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Found 14 results

  1. Per The Guardian: A spokerperson for Taylor denied the allegations that the singer is responsible for "most of all" trips taken by her private jet. They stated: "Taylor's jet is loaned out regularly to other individuals", the spokeperson told The Guardian, declining further comment. You can see the full article here: The Guardian Related:
  2. In, 2015 Kylie Jenner tried it. She tried to trademark Kylie, only to get the Australian pop diva with the actual purchased domain to her name (Something Madonna had to go to Court to actually get the legal rights to Madonna.com back In 2001). She explains to Andy is was all about protecting her brand and her identity.. Her lawyer was very shady, and Kylie herself said they were fired after the ordeal cos the statement they said was something she was against as it fit the narrative of hating the family, and it seemed to her as a character assignation.. Now, Andy being the very shady messy Queen he is, tries to get her to say something hateful about Kylie Jenner, doesn't really work as Kylie is fascinated with their lifestyle and wants to actually meet Kris Jenner. She was also asked about a Vegas residency (something that has been offered to her since her sold out appearance in The pearl at the palms for her 2009 For you, For Me North American tour.) Which many of my friends have said it's either the best concert they went to or one of the top 3 as Kylie really appreciated the love and Knowing she had to pay everything herself for that Micro tour, the dancers, the hotel rooms and everything. 3,000,000 went from her wallet to do that 9 Date tour of US and Canada..
  3. The hairy jokes the kid will get if he turns out to be hairy. update:
  4. This honestly got me in the feels The Kardashian family is full of so much disposable income, leisure time, and LOVE. I am soo jealous of this kid Kylie and Travis Scott’s son Wolf Webster was born a multimillionaire with Khloe Kardashian as his fav auntie on February 2nd
  5. So I’ve been on ThatsSoBolds App which lots of people are joining for Tea and News, I’ve been seeing this account post nothing but Tory, and it finally clicked that it was actually Megan behind the account after she posted never before seen photos of her on the app before posting them on Instagram days later. She made post about Nicki Minaj saying she looks better than her, speaks on the Tory case and says he had ***ual intercourse with Kylie and her BF. Thoughts? https://we.tl/t-uGJutr0vdz
  6. https://www.tmz.com/2020/12/22/kylie-jenner-fur-animal-rights-protesters-peta/ Kylie Jenner earned the wrath of both Peta and an animal rights activists over her use of fur in her jackets.. Threatening to harass Kylie if they see her in public with paint or dye that's red and hard to get out. To make the message clear an animal died for you to wear it. Peta shared tweets to tmz saying they wished she would become more thoughtful and intellectually bright like her other family members and weae faux fur. The fact is her cosmetic line stat is s they don't test on animals.. But Hasn't been certified By peta themselves. Has TMZ asking what's the hold up on the approval on their end.
  7. In, 2015, Kylie Jenner tried unsuccessfully to trademark Kylie with the US patent agency, only to be stopped by Kylie Minogue. The file to request denial to Miss Jenner was actually very shady. Minogue has said, I had nothing to do with that paper and horrible accusations of accusing her of using black men as pawns, and mocking wheel chair people. That was my lawyers doing. When word got to me what was said, I was moritfied and vilified in America by her fanbase. I only told them to prove that I have the internet domain Rights to Kylie.com and all the other patents, not shade her for being a white woman who likes to date black men, and such. Needless to say Minogue actually won victory. Five years later. Jenner is acting she's above the law.
  8. In what seems to be the year to take down the iconic reality TV show family, Kylie Jenner is hit with a massive blow. She sold Kylie cosmetics to Coty inc, but the fine print revealed a web of lies. She was never a billionaire, Forbes reports. This is forcing the company to apologize and strip her record of the youngest billionaire. As of now Mark Zuckerberg still holds the record. I honestly love how the quarantine and lockdown seems to be the decline of the Kardashians popularity and all the messu truth is finally coming out.
  9. Kylie Jenner, known for her massive transformation over the years, namely her inflated lips and heavy makeup, stepped out looking like her original self. The way she's walking around barefoot holding a bag of chips. Relatable queen. Miss Rona is really transforming the world isn't she. Thoughts on the transformation?
  10. She 👏 did 👏 that! 👏 Forbes named Kylie Jenner one of the world's youngest billionaires for the second year in a row. Last year when she was first crowned, the Internet went up in arms. Is she really "self-made" when coming from a multi-million dollar family with immense influence in popular culture prior to her rise to the top? My personal opinion is yes. She could've just sat back while the rest of her sisters worked hard and been fine, but she decided to launch products to people who wanted to give their money for them. She definitely had a head start, agreed, but imo it's still self-made. Any self-made billionaire is going to have a wild story from their beginning... Kim's tape was hers. Thoughts? Do you agree she's self-made or nah?
  11. While her older sister Kim is busy fighting Taylor Swift on the Internet, Queen Kylie comes through with a million dollars of her billion dollar fortune to help save lives. The funds will go towards purchases of face shields and other gear. Her personal doctor revealed the news. "I am speechless, my eyes are filled with tears of joy and my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude. I made a wish to the Universe to gather protective masks for our brave healthcare workers and today my dream came true," she wrote. "II have never felt more blessed to be a doctor, as helping our brave ER and ICU workers feels just as gratifying as helping my own patients. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU @kyliejenner. You are my hero." Save us Kylie.
  12. Serving a slay but she looks like Beyonce to me???
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