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Britney on Insta: Dancing With Fake Knives At Parties, Shades Mom Lynne Spears

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Shes mad as hell. I honestly think she will never work again. I think brit realized way too late in life that all her family was to her was a cash cow. then right after that lightbulb came on, she was locked in the con & was further abused. Shes angry af. She will prolly be angry for a very long time. I dont care how much thearpy she gets, She will always be angry.....and i understand... :(

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17 minutes ago, CenterofAttention said:

Exactly this. She is so clearly manic. I'm not shaming her poor mental health but - GET HELP.

She has more privilege than most with her insanely fortunate financial situation. It's upsetting she has no will to get better without being forced to. 

I get what you’re saying but this is someone who literally trusts no one because of everything she’s been through. She’s prolly scared af to even go near a doctor. 

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3 hours ago, princessmimi said:

:ehum_britney_um_unsure_confused_what:  :watrusayin_britney_xfactor_confused_shocked_surprised_um_what:

At this point idk why I even bother trying to understand her captions.

It’s like she’s typing while having millions of thoughts racing all at once and is writing every single one of them.

yes this is typical ADHD behaviour. I totally understand her. it’s hard for people that don’t have it to understand what it feels like.

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2 hours ago, FrancescaFTW said:

We have no factual information about what was said or shared between Britney and him while she was at the institution and what, if anything, she wanted him to say or do.  You’re imagining that you know facts about this, but you’re just guessing.   

I do think sam is likely a user but I can admit that it’s just a ton of things all considered together that give me that vibe and not because anyone has any “facts.” 

Exactly, Britney has been talking about trust since 2021, it's not something new, I don't doubt her trust issues has increased lately but some fans here think they know everything as a fact and it's not like that. 

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1 minute ago, Maria962 said:

THIS. I feel like it's so weird that apparently everyone in Britney's life is the one who's wrong, except her. Her fans (especially on Twitter) start criticizing and attacking everyone but they're blind to seeing beyond, just like Britney. I think it speaks so loudly that her children have decided not to see her and that even Sam has filed for divorce (you can have your opinions about him, but with the prenup not giving him any money and the zero possibility of him actually being given spousal support, it's another big indicator that something is going). She doesn't want to wake up and I can't imagine how frustrating that must have been for these people who have left her life if it's already frustrating for us.

This is the cold hard truth that her enabler fans don’t want to admit. They will fight tooth and nail to paint Britney as the innocent one while pointing fingers at everyone else. 

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1 hour ago, anakinskywalker said:

Everyone is moving on with their lives except for her. Her sister is moving on, her mother got a new job, L0u is doing her business as always... Meanwhile, Britney is mad and angry complaining literally about anything for like 2 years now. We know you suffered but the conservatorship is over, Britney. Move on. Get professional help. Spinning around in circles and post long incoherent rants will not make things any better for you and your mental health.

This is rumination and in mental health world it's not healthy or encouraged. 

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Just now, princessmimi said:

You know for the longest time I was confused why so much bad things kept happening to her but now I am starting to think that maybe she has played a MAJOR part in those bad things occuring.

What will it take for her to realize that she needs to get help whether its therapy, medicine, etc?

I know there is a stigma on taking psych meds but if they help, they are not a bad thing.

I am SO thankful you’re not an enabler fan/mod. Bravo!

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6 minutes ago, BadBunny said:

I am SO thankful you’re not an enabler fan/mod. Bravo!

Thank you. :) 

I just wish I wouldn't get so much backlash for my comments.

I want Britney to get better and am truly concerned for her but I am not gonna enable her IG behavior like lots of fans.

I think she needs help before its too late.

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