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  1. He will be forever cancelled In my book. I don't think he is sincere especially since he has project coming out.
  2. School has started for them. I don't see it happening right now but I agree to disagree about this. Unless the 10% visitation is in Kentwood every month.
  3. I understand why moving back to Kentwood would be good for her, but I don't see Kfed agreeing to this at all since he has full custody. She needs to stay in LA so she can see her kids. Maybe it's time Lynne steps up and does whatever she has to, to be there for her daughter even if that means moving to LA and taking time away from her other daughter.
  4. According to some of the articles, Britney is ok with this Jody being a temp conservator, do you think it's because she might be able to get back more of the visitation with her kids?? Their birthdays are coming up...
  5. Why does Melanie Bromley feels so certain she knows what is happening with Britney??
  6. Are we surprised at these allegations against her father?? I'm not. He was an abusive alcoholic when she was younger so nothing is new.
  7. This is getting crazier and crazier. Just one question, does he have to file for c-ships in each of those states to make it legal or just from CA?
  8. I hope Britney realizes she isn't free just because daddy let her drive and go out. She looks really happy in all the candids, even though I hate they are being taken. I was listening the eatpraybritney pod a few days ago and they read her dads statement to the court back in 2008 and it just made me sad. It made her sound like a little girl with the use of "daddy" all the time. Anyway...this movement isn't over just because we see her more now. Keep fighting and supporting!!
  9. I'm not sure how to feel about all the new candids. It makes uncomfortable for some reason.
  10. I hate that she is going through all this, but I'm glad so many of you have finally opened your eyes to it all. Do you know how difficult it was visiting this forum with so many being so supportive of her father and Larry and believing all this crap they were feeding the press. I never looked at them as saviors. Her father may have had good intentions at the beginning, but once the c-ship was made permanent, I looked at everything with a side eye. To be honest, Blackout was the last CD I purchased because I wasn't going to support her team again. What I want for her is for her to regain her freedom and if she never makes music, I'm okay with that. Now, I hope she writes her tell all book. That I would buy, but something tells me she may never do that. Her heart might be too good to hurt people like that. It's why I am a fan of her.
  11. To report on the movement, sure, but it needs a deep dive into all aspects of the c-ship that is beyond what they are willing to report. Not 3-5 minutes clips of reporting, but an hour or two. I'm thinking more like 20/20 investigative reporting.
  12. I'm happy for that excellent summary from Rolling Stone. As for E, TMZ, People, etc, don't expect them to report it correctly. They provide entertainment news and this goes beyond that. This is a huge story that should be on a larger scale than those media outlets.
  13. FINALLY! I want her to express herself the way she wants and NOT what people around her want. She is so much smarter than people give her credit for in terms of how creative she wants to be and what she is trying to say.
  14. I can believe she is in a mental health facility, but I have a hard time believing anything else. I always thought TMZ was in her dad's pocket.
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