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Found 14 results

  1. Hey everyone, this is my first thread (I think, quote me if I'm wrong ) and I wanted to talk about the everlasting "The Circus Starring: Britney Spears" tour. To me this tour holds more than great overall charisma and budget, it felt like absolute magic. Every song, every dance, every prop is there for a reason, and this tour was LOADED with it all! ZERO budget restrictions and in its entirety it was one of the most perfect tours ever especially to comeback with, even if there was only a pinch of live vocals spread throughout the entirety of the tour BUT! Let's all discuss! What's some of your fave parts of the show? What did you love about the show? What do you wish could've had a bit more improving on? In a kindly manor let's make sure we don't spread hate but personal wishes instead My favorite part has GOT to be the Ooh Ooh Baby performance where she had a bunch of magic tricks performed on her, I can't imagine what it must've been like to see it all live!
  2. Music director Simon Ellis reveals that when Britney was in London for the circus tour, Simon sat with her and played her the new renditions of the songs and she loved them all. Simon said the Do somethin mix was inspired by P!nk’s ‘get the party started’ which Britney said she love’s that song and wanted to hear it and eventually started to dance. Slave 4 U Is one of simon’s favourites and sampled a pink floyd song into the music break part where Britney was in the air above the fire pit. Simon said he couldn’t change Toxic because of how good it already is. Simon also reveals that ‘get naked’ is a masterpiece of a record.
  3. Here they are in the flesh or plastic 😛 Who else really wants to cop one? https://zingaentertainment.com/products/britney-spears-circus-funko-pop-rocksvinyl-figure?variant=42465735508190&currency=GBP&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&utm_campaign=gs-2020-09-24&utm_source=google&utm_medium=smart_campaign
  4. This legendary remix still needs to put on streaming services. It’s great for working out, pre drinks, clubbing etc. Comment below where you heard and saw it live in real time
  5. Music director Simon Ellis talks about these four fan favourite songs that were apart of the circus tour in 2009. Simon says he didn’t want to change ‘everytime’ because it’s a simple and beautiful song that shouldn’t be touched or remixed for a show. Speaking on freak show and the show in general he said that it had to be dark because it’s a dark song and was fun to do, he created the voice interlude in a hotel room. Get Naked was Simon’s favourite to do for the show and says it’s a great song. Simon says he didn’t know ‘breathe on me’ at first but says the 3 writers from it are good friends of his.
  6. Music director Simon Ellis reveals he wrote the dialogue of the circus introduction and that it was Jamie king’s idea to open the show with the title track. Simon mixed 5 versions of circus for the tour, one of the versions is heard as the outro of the show which was supposed to be used for the opening but Britney and Jamie thought the song itself sounded too different but decided to use it anyway because he says he loved it Simon said piece of me is one of his favourite songs and that Britney always wanted a lot of the blackout album in the show because she loves the album so much. Simon also says he mixed a version of Stronger that was never used that sampled daft punk. At the end of you can hear one of simon’s tour mix of circus
  7. Music director Simon Ellis talks about how touch of my hand was added to the circus tour in 2009. Simon says it was on a B list because crowds only appreciated it in certain places around the world and that it wasn’t meant to be apart of the main set list. It’s possible that Britney requested it herself
  8. Music Director Simon Ellis talks fan favourite song mannequin and it’s performances in 2009 on select dates of the circus tour. He says he loves the song and says it was perfect for the show because of how dark it is. He also gets into why his studio versions won’t be released. Go to 5:09
  9. Music director Simon Ellis talks about how the Atlanis Morissette rock song “You Oughta Know” was performed live by Britney in 2009 for the circus tour 🎤 Simon calls it a great version, says it was last minute decision, it was 💯 percent live. Go to 6:15
  10. So we know the infamous circus intro video posted through Yahoo! and then we have this commercial from 09 that features more pro footage: then we can see throughout the show the entire projection was shown on the screens also known as IMAG during live events the exact footage shown above and during the circus Yahoo! Video can be seen here: Then here we have additional high quality view during Piece of Me It’s been rumoured for years some fans have this show and allegedly others. Reassuring knowing it exists but it’s been almost 13 years please someone drop this show or sell it for someone else to share
  11. On March 03, 2009, The Circus Starring Britney Spears tour kicked off in New Orleans. In order to support her sixth studio album, the Circus Tour would be Britney Spears' "comeback" tour since her Onyx Hotel Tour in 2004, and after a so-called "public breakdown" in 2007. This was her first tour after being placed under a conservatorship in 2008, despite which, she showed to be totally capable of performing complex dance routines, memorize lyrics, interact with props, participate in magic tricks and even being lifted in the air while blindfolded on the back of two aerialists. The tour got two legs in North America, one in Europe and another one in Australia, where it ended in November, after 97 shows and 1.5M in attendance. The Circus Tour grossed $131.8M (around $160M today) becoming the fifth highest grossing tour of 2009 and 16th overall in the decade of the 00's. Choreographer Jamie King did the casting of the dancers and acrobats while Simon Ellis was in charge of the musical direction. The production design was done by Road Rage, developing the big, circular stage with two smaller satellite rings at the sides, all of which resembled an actual three-ring circus, that was built by Tait Towers. A cylindrical screen above the stage was built by Solotech. Despite its name, the setlist actually included more songs from her albums In the Zone and Blackout, rather than Circus. Circus Piece of Me Radar Ooh Ooh Baby / Hot As Ice Boys If U Seek Amy Me Against the Music (Bollywood Remix) Everytime Freakshow Get Naked (I Got a Plan) Breathe on Me / Touch of My Hand Do Somethin' I'm a Slave 4 U Toxic ...Baby One More Time Womanizer Besides these, the opening night she covered Duffy's I'm Scared. And in subsequent legs, she performed Mannequin and Alanis Morissette's You Oughta Know. The concert was never broadcasted live and it didn't receive any DVD release as her previous tours. However, some professional footage of the Copenhagen date exists, provided by Yahoo. While in Paris, Britney talked to ET about the changes on the European leg, and some of her dancers showed the outfits worn onstage. They also revealed Britney and Chase choreographed Mannequin. Feel free to share your favorite clips of the tour, as well as pictures and outfits
  12. I sometimes wonder how would it have been did Britney decide to completely stop working after the Circus Tour. Reportedly, she was told the c-ship would end upon completion of the tour in late November 2009. It was supposed to be her big test—a test of her sanity and stability, a demonstration of her ability to focus on work and perform well. She brilliantly succeeded, completing the whole tour (97 concerts, nine months) without a glitch. However, she was still deemed unstable, gravely disabled, susceptible to ***** and undue influences or otherwise incompetent, and the c-ship remained in place until... November 2021! I know what’s done is done and the past is in the past; I also comprehend the kind of gaslighting and threats she was put under. I just imagine how it would have been did she firmly but politely refuse to do any more work afterwards until dissolution of the c-ship. On the event they would have kept threatening her, yelling at her, how would it have been did she make a huge stink about it, refusing to do any more work, even if forcibly dragged to a photo studio, a recording studio or any other place; even if drugged; even if “losing custody” of her children. What would her team have done? Commit her forever? Beat her up? Excessively **** her forever more? Kill her? At some point, they would have had no choice but let her go, and the c-ship would have ended sometime in 2010. It would have ended 12 years earlier, and much would have been different afterwards...
  13. Dec 2, Britney's Birthday, I will be releasing "Britney Changed My Life" on my YouTube channel. The first episode of my Docuseries The JT Chronicles only on YouTube. The episode talks about my experience meeting Britney Spears June 24 2011 and her team Con twice in 2009 and 2011. As well as Britney related topics in my life. Watch the video announcement below. I'll be premiering it on Exhale Thursday, December 2.
  14. Full Madison Square Garden fancam in HD. Premieres in less than an hour
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