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  1. @PokemonSpears @Jordan Miller Do you know where the feature is now? (In terms of viewing others like when the feature first rolled out)
  2. I was about to say that the tub most likely curves but then I noticed how each slide has a different curve
  3. I think judging Gaga isn't fair. She's been through like millions of traumas and issues for crying out loud so bringing up Britney's conservatorship could potentially bring up some potential bad memory for her and her involvement in Kesha's case didn't really help and backfired (also a lot of Exhalers literally are Dr. L*ke apologists). Not to mention Gaga has millions of projects/stuff going on (Haus Labs or not). As a LM I do wish she spoke up but I think y'all shouldn't be so judgmental as to the potential reasons of why she wouldn't speak up given what she's been through.
  4. Omg someone at the rally shared how their mom got into a conservertorsship just last week (if I heard it right) Also this is being reported or at least the rally was shown on NBC just now!
  5. I know but I was hoping some channel would still be "reporting" or be outside and at the rally, I guess it's pointless though nnn
  6. Let me know if this already exists but lets use this thread to share your horrible experiences/encounters with Edan. I found some from ATRL (not my stories): "I had a bad experience with him too in Vegas. I was there for my Birthday front row in the pitt and I had my camera with me. He looked at me and said "No flash" I looked back smiled and said something like "Yeah that's ok" as I wasn't planning to anyway. He stared at me for like 3 seconds in the eyes. I looked away nervously for a moment and back and reaffirmed "ok" and he finally moved on.. It was so weird. He unnerved me. That man is not a nice guy." "Edan is an evil man. Me and my friends had a bad run in with him at her Vegas show in 2017. We were right up the front directly in front of Britney waving and screaming and he told us to STFU. My friend also brought a hat from the Britney store and it dropped over the barrier and instead of giving it back, he picked it up & gave us the evil eye and took it with him. We told planet Hollywood security we’d like our hat back and he laughed and said it’s long gone and they couldn’t ask Britney’s security for it back. i understand he was just keeping fans at bay, but he was way to aggressive and ruined the experience. Thankfully the next time I saw her in Vegas we avoided floor tickets purely because her security was to aggressive to fans. " And @Jordan Miller's nd some from ATRl
  7. Try this, the video player is like the same as YouTube: thanks to @Babyee_JD https://drive.google.com/file/d/114uLBmaSXojAnUbOwIz0N41tFJ4trqwu/view
  8. Sorry if AP but I just saw Controlling Britney Spears being promoted on Spotify!
  9. While the FREE Act which got introduced is supposed to apply to all states, apparently it's still quite "loose". While we wait for it in the meantime, is calling our legislators for connservatorship (or guardianship) reforms the only way to help reform them at least on a state level?
  10. Nicki lied, she wasn't banned from Twitter (they confirmed) and she's still active on there. Instagram did rightfully have to remove some of her Insta stories though for doxxing like two reporters.
  11. Is there a chronological order of the roles split for estate and person? Like for example from Andrew to Bessemer, etc. including temporary, step-downs, etc.
  12. This is for my informative speech and I'm still confused about the difference with conservatorships in general and a probate conservatorship According to here https://trustandwill.com/learn/what-is-conservatorship: "Probate Conservatorship is another term for Conservatorship over an adult. There are two types of Conservator that could fall under Probate Conservatorship. Conservator of the Person establishes authority for a Conservatee to protect a person should he or she be unable to protect themself. Conservator of the Estate allows a Conservator to make financial decisions for a Conservatee. " Does that mean a probate conservatorship is synonymous with a general conservatorship then? So throughout my speech do I refer to Britney's as specifically a probate conservatorship? Do I be like "Britney is under a probate conservatorship and under which Jodi the conservator of her as a person and Jamie for her estate" The financial aspect is the same for a General and Financial Conservatorship correct? ^Also is lack of financial decisions the same as lack of autonomy? Because in my speech I'm splitting them as two main points. For example would Britney being forced to take lithium, have an IUD, certain medications, etc. fall within "Conservator of a Person"? Also Brit's under a supposed to be temporary conservatorship right?
  13. Is now the time to promote this similar album thing from last year? Anyways I love the idea!
  14. Here you go : https://www.twitch.tv/agrandeao
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