emmy winner for Outstanding Lead actor in a drama series (Pose), has been nominated for a second time (in the same category). As so many of us have fallen in love with Bianca, Mj’s angelic character on Pose, It just feels right that in its final season the television academy has chosen to recognise Mj (and Billie Porter again). They both deserve every bit of adulation for their portrayals of HIV positive LGBT members in 80’s/90’s New York at the height of the AIDS epidemic and during the repressive Regan/Bush years. See Mj’s reaction below upon learning about her groundbreaking nomination.
  9. Well that's not really a secret, ir something to study to confirm.. It's the only way a relationship can work regardless of your orientation, marrying your best friend.. I mean we hear it all the time. "I married my best friend, and I cant imagine life without this person at all". All of my friends tell me, the best relationships can't be forced, don't go looking for it, let it find you.. You can be 60 when your true love comes into your life, you have to be patient it's not something that instantly happens.. Sometimes leaving your home or going to another country or state can.also help.you. One gay guy said you don't fit in Arizona or the US, you love and respect British and European culture to the point it can turn US gays off, cos it's like we're not.good enough.. But the British friend that met you fell hard, saying he understands my people more than you.
  10. Frankie was about to be eliminated from Big Brother, but he pulled his biggest stunt, and it backfired and that's when the whole tv audience was pissed off. The day Frankie revealed his sister was Ariana grande, I swear the backlash against him went on her as well. I thought Frankie, you might have done more damage than you think. Many people hated both of then at this time, obviously he went back to the D List after his few years of fame waned off, and his sister of course survived this backlash which was probably unintentional on his behalf. But, still it was classic tv, when he revealed he had Hollywood and broadway connections and a star in the making sister, she wasn't the mega star she is now, when this aired in 2014.
  11. Tatiana, a Mexican singer and actress who since the 90's decided to leave her pop career behind and become "La Reina de los Niños" singing children's songs, has made a collaboration with Miss Velvetine to release a medley of covers titled Be Proud. It includes the songs Strong Enough, Babylon and Vogue. This is kind of a big deal because typically in Mexico we haven't seen this kind of openness until very recently, and especially not from artists that are dedicated to the children. In fact, she got a lot of hate comments from her followers, "concerned parents" and religion fanatics that were upset about her "succumbing to the entertainment industry" and betraying her essence. She exposed some of these comments in a following post, and didn't hesitate to remind people why there's still need to raise awareness and keep educating the new generations. Besides dedicating most of her career to the kids, she's also been an advocate against the violence against women, since she herself experience the abuse in the hands of her ex-husband, who had her captive in her own house until she literally escaped by jumping the wall. When she first revealed her story, people didn't believe her and mocked her, and it wasn't until years later that her remarks started to be taken seriously. She's considered the pioneer in Mexico in the genre dedicated to children's songs that are produced with the same quality of pop artists. With her multiple tv shows and albums she released through the years, she became the staple of every kid's party or kindergarten recitals.
  12. Tomorrow (June 23th) the national German football team (Die Mannshaft) will be up against the national Hungarian team in the 2021 European Championship. The game takes place in Germany, Munich at the Allianz Arena. Initial reports said the Allianz Arena was to be lit up in pride colours to out their displeasure with Hungary approving a discriminating law against LGBTQ+ people. They did the same thing with the Arena in the past to show support to the community during pride. However, UEFA, the Union of European Football Associations, has REFUSED the arena to be lit up in these colours. They claim this is a politcal matter and that football should be free of politics. Which is a bit ironic since players have been kneeling on one knee to support the Black Lives Matter movement which UEFA thinks is fine. So what's the difference between discriminating against black people or against LGTBQ+ people? UEFA finds itself in hot water as a lot of people are left outraged. Manuel Neuer, the goalkeeper of the German national football team wore pride-colours before to out support in the team's name. Many are wondering if he will wear it again at the game tomorrow. It's also 'funny' to mention UEFA has tweeted in the past about being inclusive: Messy? Hypocrite? You call it. * to be clear, I'm fine with people supporting BLM but I don't get why supporting LGBTQ+ would be any different!
  13. Raiders player Carl Nassib has come out. As you may know, the Raiders recently moved to Las Vegas. Where I live and am from Hi Carl In all seriousness, This is HUGE. Looking forward to the day this isn't news, but for now 👏
  14. https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2021/03/03/chris-moore-gut-feelings-gay-s**-top-bottom-versatile-familial-adenomatous-polyposis/ In an interview an openly gay man who identifies as verse, basically explains due to having warts inside his colon, he had to have surgery as teen to remove them, by 17 he had further surgery which removed half his colon, and it's stapled to his rectum cos it's really short, but he came out to his mum, and the nurse told him if was to put anything in there.. He could bleed out to the point he could die. He feels this is a burden to him as he's missing out fully exploring his full likes and interests, despite all that he totally understands and won't even risk it.
  15. Mark Wahlberg stars in a new film titled 'Joe Bell.' The film is based on the true story of Joe Bell, who walked across the US in honor of his son who committed suicide due to bullying for being gay. In this preview, they sing a bit of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way." Super touching.
  16. Personally I hate it. Two straight actors playing gay characters in movies. It happens too often. Like in these movies I've never seen ''Love, Victor'' and ''Call Me by Your Name'' or something like that In my opinion it's a queer baiting. Don't get be wrong, I love seeing hot guys together being into each other no matter their ***uality in real life BUT tons of gay actors aren't cast in movies, TV series cause they are gay and people instead of helping them getting a job decide to cast straight people And there's no representation Gays playing straight characters isn't the same And there's one more thing. Tons of books, these movies are written by straight females Like what the **** do you know about gay life and even gay s**? Seems like queer baiting and fetishizing, at least in my opinion. EDIT: You have to know that Hollywood still discriminates LGBT people and they don't wanna cast em in straight roles, there're tons of actors that are scared of coming out because of this, according to Kate Winslet. They don't have a problem with castings heteros in gay roles tho I wanna hear your thoughts tho
  17. The King of Latin Pop graces the cover of People's second annual Pride Issue. He speaks about the things going on in his life, his new single dropping on June 10, his married life and his upcoming tour with Enrique Iglesias. He also opened up about an interview he did for Barbara Walter back in 2000. The interview as many may recall where she questioned him about his s***** orientation. The event still haunts Ricky as he states. "Still, rumors persisted about his ***uality. Like a lot of LGBTQ people, an unspoken question — "Are you…?" — hovered in the air all the time, in every interaction. Sometimes anticipated, sometimes inferred, sometimes imagined, sometimes self-interrogated, it was just there — an invisible cinderblock teetering on the edge, ready to fall. Martin lived with the question until he was 29. Then, in 2000, Barbara Walters asked it on national television. This was a year after the radio dominance of "Livin' La Vida Loca" and 10 years before he came out publicly on his website. "You could stop these rumors," Walters implored. "You could say, 'Yes I am gay or no I'm not.'" Martin was visibly stunned. He finally retreated, answering with "I just don't feel like it." He says the moment still haunts him. "When she dropped the question, I felt violated because I was just not ready to come out. I was very afraid." Martin's entire body shifts. He clears his throat and takes a deep breath. "There's a little PTSD with that." What are your thoughts on this guys? I find this story to be very important especially since it is Pride Month. How was your experience growing up LGBTQ? Did you experience things like this?
  18. Internet star Tyler Oakley shared photos for a campaign he participated in for Saxx Underwear. The Internet was like He definitely put his health first this year. He looks great. Thoughts, Exhale? Related:
  19. Hey everyone, As it is Pride month I thought i'd make a thread for people discuss their experiences 'coming out'! I also thought it may help people others who have not came out yet. So if you're comfortable feel free to share your coming out experience. Are you comfortable with your ***uality now?
  20. Former American idol alum David archuleta came out as gay in 2014, but in this public post he changes it To ****ual (Ace) stating he has no ***ual desires or urges, cos he's saving himself for marriage a promise he made as a kid.. But scientists and doctors have come out and said, eventually this has serious consequences and damages that can basically kill your drive and for men kill it from getting hard. But congrats David on being your true you, though like Toni Braxton said in her autobiography, you can still have premarital s** and be a child of god, cos the days of jesus Marriage didn't exist.
  21. So a conservative trans gay who feels veterans should have a month and pride should be a day, gets schooled by someone who actually went through a horrible time to be gay. Like he told the kid.. Either you're to young to know your history or to damn ignorant to not even care, why we celebrate pride, I'm gonna school you you're history lesson, now.
  22. Is bdsm community and even understanding by s** therapists about bdsm why is that? both are minorities (even more so one could argue that many people love light bdsm in bedroom) but there is no march or attention in marches for the sado*******ic community and while gays and lesbians are more widely accepted and even if bdsm community is doing all for safe sane and consensual, i encountered a s** therapist who seemed to look down upon bdsm i am even opinonated that most governemntal structure funded s** therapists are not really knowing what they are doing and also i could say that bdsm kind of behavior is similarly encountered by animals isn't it? some animals love violent s**? isn't it so? again, human mind and body are complex and there are people who love violent s** too and people who practice it like a #therapy and are very happy about it in life, doesn't even science hold opinion that if its done healthily everybody should be happy, but then i met s** therapist who very first leads me to info paper that seems to be shared with me as she sees my ***ual orientation unhealthy, even if she doesn't say it it shows yet i have no encounter that people who practice it are ill, i have met the very most heartwarming and not disfunctional people who practice it s** education is so hardly accessible even these days i feel with all its very nuanced titles i could say (lol "nyanced") and i feel for me who likes bdsm there is no direction or proper advice. and even a lot of misunderstanding even in official level. sometimes it feels as nobody around me engages in s** and i don't even think its right to not talk about one's ***ual experiences. i mean we should talk about these things, even if leave names anonymous for example. idk, i just feel like talking about these things is necessary, we should for example have many trained officials to talk to and as s** is important they should be totally governement funded. but i have no access to any normal for me therapy since my country is small i guess and not even one of these official workers have any knowledge in bdsm i feel. ughh and then you'll say - but yes you indeed aghhrrreee in very small minority. and oh boy in bdsm arent there a lot of things to mis or disunderstand. i just warn ya
  23. Is monogamy the way to go? What’s your stance on non-tradional relationships like poly couples, open marriages, swinging, etc? Do these practices vibe with your moral compass? Have you or would you give one a try? Share your story fam.
  24. It's no secret, Chick Fil-A hates the gays, and most of us have successfully boycotted their expensive unseasoned Bible verses full of hate, Chicken.. Well, Burger King the first day of Pride went in on them and shaded them with lip bombs and glitter bombs on twitter.. If that's not enough, they basically created a Pride friendly menu to basically annihilate chick Fil A during Pride.. Stick with Popeyes. https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2021/06/07/chick-fil-a-burger-king-twitter-lgbt-pride-month/
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