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Found 8 results

  1. Måneskin appeared on SiriusXM radio and said they’re gonna add Britney’s song Womanizer to their tour after the positive reactions from their Coachella performance. They also discussed about their song Supermodel.
  2. Gotta entertain yourself and everyone somehow 🚗 🚗
  3. On November 27, 2008, the Bambi Awards of that year took place in Offenburg, Germany. Britney Spears performed there her latest hit Womanizer, the lead single off her sixth studio album Circus. This marked Britney's return to the European TV, but it was also her first televised performance since she performed at the VMA's in 2007, a number that was heavily criticized by the public and media. Before this, she had only recently performed as a guest at Madonna's tour. In this ceremony, she was also honored with the Best International Pop Star award, which was presented to her by fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, who passed away in February 2019.
  4. On October 10, 2008, Britney Spears released the Womanizer music video, the lead single off her album Circus. The video was directed by Joseph Kahn, who had previously directed Stronger and Toxic videos in 2000 and 2004 respectively. It was filmed in September, and according to Kahn, it was Britney who pitched him the original concept with all the elements that were ultimately used in the final product. In an interview with MTV, Joseph said "She pitched to me a very detailed idea of what she wanted to do. She wanted to dress up in costume, she wanted to follow her man to work, and she eventually wanted to show at the end that she is all three of those women." "It was, like, her first video that no one really knew if she could even come on set, you know? It was just a big question as to you know, like, what would that video look like?" he said. "What shape would she be in? Can she really dance? Can she perform? Who is she at this point?" "Womanizer, for me, was a great experience on a personal level, because it completely verified that she was coming back," he continued. "By the time I worked with her on 'Womanizer,' you know, that was the Britney that I knew and it was a fun experience for me." For the sauna scenes Joseph said: "It was an actual sauna and we built a big tent around it ... and Britney, naked again. I guess I have one of the best jobs in the world. I was like, 'You know, if we do this video, and she went through all this work to get a new paint job, I was gonna show off the paint job — she's gonna be naked in this video.' " "By the time it got out — and the beautiful thing about the Internet is that you get instant reaction — the reaction seemed to be very positive. I'm going to sound like such a wuss, but I think I cried," he said. "That sounds super lame, but come on, man — that's five days of some serious stress. And I had to end the video on her smiling, for sure. Like, we just need to tell everybody that she's OK." About working with Joseph Kahn, Britney said "Working on 'Womanizer' with Joseph was a lot of fun. [...] He makes sure that he gets the types of shots that go with the music. It's not like a movie, it's more like a musical. You know, if I say 'on the hi-hat here or on the drumbeat here, I want my leg to be in the air.' And it's that detail, and it does make a difference, and that's what he can do. It's very rare to find people that still know how to do that." The video was nominated for Video of the Year at the VMA's 2009, but lost to Beyoncé's Single Ladies. However, it did win the Best Pop Video category. In MTV Latin America, it landed at #5 on the Top 100 of 2008. In 2013 it reached the 100M views on her official YouTube account. However it was in February 2020 that it got the most views in a single day, ever since it was uploaded to her account, with 1,395,897 views. It's currently expected to reach 300M views in November. Related:
  5. On October 3, 2008, Britney Spears released Womanizer, the lead single off her sixth studio album Circus. Her "comeback single" was written and produced by The Outsyders. It talks about a "womanizer" man which Britney makes it clear to know very well who he is. Womanizer peaked at #1 on the BBH100, breaking the record of biggest jump to #1 at the time, initially debuting at #96 (this record would be broken the following year by Kelly Clarkson's My Life Would Suck Withou You). It was her first #1 since ...Baby One More Time. The song also was a Top 10 hit on every country it charted and in the US it's her best selling song with over 3.5M copies sold. In 2010, the song received a nomination at the 52nd Grammy Awards for the Best Dance Recording category. The song was performed several times in late 2008, including at Good Morning America, The X Factor UK, the Bambi Awards in Germany among others. It's also been performed on her Circus Tour, Femme Fatale Tour, Piece of Me Show (and respective tours) and it was even included on her BBMA's 2016 medley. The music video was directed by Joseph Kahn, but we'll celebrate that anniversary next week ;)
  6. Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you my Womanizer remix: One of my biggest hobbies is to create remixes only using stems/multitracks and I just started a YouTube channel to share them. I will also focus on other pop artists like LG, Rihanna, Madonna.. and many more but I wanted to start with Britney of course. For this one I wanted to stay close to the original and give it an areal vibe. What do you guys think? (I edited the video myself) What song should I do next? It would mean a lot if you could give me a feedback
  7. Despite all the criticism, this is still one of her many great performances This performance solidified her comeback from a turbulent previous year She looks happy, healthy and we could all see that fire in her eyes again
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