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  1. The song isn't anything new, but I think it's great for radio: the music sounds smooth and effortless, slightly funky. Her voice is nice, clear and a little deeper than usual in pop girls, which I love! Also, she's such a beautiful woman... To me, her face is the perfect combination of Addison Rae's baby face with Kendall Jenner's gorgeous features. And her top around 1:50, isn't that beautiful? Actually, her whole outfit (you can see it around 2:04), ******..... PS: Why does Anderson's voice remind me of Kevin Hart's, though?
  2. Tate McRae's latest solo music video for fan favorite Don't Come Back song is amazing. The choreography, the outfits... Too bad is a vertical video. Hopefully her record label will release the video with a regular format soon. It's such a simple but effective video! Now she needs to release a video for You're So Cool, the best song of her debut album
  3. Ellie just released a music video for her second single from her upcoming album Higher Than Heaven. Enjoy: “Let it Die is about when a relationship plays out much longer than it needed to. Instead of giving love to yourself you spend it all on someone else and have nothing left, which is when it can become toxic and harmful.”
  4. The video for ‘Anti-Hero’ will be out October 21st at 8am EST!
  5. In the Piece Of Me music video at this scence they copy pasted Britney's face into dancers face I wonder what photo/photoshoot they use to edit and paste Britney's face into dancers? Was there a secret photoshoot session in 2007 that we didn't see or these are recycled 2000-2005 era photoshoot? where these are from?
  6. So I’m like a local artist where I’m from in south texas! I’m not like super rich or anything but I love singing and dancing! And I made a music video! Well actually a few of them! Check it out! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🎥🎥🎥🎥
  7. What's the tea? you like it? she looks stunning, so beautiful! The music with afro beats usually likes me... this one is not exeption, i like the song! chill and lovely
  8. The video seems like it would have been very memorable with great choreography! And Snoop makes it even better! Was he supposed to rap on it??? I think it would have been a stand out video. To this day it’s so sad it was never finished. Thoughts?
  9. The Queen of pop and one of the most successful and innovative artists of all times, Madonna, is recording a new music video, rumours has it that is the new version of Hung Up with Tokischa Here you can see a video of the set Watch FB.WATCH Original shows and popular videos in different categories from producers and creators you love The queen presented the song back in June at pride in NYC
  10. Ava Max is BACK! And I'm loving the production on this. The choreo, the outfits, the hair, everything is on point. The song samples "Can't fight the moonlight" by Leann Rimes and the video is inspired by the Coyote Ugly movie from 2000. And can we please acknowledge the fact she finally ditched the sad looking haircut she's been trying to make happen for the last 5 years? Brown hair really suits her.... I think she's doing everything right hopefully this one gets her out of the underrated category. Thoughts?
  11. Hello. As the title suggests, I was wondering if you guys could answer this question, as half the people I ask believe that it is Britney, and the other half do not. In the US version of the music video 'One for Sorrow' by STEPS, at around 1:42, there is a close up of one of the dancers that appears to be none other than Ms Britney Jean Spears herself. However, the video quality is rather poor, and the shots that this dancer is in only last for half a second. I've tried looking elsewhere to see if she did or didn't appear in the video but there are very little details. I know that STEPS did tour with Britney across the US and Canada back in 1999, and that one of the members of STEPS (Ian 'H' Watkins) apparently become good friends with Britney and Felicia during it, and flew with them on her private jet. I belieeeve this song also appears in that movie Drive Me Crazy, as we know had (You Drive Me) Crazy as part of it's soundtrack. So, it seems plausible that she would make an appearance in this music video too, but I wanted to know if anyone knew for sure? What are your thoughts on this guys?
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