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Found 12 results

  1. So there is an Amazon original coming documenting Kim’s way to Coachella. I’m excited 🤭
  2. Måneskin appeared on SiriusXM radio and said they’re gonna add Britney’s song Womanizer to their tour after the positive reactions from their Coachella performance. They also discussed about their song Supermodel.
  3. Happy Coachella everyone! What artist are you most looking forward to? For me it's Kim Petras. I hope she will perform some new songs. Especially I want to hear the full version of Hit It From The Back 🍑 Here the full line-up:
  4. Nearly 8 years after YG forcefully disbanded them, 2NE1 have decided to reunite for a surprise Coachella performance. For those of you who don't know, 2NE1 and SNSD were the two most powerful girl groups in 2nd gen Kpop who paved the way for the future girl groups. They are stunning performers with each member bringing something unique to the band. Here is the video of them performing one of their biggest hits, I am the best at coachella: And here's the song: I am so happy I could cry reminded me of my teenage years. I was only 19-20 when this song came out, and now I'm nearly 30. Time flies so fast it's crazy.
  5. The two new songs are "Boyfriends" & "Late Night Talking" taken from his upcoming 3rd studio album Harry's House, released on May 20, 2022. What your your first impressions of the live renditions?
  6. Update: The Weeknd is in! -- Earlier: He's out y'all! He just canceled his show there... Now, who should take his time there? Miley Cyrus should replace him imo, she's ready, she just did like some festivals in Latin America and she was AMAZING! I just watched her show @ Lollapalooza Brazil and she's a ******* ROCKSTAR and should replace Ye.
  7. Do you think the voice of a generation chanteuse, fashion icon, actress, and best selling author, Jessica Simpson, should headline the 2023 Coachella? She's one the most electrifying live performers of all time, an international superstar, and one of the most successful entertainers in Pop history; Whose ultra successful fashion line/business empire has single handedly changed the face of celebrity branding. 7 Teen Choice Awards, 4 multi-platinum albums, 2 People's Choice Awards, 55 million records sold worldwide! A rare artist, whose career achievements and influence in the music industry have stood the test of time. Give Jessica Simpson her flowers, and give her the headlining spot at the 2023 Coachella! #Jesschella
  8. All bias aside, I think she would do great but only and ONLY if she puts some more effort into her performances. This means live singing, good choreo, pants, trendy outfits and a medley of her greatest hits that all the millennials would adore. Even better, an *NSYNC/Britney REUNION for all the diehard late 90's/early 00's pop music fans. Imagine the SLAYAGE. Eminem did it (who brought out 50 Cent), Beyonce did it (who brought out DC), and well... quite frankly it's Britney's turn. Not only would this make her relevant/relateable, but this would indefinitely be some marketing magic for her 20th year and she would FINALLY gain some re-exposure among the newer generation. Well sistrens, what do you think? Should Britney headline #COACHELLA?
  9. In 2006, Madonna performed at Coachella in the Sahara tent (otherwise known as the dance tent). The dance tent fits normally about 7,000 people. According to some comments and the new YouTube documentary, Madonna pretty much was close to a stadium audience. That's how huge it was. I know some people said they had to leave before it started due to claustrophobia. People were really close to one another and it made some uncomfortable. I'll also throw in her part of the documentary. It's a game changer as usual. Cause after Madonna's performance in 2006, Coachella started booking more mainstream acts and relied less on indie rock.
  10. Madonna's iconic 2006 Hung up promo tour performance at Coachella's dance tent is premiering this Thursday in full. This what we have waited for. A HD professional footage of the most critically acclaimed Coachella performances ever. As one Coachella staff said. Madonna broke the door for Mainstream acts to do Coachella cos after her. It was no longer about the indie rock acts ever again at all.
  11. According to the official Coachella documentary 20 years in the desert. No really big star headlined Coachella prior to 2006. Well Madonna's Management called and said Madonna should perform. The main stage was fully booked. GUY SAOD. well what about the dance tent. They thought genius. Her name is in. But in a small print. In the dance tent. The place was jam packed. To the point that Coachella called it a staples center type Audience. Her set was a preview of her upcoming Confessions tour. Two things happened she controversially during I Love new York told the audience To **** off and suck then President Bush's D I C K. Matching how she performed it on the tour. She was 32 minutes late. That Scissor sisters set was delayed tol 11 pm. Which Jake Shears said. If Madonna is late so be it. But that's the true new yorker mentality if a club kid. Time is irrelevant. Only Basic people work and need sleep.
  12. I had a feeling this would likely happen. Coachella is getting delayed until October because of the Coronavirus, CNN confirms. At this point it's unclear how the Coronavirus will affect life moving forward, but Coachella is definitely not the first major gathering to get the ax / delayed. SXSW and Ultra in Miami was cancelled. What do you guys think? Better safe than sorry? Are they overreacting?
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