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  1. I can’t with some of you guys and Sam anymore. Do you really think he would ruin his career by being on team con? Like seriously give it up already with dragging this dude. He’s a genuine guy and she’s in love with him. Put it to bed already. side note: I learned new information about this whole situation that I was previously unaware of and I’m just speechless.
  2. I get that this might seem exploitive but I will say without these docs there’s is no way the general public would have ever known about her conservativeship and what her father did. Our whole #freebritney movement was to get her free and it’s working! More has happened in these past few months than anything in the past 13 years.
  3. I swear some of you people are never happy with anything. This brings even more awareness to this horrible situation. Anything will help.
  4. How many languages can you speak? Some of y’all hate on anything and I’m not even talking about Sam.
  5. This!!! Whenever I play this for my friends that aren’t really into Britney like that, are always saying how much they love the song and video! it should have been a huge hit but we know what happen.
  6. Ughh I can’t stand that song but the GP ate it up!
  7. I’m sorry but what’s the difference when females do it in their videos. It’s refreshing af to see this IMO. We constantly are seeing straight people do the same thing only difference is it’s a gay dude. Push that “gay agenda” I’m here for it.
  8. I’m no fan by any means but I think this dude is bringing the shock value and it’s working. As a gay man I never thought I’d see an openly gay dude on stage like that. His production and visuals for performances and videos are bringing it but that’s about it. Good for him. I enjoy seeing half nude guys on stage for once and not women 😛
  9. SJK

    VMA Ratings TANK

    It’s hard out there. Kids and teens don’t watch television like millennials and boomers did. Its too long with all the commercials and talking between each performance and award giveaway. It always used to be about the videos, Best pop video, best group video etc. why did they take the word video out of the categories. Also the presenters were bigger stars than the performers. They don’t even show the celebs in audience like they used too. I could go on but award shows in general need a new concept/makeover.
  10. Some of y’all are so obsessed with her Instagram it’s actually laughable. Maybe she just deactivated it because she actually wants a break from it. It’s not like her social media is amazing or anything it’s always the same pictures uploaded and then deleted anyway. she needs a refresh anyway.
  11. I’ve said so many times I feel he’s a genuine dude. He’s been with Britney for 5 years now, that right there says a lot. Her family not saying a word speaks volumes.
  12. This was pretty epic! That overprotected bit got me the most though. Well done!
  13. It’s so horrible. I love some Hilary Duff but it’s real bad. I know it was the mid 2000s but why did they put her in those dresses on stage like that?
  14. I’ve been a Britney Stan since day one and was a junior in HS when Aaliyah died. I’ve never heard this one.
  15. First.. Christina looks fire. 🙌🏽🙌🏽 Totally reminded me of stripped when I saw it. Second.. the fact that people are still talking about Britney’s Instagram is sad. It’s literally just Instagram and y’all pick apart every little thing that’s posted on her account. Give it up already who cares, no one uses IG like they used too. It’s filled with boomers and millennials who hate on everything. If I was in Britney’s situation I’d prolly post the same thing and say F you to everyone else. #freebritney
  16. Till this day I never understood how Britney never had her own solo half time show. It’s longgg over due!
  17. Man the sam hate train is still real. But in all seriousness no one knows anything about their lives so just leave it be. Some of y’all need to get off the internet.
  18. Agreed! Love this debut album. Brings me back. YES! Love Will Find a Way should have been a single!
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