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  1. Hey Blinks, Like many of you, I was thrilled to hear new material (kind of) from BLACKPINK, although it was a song that leaked two years ago. I bet we'll take anything, aren't we? Usually, I stick with Britney's artworks, but I decided to shake things up a little bit. I created the artwork (back and front cover) for the song (not so original) by using the PUBG promotional posters. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the design in the comments. Also, do you link the official version of the song? Oh, and have you listened to the extended version of the song where is Lisa doing the outro? "Ready For Love" with Lisa's outro (Credit SEMOON):
  2. The concept is full 2000's Pop and everyone's talking about the Britney inspiration
  3. After two sold out shows at the Banc of California in LA last week, kpop superstars TWICE visit The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to perform their hit single "The Feels" watch below! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  4. Nearly 8 years after YG forcefully disbanded them, 2NE1 have decided to reunite for a surprise Coachella performance. For those of you who don't know, 2NE1 and SNSD were the two most powerful girl groups in 2nd gen Kpop who paved the way for the future girl groups. They are stunning performers with each member bringing something unique to the band. Here is the video of them performing one of their biggest hits, I am the best at coachella: And here's the song: I am so happy I could cry reminded me of my teenage years. I was only 19-20 when this song came out, and now I'm nearly 30. Time flies so fast it's crazy.
  5. Attention all music connoisseurs! Whether you like KPOP or not, please listen to Red Velvet's latest mind-melting, genre-bending masterpiece, "Feel My Rhythm"! That is all! ❤
  6. I love this vibeeee The barbie part of the music video kills me So well done Here's the full album:
  7. From the begining to 0:35, the instrumental, elements etc h
  8. The song is from TWICE (KPop group) it's totally in english, I'm in love with sound and lyrics, I think they perfectly suit Britney so I made this little video, I hope you like it: The lyrics: Outta the ashes, I’m coming alive I think that’s why they eyein me Watchin’ me My legacy I took it to the top From the start Never stop I ain’t going nowhere I’m an icon When all them other nobodies are long gone I don’t even need to turn the mic on Ay ya ya ya ya Damn I got it I’m iconic
  9. They are from the survival show Girls Planet 999, during a mission (Creation Mission) they formed a team and presented an original song titled "Snake". 6 members are in the final airing tomorrow with the possibility of debuting in a girl group. (My favorite, Cai Bing, got eliminated last week , the only member from this group to not make it) The premiere stage with other contestants reactions: Full Stage:
  10. BTS Smashes Katy Perry’s 11-Year Billboard Record With “Permission To Dance” For BTS, the sky’s the limit and they are soaring higher with each new single! BTS in “Permission to Dance” MV | HYBE Labels/Youtube After seven consecutive weeks at No. 1 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart, BTS‘s “Butter” passed the crown to “Permission to Dance” and dropped to No.7. Now, “Permission to Dance” is the Hot 100 king and “Butter” is reigning over the No.1 spot on the Songs of the Summer chart. BTS in “Butter” MV | HYBE Labels/Youtube According to Billboard, this “double coronation” is rarely achieved. In fact, no artist has held simultaneous No.1s on the Hot 100 and Songs of the Summer charts in almost 11 years. The last artist to do it was Katy Perry, back in 2010. Katy Perry in “California Gurls” MV In 2010, Katy Perry’s song “California Gurls” was crowned queen of the Songs of the Summer chart while “Teenage Dream” ruled over the Hot 100 chart. Congrats, BTS! https://www.koreaboo.com/lists/6-members-astro-participated-in-creation-newest-mini-album-switch/
  11. Omgggg get excited! It sounds like such a good song !!
  12. Loving this new direction for them, the girls are slaying in the M/V
  13. Even if you don't like Kpop I just wanted to share something kinda touching. Brave Girls, a Korean Kpop group formed in 2011 with basically no mainstream success their entire career, just went viral in Korea and claimed their first music show win ever (a big deal for Idols in Korea). Some backstory, they were basically in the midst of moving their stuff out of their company dorms and disbanding when the song went viral, as some of the older member are turning 30/32, way past Kpop Idol shelf life. A popular YT channel that puts artists performances live with twitter comments splashed across the screen did one for Brave Girls song "Rollin'" (released in 2017) with their military service performances and tweets from the military members who served while they performed. The song Rollin, while not successful in the mainstream charts, has been a military staple for over 4 years because of its lyrics and upbeat nature. Also one member nicknamed Squirtle bc of her smile was a military favorite. The video is cute, especially the soldiers reactions. (If you turn on subtitles you can read the tweets in English. They are cute.) Viral Video: I always like a comeback story so I thought I would share. They got invited back to perform on the weekly music shows 4 years after the single was released. Not gonna lie I teared up watching their award acceptance, but then again Im emotional unstable so that doesn't that much. HAHAHA (subs also on this video)
  14. The song is apparently called Ping Pong, and, honestly, even a couple of seconds already have me hooked that chore aint kidding gurl: Yall excited?
  15. Produce 101 season 5 Girls Planet 999 revealed their results for their first elimination. For the first elimination, each “cell” would either survive together or be eliminated together. A cell consists of three contestants, one from each nationality (Korean, Chinese, Japanese). The show’s masters have the ability to save one person from an eliminated cell through the “Planet Pass.” Of the 33 cells, only 17 cells would survive. Of the 99 total contestants, 45 were eliminated at the end of the episode. The show’s MC, Yeo Jin Goo, announced, “We received 39,360,000 votes from over 164 countries during the past two weeks. The five teams who won last week’s Connect Mission will receive a benefit in addition to the global fan votes.” Yeo Jin Goo then revealed the cells’ rankings, with No. 17 being the cut-off limit for survival. The rankings are as follows: Cai Bing, Choi Yu Jin, May Shen Xiao Ting, Kawaguchi Yurina, Seo Young Eun Su Rui Qi, Jeong Ji Yoon, Ezaki Hikaru Huang Xing Qiao, Kang Ye Seo, Sakamoto Mashiro Li Yiman, Kim Chae Hyun, Kuwahara Ayana Xu Zi Yin, Kim Do Ah, Arai Risako Hsu Nien Tzu, Huening Bahiyyih, Sakamoto Shihona Fu Ya Ning, Kim Su Yeon, Nonaka Shana Wu Tammy, Kim Da Yeon, Sakurai Miu Chen Hsin Wei, Choi Ye Young, Kubo Reina Yang Zi Ge, Guinn Myah, Kamimoto Kotone Chia Yi, Huh Ji Won, Yamauchi Moana Leung Cheuk Ying, Lee Chae Yun, Kishida Ririka Liang Jiao, Lee Hye Won, Nagai Manami An Jeong Min, Wang Ya Le, Fujimoto Ayaka Kim Bo Ra, Zhang Luo Fei, Hayase Hana Yoon Ji A, Shima Moka, Zhou Xin Yu Using the Masters’ “Planet Pass,” Ikema Ruan, Wen Zhe, and Kim Hye Rim were saved from the eliminated cells. The show also revealed the current Top 9 contestants: Kawaguchi Yurina Shen Xiao Ting Ezaki Hikaru Choi Yu Jin Sakamoto Mashiro Su Rui Qi Cai Yi Bing Kang Ye Seo Kim Chae Hyun Is anyone else following this season?
  16. I was watching SOMI's (KPop artist) new comeback and according to her stylist the inspiration was Britney/2000/teen movies. What do you think? Plus, her fans are talking about it: I love that new generations are inspired by Britney
  17. because i'm flopping hard help me giving me a like plz
  18. Minzy the main dancer of 2ne1 bless the world with her new song TEAMO Not a huge fan of Kpop but I stan Talking about Britney she said before she want to do video where she just dance with a group off dancer. Maybe if she wants one day, she'll do something like that
  19. So i have this kpop dance cover account, can we follow?
  20. "Butter" is the first song from a group to mark 5 consecutive weeks at No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart since 1996. On June 28 local time, Billboard announced that BTS’s “Butter” had taken No. 1 on the Hot 100, its weekly ranking of the most popular songs in the United States, for the fifth consecutive week. “Butter” also topped the list for top-selling songs of the week. BTS set the record for the longest-running No. 1 hit by any Asian act when it topped the Hot 100 for the fourth consecutive time last week. This week’s fifth consecutive No. 1 extends that record. Billboard’s Gary Trust writes, “Only one song by a group has topped the Hot 100 for more weeks from its debut than ‘Butter’: Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men’s ‘One Sweet Day,’ which spent its first 16 weeks on the chart at No. 1 in 1995-96.” Billboard shared that “Butter” garnered 12.4 million U.S. streams and 128,400 downloads (a 15 percent increase) for the week ending on June 24, as well as 27.6 million radio airplay audience impressions (a 6 percent increase) in the week ending on June 27. Billboard also stated that “Butter” had sold at least 100,000 downloads in each of its first five weeks, the first song to do so since “Despacito” in 2017. According to Billboard, “Butter” is just the 11th song out of the 54 songs that have debuted at No. 1 to spend its first five weeks at No. 1 in the history of the Hot 100. Of the 1,125 songs that have hit No. 1 in the history of the Hot 100, “Butter” is the 196th to spend at least five weeks at the top. The #Hot100 top 10 (chart dated July 3, 2021) — billboard charts (@billboardcharts) June 28, 2021 https://www.soompi.com/article/1477041wpp/btss-butter-tops-billboard-hot-100-for-a-record-breaking-5th-consecutive-week https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/9593954/bts-butter-number-one-fifth-week-hot-100
  21. The all girl K-Pop group Twice released their new single ‘Alcohol Free’. It’s off of their new album Taste of Love. They released the music video and also performed it live on the Ellen Show. Thoughts? I personally love these girls, and they always release bop after bop, but it’s a pass for me.
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