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  1. if things were different in her life i am sure she would be the first choice instead of floppy perry a 3d show with her like the one post malone did would be amazing
  2. was rewatching the circus tour here are some parts that are not getting the recognition they deserve: - opening number headpiece and whip - the acting on piece of me - the transition from ooh ohh baby to hot as ice is the absolute best - boys choreo - matm Hinduney - sweet dreams interlude - freakshow proving we need more blackout tracks live and the various outifts over the dates - and the rest of this section, get naked, manequin , breath on me, touch of my hand , this setion is incredible - **** police britney look i adore yours?
  3. queen after all this horrible situation still thinking about us wanting to support us in return when fully charged i cant kill me now . please take all the time in the world to heal
  4. damn Brit how many heart strokes are you giving us daily i cant
  5. ALSO her p***y is all over the web thank to THOSE LEECHES PAPS so she couldnt care less and she does well. on the subject of morality, if all of you who criticize so hard have even ONCE clicked on KimKs insta , a woman who literally became famous for doing p**n , plz allow us to call you hypocrites . would you be happy if those nude photos were taken by lachapelle or another famous photographer? YES YOU WOULD BE and thats hypocrisy. she can do whatever she wants. its 2021 biggotry and prudes are supposed to stay in the 10s ,thanks bye
  6. if theres a deeper meaning there its thanks to madonna, y all have to agree . same madonna era she did american life and did some self reflection on things
  7. im done with all of you wanting back a teenage reminiscent version of Britney, that Britney IS GONE. I like currentney, shes raw AND FREE. exit's over there bye
  8. i think its safe to say that Brit is officially a nudist!
  9. i hope britney never supports her again in any way. bonus hope is that she will also press charges against that brat
  10. if 70 days were enough to kick colon out , 45 days are enough to get most of the work done. good luck rose!
  11. he is so smart and talented and admitted he and brit came really close. he believes in her 100%. so we believe in you 100% Rose!
  12. it really cranks me up that they are all religious. prob to feel better about themselves having a jail free card if they pray to god. stop the bull . you have not been a good mother.
  13. It's been a while A new era for Britney is on the rise ! I just feel the world became a slightly better place since yesterday, don't you think? thanks to everyone from jordan to moderators to supporters to the movement and even the naysayers that pushed the movement to be more aggressive and more thorough. You all are one step closer securing a seat in heaven i suppose if that place exists. As for the team con and their members in here...you can suck our toe . You better start disabling your toxic accounts here cause you are going down too very soon. I wish you a nice stay in jail where you all belong. From now on you will only remembered globally as an abusive ghost of the past. Britney must be very proud ! we ll keep being an army of justice for her whenever she needs us. Cheers to Brit! And Rose, and Sam, and the whistleblowers and the countless others involved to help the truth come out. A new era has begun!
  14. If I could describe todays feeling, it is intense like it was back in 2007 hitting the refresh button constantly but this time filled with hope and support!!
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