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Why Britney didn't stay for the whole 2007 Vma's show? / Why she didn't walk the red carpet

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Why didn't Britney stay for the whole 2007 Vma's show? she opened the awards show with her infamous performance, but she didn't stay to see her partners, did she talk to any celebrities that night? I mean, that night there were a loooooot of stars.

Why she wasn't on the red carpet?

If she had walked the red carpet,

what do you think the dress would be?
How would you have wanted to see her dressed on the red carpet?

All of them witnessed that iconic performance!!!


2007+MTV+Video+Music+Awards+udurVMtKCpXl vma07_nellyf.jpgk-2007-mtv-vma-red-carpet-looks.jpg?w=68los-mtv-video-music-awards-vmas-2007-lle












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Word was she was embarassed of her performance and left.

Also on a side note, not all celebs stay for the entirety of the award shows. After you have performed or handed out an award some leave to get ready for the afterparty or go straight to the afterparty venue. This is especially if your seat in the audience isn't right upfront or in a spot you would be caught on camera, so no reason to stay if you're bored or won't get much screen time for exposure.

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Britney did not even want to do the VMA's and was preassured to do it. So she partied all night and was very hangover the next day. She was also nervous and refused to come out of her closet! She couldnt even do her hair, how do you expect her to walk the red carpet?

The host of the show opened the Award by making fun of Britneys kids, and Britney being a bad mom, and Britney's mental health. Thats another reason why she did not stay after the performance.

Not to mention how most big celebrities dont even walk the red carpet, or stay at the show anyway

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30 minutes ago, Frankie8 said:

not all celebs stay for the entirety of the award shows. After you have performed or handed out an award some leave

I always wondered that?
Britney used to stay at the whole Vma's, there were clips of her reacting in the audience, but after the conservatorship, she didn't stay long anymore, probably forced by her team.

It's also curious that at the Vma's 08, she only took pictures with Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift and Paris Hilton but 'cause they approached her in the audience, but what about the other A-list celebrities that day?

It was Britney's official comeback night,
no other celebrity approached her to congratulate her, at least not in public? :outwithit_go_on_wave_britney_femme_fatale_ff_documentary:

Why didn't Brit and Xtina  even say hello to each other? :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek:



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18 minutes ago, Antidote said:

You were clearly not around in 2007 lol, Britney was probably the most stalked human being in the world during that year, every day there was a story about her that went around the world, The VMA's performance was a "Surprise presentation "

Well... I don't see much of a big thing, I can see her sitting at a table with Ally, Paris and the rest of the strangers she had in attendance that day, having a good time and watching the other presentations, I mean, it's not like the paparazzi have been stalking her inside the place.

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7 hours ago, Alex Murr said:

Well, in fact, most of them do walk the red carpet.:deserves_kim_kardashian_smirk_pink:

Just look Kim or Jlo :checkit_sipping_drinking_spill_tea: they don't miss a red carpet

Some celebrities dont miss red carpets, specially celebrities like Kim and Jlo where Fashion is a big part of their career. But alot rarely do any red carpets, specially if they are performing. 

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