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  1. I don't mind this joke in terms of the superficial gay stan diva culture type joke or whatever it's called and as a Madge stan I can't lie, I do love a good diva moment humor, however, this moment was something that should've just been left to the stans to do instead, like while Madge isn't necessarily wrong in terms of her impact, Lil Nas X doing this at the BET Awards for a Black audience is a very specific type of significance and for this joke to come out of Madge can be to some but on top of that she didn't say anything for Britney so while I understand this type of humor, it would've been better had she just avoided posting such thing at this time
  2. If you're not gonna say something regarding Britney's situation then don't drag her into this unnecessary shade of yours thrown at Lil Nas X Update: LNX responded.
  3. Someone on ATRL pointed how Xtina could've also possibly ended up like Brit too if her circumstances were just a little different, this just hits even harder
  4. It looks like your gif has made its way to PopJustice! At least those hypocrites woke up: https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/britney-spears-general-discussion.14216/page-4608#post-8160814
  5. The petition was threaded on ATRL and GagaDaily, hopefully someone can bump them again https://atrl.net/forums/topic/360048-petition-to-drop-jamie-out-of-netflix-sweet-magnolias/ https://gagadaily.com/forums/topic/363653-petition-to-drop-jamie-lynn-spears-out-of-netflix-sweet-magnolias/
  6. Maybe I should've only shared in the members only section instead although less would probably see it
  7. At 6:52 on the episode of Good Luck Charlie, a Disney Channel show from the early 2010s, beginning at 6:52 Amy says "you named her after a troubled popstar" However: Also while we're at it, here's the mention of iCarly and Dan Schenider
  8. You all there are disturbing users on another forum saying Britney doesn't deserve another baby because of 2007 bringing pictures of her holding the baby and in car. How do I respond?
  9. Jordines I know you were constantly crucified for not going to the rallies but we were literally in a pandemic. Obviously we're in vaccination era but vaccinated or not the people who were ***holes to you about it are the ones that are fake! You're literally giving us this platform to try and help Britney, that's just as powerful as going to the rallies, it shouldn't be a competition to prove one's loyalty. We love you Yes just like @PokemonSpears said props to Jordan for switching just in time because ATRL was crashing like crazy on Wednesday during the hearing
  10. Someone on ATRL brought up this point: "Pretty sure they did this to avoid her having any rights on the masters, if she were to claim them in the future."
  11. Now I'm confused, I thought the part about feeling the same like her dad but a different dynamic was about her mom while the part about lying about nail salons not being open because of COVID was about Jodi?
  12. I'm confused on this process, is it Sam we're waiting to file for petition for Britney herself?
  13. "And I can bring the chatroom back, but I don't want to discourage people from competing in topics 😏 "
  14. I'm confused on this process, is it Sam we're waiting to file for petition for Britney herself?
  15. It looks like this blind item from around February was right? Basically it said that the expose would happen in June: "The parental unit of the permanent A list "singer" has been using every delaying tactic possible to not cooperate with those seeking a forensic accounting. Yesterday was the last gasp. By June, we will know how bad everyone has been taking advantage of the singer." Source: https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2021/02/blind-item-8_12.html?m=0
  16. Wait so all of this time she twisted her ankle on purpose? Or is this just a rumor?
  17. If you're on PC, double click on the image and you should see the sizing options!
  18. I'm sorry if AP, I couldn't find any threads like this in searches so lets use this thread for every celebrity who've spoken in support of Britney this week regarding the June 23 hearing! Please comment more that are missing: I'll add the tweets/post in the spoilers later Mariah Carey Cher Sharon Stone Bette Midler Tinashe Mandy Moore Keke Palmer Brandy Missy Elliott Ally Brooke Halsey Also I hope Timbaland says something given how JT and Missy (who I actually love) did Michelle Williams (Destiny's Child) AJ Mclean from Backsteeet Boys Rose McGowan Mayim Bialik (from Big Bang Theory) Kathy and Nicky Hilton (Paris's mom and sister) RAYE Anne-Marie Shea Couleé Jesse Tyler Ferguson Vera Wang: Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) Michelle Visage Holly Marie Combs Ryan Heidi Montag BANKS Khloé Kardashian Rina Sawayama Courtney Love Jordan Pruitt Liz Phair Sarah Jessica Parker Marina Diamandis Leona Lewis Normani
  19. I hope after her exposing them today that no one near her tries to pull a Marilyn Monroe on her, these people don't have limits do they?
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