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  1. Sorry if AP but I just saw Controlling Britney Spears being promoted on Spotify!
  2. While the FREE Act which got introduced is supposed to apply to all states, apparently it's still quite "loose". While we wait for it in the meantime, is calling our legislators for connservatorship (or guardianship) reforms the only way to help reform them at least on a state level?
  3. Thank you!! So after two of the doctors didn't deemed her incapable, team CON/Scam then went to Spar (knowing how he'd cooperate with them) who would be willing to consider Britney incompetent (just making sure)?
  4. Hey everyone! So this week for my public speaking class I wannt to explain why Briteny deserves to be free for my persuasive speech. I have two points (because I have a time limit and can't get into a lot), one of the points is that she was placed into this conservertorship illegally. So I know about the notice before 5 days that didn't happen and attorney but what were the other illegal ways done? This following thread is helpful but I remember other Exhalers mentioned another different reason:
  5. Nicki lied, she wasn't banned from Twitter (they confirmed) and she's still active on there. Instagram did rightfully have to remove some of her Insta stories though for doxxing like two reporters.
  6. Is there a chronological order of the roles split for estate and person? Like for example from Andrew to Bessemer, etc. including temporary, step-downs, etc.
  7. This is for my informative speech and I'm still confused about the difference with conservatorships in general and a probate conservatorship According to here https://trustandwill.com/learn/what-is-conservatorship: "Probate Conservatorship is another term for Conservatorship over an adult. There are two types of Conservator that could fall under Probate Conservatorship. Conservator of the Person establishes authority for a Conservatee to protect a person should he or she be unable to protect themself. Conservator of the Estate allows a Conservator to make financial decisions for a Conservatee. " Does that mean a probate conservatorship is synonymous with a general conservatorship then? So throughout my speech do I refer to Britney's as specifically a probate conservatorship? Do I be like "Britney is under a probate conservatorship and under which Jodi the conservator of her as a person and Jamie for her estate" The financial aspect is the same for a General and Financial Conservatorship correct? ^Also is lack of financial decisions the same as lack of autonomy? Because in my speech I'm splitting them as two main points. For example would Britney being forced to take lithium, have an IUD, certain medications, etc. fall within "Conservator of a Person"? Also Brit's under a supposed to be temporary conservatorship right?
  8. Is now the time to promote this similar album thing from last year? Anyways I love the idea!
  9. Here you go : https://www.twitch.tv/agrandeao
  10. Thank you!!!! You know how informative speeches are split by main points? I'm thinking of splitting it into 2 or three main points. What do you suggest is an aspect I would be able to split into points and fit into a 5-7 minute speech? I know you just recommended some things but I need help in choosing
  11. So for my Public Speaking I have to choose a topic for my Informative Speech (must be non-biased as I'm only stating facts, nothing that involves me being emotional and opinionated please ) and the required time frame should be from 5-7 minutes long. Therefore I'm not going to be talking about the conservatorship in whole but only an aspect or part of it. Can you guys recommend me what aspect I should talk about of the conservatorship that would fit such time frame? (Also not sure if this matters but I'm still in high school so there are some parts of the conservatorship that I can dig more into but I'm still fuzzy about certain stuff ) In addition, I do want to be more "biased' though for my persuasive speech, I want the persuasive speech to be why Britney sdeserves to be free. @Rik Do you think you can recommend an aspect?
  12. She could be thinking about the lack of popstars that are like Asian given that she's half-Asian, etc. but yeah I think it's very dismissive of Black artists, she could've said something like how there was a lack of diversity or just not say anything at all, the statement is messy. I do wanna point out that she was born in the early 2000s (she literally turned 18 this year) so basing on the part about "growing up", that might be around from the 2009-2015 time period in music that she's talking about. As someone from the same generation as her, the first year where I began consciously paying attention to American music was like 2013 and from what I remember, if someone was young and only paid attention to mainstream top 40 music on the radio and wasn't aware of music from past eras (none of my peers would know Kelis or Samantha Mumba) or non top 40 music, then yeah I don't remember much diverse being played until like years later, if anything Asians (except Bruno Mars) were pretty non-existent during those times which might be Olivia's perspective.
  13. I don't know what I could've added to the video 'cause I'm still like a minor and don't have the same type of experience y'all might have lol so don't worry!! Aaliyah is very very important to me though because she was the second artist to get me properly interested in music when I was in like 3rd or 4th grade, maybe I can contribute as a Gen Z Ugh school work is driving me nuts, really hope I have time soon to watch, I'll let you know when I get the chance! Also hope you're doing well too!
  14. @Rik not you ignoring my comment I'm just kidding, here to support and bump!
  15. @Jordan Miller She's Filipino-American not Chinese-Vietnamese @Slayer @Urbanney @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @PokemonSpears Do any of you have the ability to edit the OP? I think he might not be able to see my comment, I'm also curious for future reference EDIT: Thank you!
  16. @Rik I'm very offended you didn't tag me because I'm also a huge Aaliyah fan I'm just kidding, I've been very busy and I can't watch this now but hopefully I'll find time soon, thank you for this! Bumping for support, the way you're also an Aaliyah fan makes me love you even more!
  17. @FreeBritBrit AND @Slayer ALERT THEY'RE ALSO (ALLEGEDLY, I'M PRETTY SURE IT'S THEM AND THEY HAVE A GAGA HEADER ON ATRL) ON GAGADAILY!!! @Slayer Can you warn the mods over there?:
  18. M.I.A. showed her support for Britney during her performance of 'Borders' at the Virgil Abloh Fall Winter 2021 Runway. During the song, she shouted "Britney, what's up with that?". You can hear it at 02.31 in the video down below. #FreeBritney The video has been removed
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