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Found 6 results

  1. I sometimes wonder how would it have been did Britney decide to completely stop working after the Circus Tour. Reportedly, she was told the c-ship would end upon completion of the tour in late November 2009. It was supposed to be her big test—a test of her sanity and stability, a demonstration of her ability to focus on work and perform well. She brilliantly succeeded, completing the whole tour (97 concerts, nine months) without a glitch. However, she was still deemed unstable, gravely disabled, susceptible to drugs and undue influences or otherwise incompetent, and the c-ship remained in place until... November 2021! I know what’s done is done and the past is in the past; I also comprehend the kind of gaslighting and threats she was put under. I just imagine how it would have been did she firmly but politely refuse to do any more work afterwards until dissolution of the c-ship. On the event they would have kept threatening her, yelling at her, how would it have been did she make a huge stink about it, refusing to do any more work, even if forcibly dragged to a photo studio, a recording studio or any other place; even if drugged; even if “losing custody” of her children. What would her team have done? Commit her forever? Beat her up? Excessively drug her forever more? Kill her? At some point, they would have had no choice but let her go, and the c-ship would have ended sometime in 2010. It would have ended 12 years earlier, and much would have been different afterwards...
  2. Britney Spears was hospitalized twice in January 2008. The first time, it happened after she reportedly locked herself in a bathroom w/ her two kids. She was then strapped to a gurney, and it made front news (Star Magazine sure lacked class...). Later on that month, she was once again hospitalized after reportedly not sleeping for three days in a row. (There was that pic of her w/ that pink wig and that pack of Red Bull, apparently to stay awake.) I remember reading on X17 Online that Britney had a psychiatrist (Dr. Deborah Nadel) at the time that would prescribe her meds, that Sam Lutfi crushed (those?) pills and put them in her food in order to "heal her brain" and that Britney willingly agreed to be taken to the hospital during an intervention by Lynne Spears. And it's that second hospitalization that directly led to the conservatorship then made permanent. I suppose Lou Taylor (reportedly the mastermind behind the c-ship) had already been in talks w/ Lynne and Jamie Spears, right? I'm just unsure as to what exactly led to that 2nd hospitalization. Lutfi (years later) claimed in court that Britney was doing ****. And some speculated it was all a set-up... What about it? What if Britney was never committed that evening? Would she have avoided being placed under c-ship? And regarding use of the word "voluntary" in the latest court document... We know Britney did not voluntarily seek c-ship; she even tried to fight it a few times back then. (Heck, she was even caught, according to court documents, trying to call Sam Lutfi a few years after being placed under c-ship—she must have seriously mistrusted Jamie back then!) I think "voluntary" simply means that if it's voluntary, Britney can opt to terminate the c-ship any time she pleases.
  3. There's a rumor that RCA wanted Britney to release a Xmas album this year, but she said no because she's not working right now while she fights the conservatorship. Related:
  4. The full Rebellion track may have some more clues as to what's going on. Isn't it the right time for it to leak in full? Some people do have it and are holding on to it when they know how much we want to hear it in full. Some of them may say "it's not their place to leak it", but come on... How many Britney Spears songs did leak in full? 20 or even more? Most of the leaks were illegal, right? So why would leaking that one track be more "illegal"'? Doesn't make much sense. Also, I think Britney should just apply to have the c-ship (both personal & financial) dissolved once and for all. According to her court-appointed lawyer, she can do so. I understand the strategy of removing Jamie first, but it's dragging way too long. February 2021, six more months (exactly 13 years after the c-ship was put in place) just for it to be endlessly extended? Right now, does Britney Spears need the c-ship? Yes or no? If not, then why not just seek its termination now and make a compelling case w/ a team of doctors that would argue it needs to end?
  5. I want her to 😄 BE HAPPY 💆‍♀️ Have a real life coach and therapist 💻 Have a Netflix documentary (aka FORTHERECORD 2.0) 👩‍👦‍👦Have custody of her kids 🤔 Retire from spotlight OR If she wants to record more music and make more albums🙏🎤🎶 Then; * She must fire her team and management 🚮💯 * Hire Brian or new dance coach who can help her to dance like used to💃 * Hire Makeup artist and Stylist💅👄👗 * She needs to delete her INSTAGRAM and upload again with first post being B10 TRAILER👑👑👑💎💎💎 FOR B10 *She needs to re-invent herself and her sound💡 *At least 3 music videos with good visualls 🎬🎬🎬 *Perform Lead Single On award shows * Work on Vocalls and Sing LIVE or at least Pre Recorded vocals maybe Superbowl Halftime Show for 2022 or 2023 🥇🎉🎆
  6. Though some media outlets ( such as People or the Daily Mail ) reported Britney to have a bipolar condition, I'm not sure her medical records and diagnoses were ever made public. Britney once jokingly referred to "bipolar disorder" in a special. Now, whether or not she truly does have bipolar, could her team use bipolar or whatever or condition as an excuse to keep her locked in that c-ship for even longer? I suppose that's what is going since she is still under c-ship after 12 years and 4 months, and a legal justification is required (though it may be pure chicanery at point). I am not a medical doctor, and each case is different. All I know is that a lot of people (incl. some rich celebrities) w/ bipolar (or other conditions) manage to retain their legal freedom; they simply need to monitor their health, consult doctors, therapists, etc. And they are aided by assistants, advisers, etc. Team c-ship wants the public (and esp. the court) to believe Brit is apt enough to work but still gravely disabled in the mental sense and cannot function without the parameters of a permanent c-ship (personal & financial). IF Britney does have bipolar, could it prevent her from obtaining her freedom?
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