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  1. Kylie has reportedly been offered to sign up for a 12-week run in Sin City, with an insider saying 'everyone involved is hugely excited'. Planet Hollywood and Caesar's Palace are reported to have made offers to Kylie, while record label Sony BMG are alleged to be liaising potential spin-off deals. How exciting 🤩 Kylie Minogue is 'in talks for a £100m Las Vegas residency' | Daily Mail Online T.CO Planet Hollywood and Caesar's Palace are reported to have made offers to Kylie, while record label Sony BMG are...
  2. According to a new report, Kylie Minogue is set to follow in the footsteps of stars such as Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Britney Spears and, most recently, Adele by launching a residency in Sin City. The "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" pop titan is said to be considering a 12-week residency, and it comes with a major pay-out. Kylie's rumored residency could result in a payday totaling more than $100 million, according to The Sun. Both Caesar's Palace and Planet Hollywood are said to be interested in booking the star, though nothing is confirmed yet. "Kylie visited a few venues in the summer, and numerous meetings have since been held," a source told the outlet. "It's a no brainer for Kylie - easy money, and no touring. Everyone involved is hugely excited about the prospect."
  3. Not all artists have one Album they won't like to talk about. Only a few, and its very hard for them to embrace it, but If glitter can finally be embraced by Mariah Carey. It shouldn't be surprised the #Lovers helped Kylie Minogue embraced her sixth studio album after 25 years.. Mainly written and produced by Kylie herself (Via uncredited). Unfortunately Diana's. death and a radio and media backlash on Britain's pop icon and princess of pop, as she is introduced there a lot cos of being in the forefront of uk music industry for 35 years this December. In a sense of irony, her biggest flop in the uk, is her most successful album in Australia, her home country to date. Impossible princess is expected to out do the original peak of Kylie Minogue 1998 (#10), aiming for a number 5 in the UK, with the original title reinstated. Also Kylie Minogue at one point was banned by Virgin radio and capital radio for a while as a protest to indie Kylie.. Articles states all that backlash to Kylie started with gate keeping of who Kylie Minogue should sound by none other than NME. The irony is NME and q has apologized to Kylie Minogue for starting the hate train cos to them this wasn't Kylie Minogue at all. But, it was hinted on 1994's Kylie Minogue with confide in me. That this was really her as an artist, unfortunately she played it safe for a long time until the 2018's Golden.. @Slayer
  4. Kylie Minogue has uploaded the HD remaster of Breathe, originally released in 1998 as the third single off her Impossible Princess album Last month, it was Did It Again, the second single from the same album, which got uploaded
  5. Kylie Minogue has finished recording her new album and is gonna play it to label bosses. We’re ready 👑 Kylie Minogue makes secret trip to London to play label bosses her new album | The Sun T.CO MOVING back to Australia hasn’t slowed down Kylie Minogue’s momentum for making music.I can reveal she has all...
  6. Do you truly believe Beyoncé is a better artist ? Because Kylie Minogue is a much better pop star than Beyoncé. Kylie’s Album Disco influenced Beyoncé’s renaissance album . Kylie actually road a horse in her Say Something music video before Beyoncé rode her horse. In terms of vocals , Kylie kills Beyoncé any day . Beyoncé may try to imitate Kylie’s vocals but she will fail Everytime . That is because Kylie is the absolute best singer who is currently on this earth . Im sorry that Beyoncé is not as good as Kylie Minogue. Im also sorry that Beyoncé copied Kylie Minogue’s entire idea from Disco . Im happy that Beyoncé is here and it’s cute that she tries but I don’t want anyone to believe Beyoncé is better than Kylie Minogue . thank you
  7. It's clearly very low budget, and it almost kinda looks like a lyric video, but ugh she's so s3xy that I cannot stop looking at her. Also, AMAZING SONG. I just wish people wouldn't pay her so much dust... But I know that the music business is way over saturated, and even if we here have a lot of interest in popular music, we just cannot take it all in... Being famous and popular now is a lottery game.
  8. i wonder what Kylie would have sounded like on it. what do you guys think?
  9. In, 2015 Kylie Jenner tried it. She tried to trademark Kylie, only to get the Australian pop diva with the actual purchased domain to her name (Something Madonna had to go to Court to actually get the legal rights to Madonna.com back In 2001). She explains to Andy is was all about protecting her brand and her identity.. Her lawyer was very shady, and Kylie herself said they were fired after the ordeal cos the statement they said was something she was against as it fit the narrative of hating the family, and it seemed to her as a character assignation.. Now, Andy being the very shady messy Queen he is, tries to get her to say something hateful about Kylie Jenner, doesn't really work as Kylie is fascinated with their lifestyle and wants to actually meet Kris Jenner. She was also asked about a Vegas residency (something that has been offered to her since her sold out appearance in The pearl at the palms for her 2009 For you, For Me North American tour.) Which many of my friends have said it's either the best concert they went to or one of the top 3 as Kylie really appreciated the love and Knowing she had to pay everything herself for that Micro tour, the dancers, the hotel rooms and everything. 3,000,000 went from her wallet to do that 9 Date tour of US and Canada..
  10. Objectively, One of the greatest pop songs of all time. Happy 20th birthday 🎉
  11. Timebomb was released as a non-album single on 25 May 2012 by Parlophone, three days before the kylies birthday, as part of the K25 celebrations, which was commemorating Kylie's 25th year in the music industry. It’s still a bop 😛
  12. Kylie Minogue has announced a new version of the classic Can't Get You Out of My Head, remixed by Peggy Gou, will be debuting at Cannes on May 19th. Apparently this is part of a new promo campaign with Magnum.
  13. Now that Britney is pregnant , I have been thinking a lot about Kylie Minogue and how she should collaborate with Britney . I want Britney to make a song with Kylie before her baby is out .
  14. I wish this song and video were Britney’s 😭. This was the song that made me stan Kylie, and I will unapologetically say this is one of THE best pop songs (like top 7 for sure). Even the video is so sleek and artistic, dark yet light, edgy yet simple. I wish this was Britney’s!!! And yes, I do know this song was meant for Britney and her team passed on it. That’s what makes it hurt so much worse. Justice for “Get Outta My Way”
  15. Kylie Minogue is the ultimate show girl ! Why doesn’t she have a residency yet ? That’s the real question . Having a large catalogue of hits , always singing live , and being known for giving amazing shows, Kylie would do amazing having a Vegas residency !! It would really give her chance to shine in America and reach that audience. Kylie has many hits and while it may be argued that American fans might not know all of them , can’t get you outta my head is a hit every American knows . Also her latest album disco has done well in America and I hear Magic and Say Something played at the mall I work at all of the time. Kylie always sings live ! Every single performance . And she delivers . She has such an amazing technique and she knows how to use what she has . She can sing for long periods of time performing long concerts. I would love for her to be comfortable in a residency so she could really show case her vocals !!! Kylie always gives an amazing performance ! Her aesthetic and backgrounds are always on point ! Her Aphrodite tour is the most amazing tour in the existence of all tours ever toured . When I watch Katy I think yuck toilet icky . I wanna see Kylie as a goddess flying with Angel wings and chariot pulled by gay men in chaps and angel wings ! In conclusion , Kylie would be the amazing lady Las Vegas show girl if we let her . It may be argued that her name isn’t know in America however her performance will speak for itself and draw in new fans . It will be perfect for everybody and make everybody happy and good .
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