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  1. But he doesnt stan he just thinks she’s his mom That’s why it’s an accurate representation of the army tho
  2. The Sims 2’s default female sim is basically Britney with a few tweaks like seperating the eyes, pulling the outer corners down and widening the nose etc. Even the body shape is kind of like 2001ney’s. And you have plenty of 2000’s clothes to choose to create your own Britney. Yes, “create your own Britney” sounded a bit creepy
  3. I was non existent in that time so I fell in love as soon as I could do
  4. I’m still a fan of Britney herself. I admire her beauty, her personality as much as we know and her talent of course. But I noticed I can’t enjoy the “Britney Spears” brand anymore (I’d be very excited if she decided to continue as an artist after getting free tho) That’s why I fixed the main post cuz maybe at first it sounded like I’m completely done with Britney lol.
  5. Glory is my favorite album by her(with respect to Blackout lol)! It feels the most Britney and most importantly Currentney to me.
  6. I was a kid who was fascinated by her but I was clueless about her situation back then. Now with everything we learned and many nasty rumors, the lack of communication, the endless fight…ugh! The thing I used to adore feels like a big lie. I’m not sure if I consider myself a Britney Spears fan anymore (but I can say that I’m a fan of Britney herself as much as I know her). I became a fan in the Circus era so it almost feels like there was never a “Britney Spears” in the first place. I rarely want to listen to a Britney song nowadays and when I do, it’s because I’m used to or sometimes I listen to unreleased material etc. I can’t feel right saying “her song” or “her tour” cuz were they really hers? I used to wonder why I don’t see her interacting with other artists or having a “girls squad”, why doesn’t she use social media as active as others but now it all makes sense. Let alone having a girls squad now we’re talking about rumors that I don’t even want to name. Hope none of these are true but the brand has already lost its beauty and meaning to me. The brand and the person feel too seperate. I doubt even Britney likes it if she still has a reason left according to all the things I read here. Everything feels like an illusion and now we’ve got nothing while waiting for a “Ray of Light”, a “Primeney performance” and stuff for years. So many interviews showing zero interest, using the minimum amount of words and looking at the outside of the camera constantly…how can I blame her???? What was I expecting???Now I’m just a person who loves her and admire her talent. I want Britney herself(whoever she has become now) to be happy and confident just for herself…and of course, honesty towards her fanbase. I don’t want to ruin it for you, in fact I’d be very excited if she decided to continue as an artist after getting free. I just wanted to share my feelings and wonder what y’all think. And insert a “sorry for my bad english” thingy here in case I made mistakes cuz I was overwhelmed by feelings while writing this and I’m not a native so…yeah.
  7. Imagine her team analyzing this thread to see how fans think her writing sounds like Note: What I say is innocent, just for fun and nothing meant !!! ❤️❤️🙈🙈🙈
  8. My singles would be: Change Your Mind ft Maluma&Shakira Better ft JB Matches ft BSB and a revised production but with the exact same style Love Me Down Mood Ring ft Rihanna Edit: I’d also keep Private Show(re-recorded with natural voice) as a promo single
  9. I doubt we’ll see her live as long as she’s under cship tho even if we did, i imagine it’d be like super strict with security not letting people with a freebritney tshirt in or searching their pockets for a freebritney tshirt and then securities inside for every 5 chairs to grab people if they scream freebritney no m&g’s either so no personal contact and last but not least, a medicated Britney doing things on stage with no mic for a super expensive price cuz they need to make up for the wasted time without performing cuz it’s a super exclusive experience for vip people presented by the spears family aka the best business people after the kardashians
  10. The smelly smell of Desperate Fantasy !!!! 😉😉😉💅💅💅👛👛👛
  11. Yes ,I guess, as long as she doesn’t forget about it a day after the release
  12. These+the first 2 movies=Primeix I’m both happy and sad about it because even though I can sit and watch them transform for an hour I can’t imagine how they’d manage to make a whole sequence look not cheesy in live action but at the same time they could at least make them transform with a light beam or something in like a few seconds and give them some serious looking fairy outfits idk
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