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Blessed Madonna remixed New Madonna song coming soon, legendary duo confirmed

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Wonderful. I mean, I'm a Madonna superfan. I think that a lot of the driving force of that and part of the reason I related to her so much, especially as a kid, was because I was trying to work out a lot of the same stuff as a Catholic person. I really related to where she was coming from. She was certainly my gateway into dance music as much as anyone was, it felt amazing. I am forever grateful to her for letting me be a part of that. And that relationship has continued: I've actually just remixed something of hers. It’s a collaboration with someone else that's getting ready to come out. It’s a legendary duo…

Source: MixMag

I feel it would be Kylie but it would be beyond cool if it was Britney.


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Blessed Madonna denied this, saying the interview took two quotes and made it confusing, no Madonna, much to the delight of Madonna fans everywhere especially after the comments she made to kids criticizing her as a DJ. 


It only intensified when she called them wasted sperm, to which the bullying amplified after that wasted sperm and lack of intelligence and boasting being the top female dj, led to a backlash and  basically blessed Madonna leaving Twitter. 


She addressed everything on her Billboard cover story but no apology on the wasted sperm comment. Which was noted. 


They are still trying to get her removed as the house dj for the future Nostalgia tour, they understand her and Dua are friends, but they want Dua to know they can't sit thru two hours of her and Blessed Madonna on stage together after the events on Twitter it's a mutual hate at this point..


They even said now that criticizing is seen as bullying, they want artists to know they criticize cos they care about what they hear. 

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