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  1. @giorgiorafael @britney1984 @jokobish @Tingle2mingle86 @BRSM_jl @toysoldier88 @Watch Me Work It @ifuseekleon @Oxic @Goten21 Recording it was illegal however it obviously leaked. The audio is on YouTube, search YouTube for ‘Britney Spears Court Recording’ and filter the uploads to show ones from the last hour however they might not be up long. Transcript: https://variety.com/2021/music/news/britney-spears-full-statement-conservatorship-1235003940/ (Btw Variety didn't do the transcript exactly right for the following part and also missed some others, it should be "AA meetings" which they left out. "I was supposed to be able to I have a friend that I used to do AA meetings with. I did AA for two years, I did three meetings a week...") @DaddyNotaFool also shared the google Drive to it here: Jordan I hope these jacka** would stop harassing and stalking you now! One of the people @britmebaby is a hypocrite who was partially "harassing" you or being annoying on Twitter regarding you teasing unreleased Britney music only for them to be teasing a Britney picture with Sean. Variety didn't do the transcript exactly right for this part, it should be "AA meetings" which they left out. "I was supposed to be able to I have a friend that I used to do AA meetings with. I did AA for two years, I did three meetings a week..."
  2. "There are no services available, she’s lying, for a year I HAVEN'T HAD MY HAIR NAILS DONE...ACUPUNCTURE...they need to be reminded they actually work for me...I repeated myself there...ummm..I have a friend I do AA meetings with...I’m not able to see my friends that live 8 minutes away from me...I liek for my boyfriend to be able to drive me in his car...I would like to progressively move forward..I’d like to be married and have a baby I’m being told I can't those things in the conservatorship...I have an IUD in my body right now that won’t let me have a baby and my conservators won’t let me go to the doctor to take it out...I’d like to take the IUD out to have a baby but they don’t want me to have any more children..basically this conservatorship is doing way more harm than good for me...I deserve...to do what I want to do….I wish I could stay with you forever...when I get off the phone all of a sudden I hear no no and I feel ganged up and I feel bullied and left alone and I’m tired of feeling alone...that’s all I wanted to say to you and thank you for letting me speak to you today"
  3. "Maam i’ve worked since i was 7 eyars old you have to understand how that is….I can’t go somewhere unless I ...I truly believe this conservatorship is abusive and we can sit all day and say conservatorships help people but maa’am there are thousands of conservatorships that are abusive as well... I want in the conservatorship without being evaluated."
  4. Here's a messy unfinished transcript, I tried my best typing as quick as possible. Dots mean it didn't get picked up: "My own family doing interviews and talking about the situation and making me feel so stupid and I can't say one thing, it’s been 2 years and….I know my lawyer sam ahs been very scared for me to move forward...he told me i should keep it to myself I have grown a personal relationship with sam mylawyer and...built a relationship But i haven't had the opportunity by myself to hand pick my own lawyer by myself and I would like to do that I’ve done a lot of research and there are a lot of judges who.. At the moment my obligations...I don't owe anybody anything...I just don’t like feeling I’m working for the people I pay...I would like to do one meeting a week with my/a therapist….what I’ve been forced to do illegal in my life I shouldn’t be told….they had me going twice a week..I’ve never It takes too much for me to go to this man I don’t trust...exposed places in west lake...Abused me by the treatment he gave me...I should be able to sue Jodi...it's very clever they picked one of the most exposed places in west lake"
  5. Who wants to bet some Army is gonna risk themselves and record the audio
  6. The audio site was really serving ATRL server level crash minutes ago huh
  7. From @loagun: "You can sign up here but you need a case ID..... Which I don't know.... https://my.lacourt.org/remoteaudio/case-proceedings" However @Slayer thinks it'll be too late to get requests approved in time
  8. Thank you guys! @DJBringItBack It's alright I finally figured how to mock it, thank you
  9. Does anyone know how to imitate Radar's single cover in Photoshop? I want to basically replace her face with something else:
  10. A full page print ad of today's issue of the New York Times accuses Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid of being accomplices of terrorism for their support of Muslim Palestinians. The ad was featured in the A section and was paid for by:
  11. It rebounded thanks to her performances like the GRAMMYs. Levitating was always doing well and growing on streaming, that's the reason it's radio performance always annoyed us because the song's streaming numbers indicated the demand for it is clearly there. Dua Lipa f/ DaBaby - Levitating Spotify Peaks [05-19] +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ RANK REGIONS STREAMS PEAK RANK + DATE PEAK STREAMS + DATE 5 Global 4,306,921 #4 [2021-05-15] 4,626,710 [2021-05-15] 8 US 1,145,688 #4 [2021-05-13] 1,284,080 [2021-05-01] 16 Mexico 298,173 #14 [2021-05-14] 332,478 [2021-05-08] 8 UK 237,055 #6 [2021-05-13] 289,265 [2021-04-24] 16 Germany 218,945 #14 [2021-05-16] 253,415 [2021-05-08] 55 Brazil 204,381 #54 [2021-05-13] 234,863 [2021-05-07] 5 Canada 177,281 #3 [2021-01-01] 214,062 [2021-05-15] 8 Philippines 169,243 #6 [2021-05-15] 169,243 [TODAY🔥🔥] 9 Australia 156,062 #4 [2021-01-19] 192,771 [2020-12-31] 12 India 129,182 #9 [2021-05-14] 131,311 [2021-05-13] 21 Turkey 101,041 #21 [TODAY🔥] 101,041 [TODAY🔥🔥] 41 Indonesia 81,828 #36 [2021-05-14] 83,676 [2021-05-18] 32 Netherlands 80,295 #26 [2021-01-14] 96,036 [2020-11-06] 46 Argentina 76,823 #39 [2021-04-19] 89,076 [2021-05-15] 65 France 74,805 #31 [2021-01-23] 150,915 [2020-12-31] 47 Chile 71,612 #47 [TODAY🔥] 80,293 [2021-05-14] 76 Spain 70,378 #69 [2021-05-12] 79,066 [2021-05-14] 88 Italy 67,702 #72 [2021-05-13] 81,955 [2021-05-08] 29 Sweden 62,718 #19 [2021-05-06] 83,103 [2021-04-30] 26 Poland 61,372 #16 [2021-05-15] 73,515 [2021-05-14] 11 Norway 55,861 #10 [2021-05-13] 73,804 [2021-05-07] 101 Japan 39,829 #91 [2021-05-15] 44,085 [2021-05-15] 11 Denmark 39,142 #9 [2021-05-16] 50,509 [2020-12-31] 6 Ireland 37,362 #4 [2021-05-13] 58,067 [2021-04-24] 29 Colombia 34,283 #26 [2021-05-10] 37,281 [2021-05-14] 9 Malaysia 33,353 #7 [2021-05-16] 33,353 [TODAY🔥🔥] 11 Singapore 26,761 #9 [2021-01-21] 28,702 [2021-05-03] 19 Belgium 25,332 #17 [2021-05-18] 30,114 [2020-12-31] 15 NewZealand 25,071 #5 [2021-01-03] 34,174 [2020-12-31] 14 Finland 23,595 #10 [2021-05-13] 42,439 [2021-04-30] 12 Portugal 22,804 #11 [2021-05-16] 24,735 [2021-05-14] 11 Switzerland 22,635 #8 [2021-05-13] 27,021 [2021-05-08] 14 Austria 17,497 #10 [2021-04-29] 20,917 [2021-05-08] 6 Hungary 15,516 #4 [2021-05-17] 16,709 [2021-04-30] 66 Thailand 13,453 #62 [2021-05-04] 13,997 [2021-05-14] Yeah regardless of sales Levitating would've still been #1. The main problem is that they increased radio count which obviously was Levitating's weakest area. "So when Break My Heart was slaying on the radio and close to the top 10, Billboard adjusted the weights so radio counted less. When Levitating was supposed to reach a new peak of #4 based off a strong performance in sales and streams, Billboard adjusted the weights so radio counted more. When Levitating was supposed to hit #1 based again on its strong sales and streaming performance, radio was adjusted again to count for more AND sales were investigated and removed. I see a pattern."
  12. An ATRL insider said she's doing a 180 for DL3 so fingers crossed! @Dreams Payola'd or not, Levitating still did horrific on radio and it was a mess, getting dropped then undropped. It was the GP and listeners helping this song the whole time because clearly radio was not doing anything so if anything this is an organic hit
  13. Billboard has been torturing the base for hours only to finally say this Today is international Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia. Billboard not posting the result already is so homophobic
  14. YES DIGITAL SALES ARE FIANLLY UP ON HER SITE! @CrazyButItFeelsAllright Warner finally listened https://store.dualipa.com/products/levitating-feat-dababy-single I got this information from Army: 4 copies per credit card/ mailing address!! DO NOT DO MORE IT WILL COUNT AS ZERO SALES
  15. She is cancelled for not performing Levitating! Otherwise loved the performance: https://audiomack.com/dualipaofficial/song/levitating-the-blessed-madonna-remix https://audiomack.com/dualipaofficial/song/levitating-kuu-remix https://audiomack.com/dualipaofficial/song/levitating-don-diablo-remix https://audiomack.com/dualipaofficial/song/levitating-amaal-mallik-remix https://audiomack.com/dualipaofficial/song/levitating-the-blessed-madonna-remix-mixed
  16. @CrazyButItFeelsAllright Change the title to helping her get #1 please we need to help Dua get that #1 or it's DSN all over again nnn We only have 3 days left! We're so close!
  17. Yes! You better buy and stream or do any! @CrazyButItFeelsAllright Change this thread title to "Get Levitating to #1" please! https://atrl.net/forums/topic/353280-atrl-lets-get-levitating-to-1/ There are 16 VERSIONS available on the iTunes app right now. ALL DISCOUNTED for $0.69 each. $11.04 for everything. If you got money to spare, don’t forget to buy so miss lipa can buy her lunch. You can also buy on Amazon Music which will be helpful! Here's a Spotify playlist you can use to stream when sleeping:
  18. Me at this whole thread:
  19. Just when I thought I couldn't like you even more! At the end of the day it's still Black people's business on their reaction to this type of subject whether they don't care if he's wearing one, if they're fine with it, if they are annoyed with it, etc. I wish non-Black and non-U.S. Exhalers or any Exhaler who isn't being affected by this would stop commenting about their unasked thoughts about cultural appropriation regarding (U.S.) Black people and dictating the stance of it like let Black people and those affected speak. Good luck trying to get Exhalers (especially White Exhalers and I know they don't wanna hear this 'cause they don't get it) to understand
  20. This has it's own event on Twitter now aka trending https://twitter.com/i/events/1389670948081647620
  21. I'm aware that there are many people flying hence why I said "even though many U.S. citizens are known to be reckless regarding traveling during the pandemic [for non-essential purposes]" but the point of my comment was me surprised that the user is sounding surprised there are ALSO many people who wouldn't be flying at this time during the pandemic (not to mention travel bans in some places). Does that make sense?
  22. Really? It doesn't seem like it at least on my results
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